Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER V (6)

“Who’s that?” Ella asked in a way that suggested she would rather the person leaves as she stood up from the bed. 
“My friend will you open this door, so you’ve been here all along, wonder why you are not picking your calls!” we heard Rose say from the other side.
“Rosay?!” she called out as she gestured to me to put something on. Picking up her phone she saw so many missed calls and realized her phone somehow had been on silent mode. “Give me a minute,” she said finally, buying us (me actually) time to get dressed.

“Why you miss Mr. XYZ lecture? The man just dey look me dey wonder why we no dey together.” Rose said.
“God punish him mama. What does he want from me? It’s like him no like him job again,” Ella replied putting on her shorts and shirt. By now I had just my boxers and trousers on.
“Babe I dey hungry abeg, come open this door. When you see him, settle with him,” Rose said.

Ella then went on to open the door letting Rose come in. As soon as she came in she saw me on the bed. I was confused, wondering whether I should lie or sit up. My shirt and inner shirt on a hip, Ella obviously without a bra, the room kinda hot despite the fan, it wasn’t difficult for anyone to connect the dots as Rose gladly said “Hmm! Seems a practical lecture took place here…”

I just smiled saying, “Hi Rosay?”
“Sup Fury? Been a while!” she responded.
“Yea, Monday,” I said.
“Soup dey kitchen. Go boil water,” Ella said to her, preventing Rose from asking anything further. 

Rose winked at me before going into the kitchen. 

Turning to me, Ella said, “Hi?” full of smiles.
“I should be on my way,” I responded as I got up and began to get dressed.
“Hey! Are you ok?” she asked, walking towards me and began to help button my shirt. 
“Yeah, I am. Just need to sort something out,” I said, looking worried.

Rose came out of the kitchen and entered the bathroom after which Ella who was just staring at me then asked, “So, where are you heading now?”
“Home of course!” I said, turning to adjust myself by staring in her mirror.
“To do what? Stay with me pleaseeee!” she pleaded.
“Rose will keep you company,” I replied with a straight face. 

After looking at me for like 30 seconds, she shouted, “Oh shit! Fury, please can you follow me somewhere right now? Just 30 minutes,” she said pleadingly. 
“Where’s that?” I asked, which she took as a positive response as she took off her shirt, picked up a bra a wore it.

“Not far from here,” she said, grabbing a gown and throwing it over her head.

Heading into her kitchen, she came out with a food flask in a gifts bag.

“Rosay, we dey come,” she called out to Rose in the bathroom. 
“Where are guys heading?” Rose asked.
“Your house!” she said, turning to me and saying, “Lets go.”
“My bed is not as comfortable!!!” we heard her shout from behind the bathroom door.

We walked to the road as Ella kept staring at my face at intervals without saying a word. She stopped a bike, mounted it and adjusted for me. With no idea of where she was taking me to, I sat behind her as she told the bike guy, “Sacred Heart.”

“What’s happening there?” I asked when I realized we were heading to the hospital.
“I want you to meet someone,” she said.
“Who’s that and why do I need to meet him?” I asked.
“I never said it was a him, just relax.” she ended the questioning. 

***Sacred heart hospital (belonging to the catholic church) is the biggest hospital in the town and is located next to FCE (her school)***

When we got to the gate, she paid the bike guy and led the way inside. Going first to the adult (private) female ward, we met with a girl outside the ward with ear buds on. She introduced her as Patricia, younger sister to her friend Grace, who had complications after child delivery and was operated upon. 

Tricia told us her elder sister was sleeping and Ella decided we check back later as she dropped the bag with the food flask, telling Patricia to apologize to her sister for not coming earlier.

As we left, I still didn’t know why she asked me to come along so I asked her why she actually asked me to tag along. 
“Just wanted to show her the reason why I didn’t come early with her food,” she replied sarcastically.
“Haaa! Are you for real?” I asked smiling.
“Yeah, and to run a blood test,” she added.

Wondering why she needed a blood test I asked, “Why do you need a test?”
“Just Mp/Widal, doctor asked me to,” she said as she led the way towards the lab.
“I ooze of your pussy juice, you shouldn’t be taking me around. I need a shower,” I whispered to her. 
“Oh! Poor Fury smells of my pussy. It wont be long, we’ll go back to my place and I’ll bathe you,” she said laughingly. 

When we got to the lab, we met with the technician and to my greatest surprise, Ella told him we wanted to do HIV screening. 

I’ve never been more scared of a girl in my life. I looked shocked not because I didn’t know my status (having done my I.T in a lab, I had learnt how to bleed and screen myself with several test kits), but because of the way she tricked me into coming to the hospital with her. 

To make matter worse, she said we are a couple on a marriage course and the pastor asked for our results. In all this, I was just quiet, but deep down I was angry. 

****30 minutes later after brief counselling, we were on our way out of the gate with our results. 

“So what was that for?” I demanded calmly after being quiet since the counseling session.
“You fucked me the first day you met me. Few days later I made you fuck me without a condom even though you willingly ate my pussy the first time we met.”

She paused. Continuing she asked, “What kinda girl am I to you? A slut most def.” she answered herself before adding, “Well Mr Fury, perhaps it was silly of me sucking your dick and fucking you without protection, looking how scared you were in my house, I just wanted to prove to you I wasn’t trying to infect you with the virus.”

With that she stopped a bike and left me standing by the gate.

“Fury, you don jam!” I said to myself as I stopped another bike and headed home.
On my way I asked myself if I was actually scared of her or what was my expression saying to her? I couldn’t answer the question myself.

When I got home, Frank was just about to leave for Jude’s shop. 
“Guy, you look worn out,” he said, showing concern, “Wetin happen?” he asked.
“Guy, I see fuck run today. Shun! Ella na real girl,” I said, grabbing my towel, heading for the bathroom. “I go gist you when you return…” I added, exiting the room 
“Hahahaha! Sorry o.” he said as he left. 

I spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom just letting the water cascade on my body slowly, wondering what kinda girl Ella was. If she wasn’t possessed for real. I used to hear girls who attended single boarding schools usually had the Ogbanje spirit. 

I came out, dried my body and changed my boxers. Time was 3:30pm and with my dick (hurting) between my legs like a dog that was initially stuck in the vagina of its bitch, I slept off exhausted.

To be continued…

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    As you no die, fury, hope still dey. You will make us proud one day.

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