Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER VI (10)

I closed my eyes as we kissed, thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth as she kept on moaning into my mouth. She all of a sudden held my dick in such a way that all her fingernails surrounded it and then clawed upward from the base. Doing this, she scratched the underside of fury up to the head and then quickly back down, scratching my firm ball sacs before holding my dick back firmly. This action of hers made me open my eyes wide, moaning back into her mouth as I felt pain dished with pleasure.

The grip she had my dick in was so rough, like she was trying to prevent me from releasing too soon. Then she broke free from the kiss almost immediately I moaned into her mouth (it was obvious I felt that scratching move), and with a string of saliva still linking our lips together she said “I want to fuck you now.”

As she said this, her eyes shone in a way that reflected her excitement. Then almost immediately, she went way down taking fury into her warm mouth. The room was immediately filled with slurping sounds as she worked her mouth on my dick. As she did this, she pulled my boxers all the way down off my legs with me spreading my legs a little wider to get comfortable.

Then, stroking my dick up and down with her right hand, she looked up at me and smiled just as the drool from her mouth soaked my dick and balls. Sucking up the drool back into her mouth, her next move was to suck my sac into her mouth, rubbing my balls against one another. To say the least, I was in pains but I endured because everything she did was so erotic and she looked amazing. 

When she wouldn’t stop rubbing my balls against each other in her mouth, I tried to call out to her, “Fay…” but pulling her mouth off my balls she quietly said, “Shhhh, no talking, just enjoy.” At that point, I decided I would tolerate whatever she did, even if she asked me to lay on a bed of thorns. 

She took fury back into her mouth for another minute before she stood up on the bed and pulled a lemon green lacy panties from under her skirt. Tossing it on my face, I held it and inhaled deeply, getting intoxicated by her hot afternoon scent before bringing out my tongue and tasting her wetness from the crotch region. Then pulling her skirt up her tummy, she straddled me.

She then began to grind her pussy against the length of my shaft on my tummy, making sure to coat my dick with her juices. I sat up and grabbing her shirt, I pulled it off her head, after which she held mine and lifted it off my head too. She had a pink bra on which I cupped, pulling them together as I sank my face between them before reaching behind her and unclasping it, freeing her boobs in the process.

Holding her behind the waist, I took her rock hard nipples in my mouth one after the other, and sucked interchangeably. When one nip was in my mouth, I rubbed the other in between the fingers of my free hand, just as she tilted her head backward and continued grinding her pussy and clitoris against my dick.

After about a minute, she pushed me back on the bed. While I was completely dressed in my birthday suit, she had her skirt up around her tummy. Then, lifting off me slightly, she grabbed fury with the tips of her cold fingers, and positioned my dick at her opening. Rubbing the head of my dick around her wet opening and up to her clitoris, she slowly began to lower herself down my dick, just as her ever wet, willing and equally horny tight pussy lips separated to welcome me home. Grabbing her by the hips, I guided her down on my dick.

When she had her pussy swallow the whole length of my dick, she began rocking her hips on my crotch, grinding her wet pussy against fury slowly. Coming down towards my face, we began another round of passionate kissing with her moaning into my mouth as she ground her pussy on my stiff meat.

As we kissed, my hands roamed all over her back. From the her neck down to her waist and finally grabbing her curvy ass cheeks, I guided the movements of her hips up and down my dick. After about 3minutes of slowly grinding her pussy around my dick, she sat back up breaking the kiss and began to bounce up and down.

As she did this, she held her boobs in her hands, before moving one hand and running it through her hair. On my own part, I ran my hand on her tummy, like I was trying to feel the movements of my long dick inside her while holding her with the free hand on her waist as I left her to take charge.

As she began to get into the act of humping me (cowgirl style), she leaned backwards holding my laps with both hands for support. I then used that opportunity and cupped her boobs in my palms, feeling their softness and tenderness. With my fingertips, I tweaked her erect nips, before pulling them in a way that made Fay squeal like an old woman. Releasing the nips, I cupped her boobs once again, before making my way down the slim frame of her body and finally unto her back again to squeeze her ass cheeks once more.

Whenever she lifted up, I could see my dick glistening from a mixture my pre-cum and her womanly juices which made the motions of her pussy against my dick slick and delicious. 

As I enjoyed the feel of her body, I moved my hand down to where our bodies where joined and began to rub her clitoris in a teasing pattern. This made her increase the pace of her grinding just as she began to moan out loudly, “Ahhh…ahhh…Mmmm…Mmm…yes…yess…yes,”
“Suck my boobs, Fury,” she said amidst panting, reaching out to hold my head up. I knew for sure she was approaching climax as her vaginal walls increased the way they contracted against my dick just as I began to feel mine build also.

Then we heard a voice call out her name, “Favour…!”

To be continued…

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