Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER V (5)

Just as she began to descend on fury, and me feeling the hotness of her pussy, it immediately dawned on me I had no condom on fury, and I wasn’t fucking Dolly.

Immediately, I reached under her, grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her back up saying, “I need protection.”
She laughed out loudly like the possessed girl I thought she was, saying, “Fury, you wont kill me…But you just ate my pussy clean…” she looked into my eyes amazed at how I could be thinking of safe sex when I had literally drank from her pussy fountain.

As she sat on me, her pussy pinned fury against my stomach which hurt in a way, but she immediately began to grind her pussy against fury (same way she did on my face before she climaxed), covering it in her pussy juice. Not sure of what to say, I did not answer her but continued to stare at her as she rubbed her pussy against fury.

Leaning to my face, she kissed me passionately before saying, “I have a box of condoms in that carton (turning her head to look at the carton, while I maintained eye contact with her), even for a million bucks, you won’t fuck me without one…” Pausing to allow that sink in, she added, “…you just have to take my word for it, I’m clean and I want you bare now.” Then licking and kissing my face again, she said, “I love the scent of my juice on your handsome face fury, it’s driving me nuts.”

Swallowing nothing, I said calmly, “I don’t wanna get you pregnant.”
“Hahahahahaha…(chokes)…Oh my! Fury, where did you say you are from again?”

We both laughed at what I had just said and her reply/question. Then, grabbing fury with her left hand, she lifted up her ass slightly, aiming and guiding the head of fury through her opening. Opening my mouth and closing my eyes, I tilted my head back in pleasure as I felt my dick enter her hot pussy inch by inch.

Her pussy walls were far too welcoming, and letting go of her hold on fury, she braced herself against my chest and sank down. We both let out a moan when I had all my length in. After this, she leaned forward grasping my hands in hers, then she began to move her hips in small circles, massaging fury in the process. Enjoying the feeling of fury inside her, she left my hands and began to run her sharp nails over my chest, pinching my hips whenever she got to them.

After some minutes of the slow movements, she began to increase her pace. She began by going in circles, then at intervals, she would lift ass up off of me, and slowly drop it back down against fury before repeating the circular motions. Then, placing her hands back on my chest, she began to bounce on my dick with all her weight, pulling fury out till the head was left in her, she would slam back down on me.

“Oh god! Yeah…fuck…Mmm…I love your dick,” she moaned out loudly. Then leaning back upright, she began to run her hands through her hair before coming back down, cupping and squeezing her boobs with special attention on her nipples. Leaning back down, she grabbed my hands tugging and saying amidst pants, “Sit up, sit up.” I sat up, she continued to bounce, then holding the back of my head, she pulled me downward towards her boobs saying, “Please suck them for me fury, suck baby…please.”

She started the circular motion on my dick again as I put my left hand on her waist for support, leaning forward I took the left nip in my mouth, licking and biting with my lips and then sucking. As I did this, she put her hands around my neck for support and then leaned her head backward. After about 2 minutes, I switched over to the other nip, changing over to my right hand for support on her waist. 

As my tongue began to work on the other nip, same way as I had done on the previous nip and her pussy, she began to bounce up and down again moaning, “Harder fury, suck harder.” Perhaps as a cue of what she was asking, she began to pinch my nipples. The sharp pain I felt on my nip made me bite her nip harder, making her moan loudly and earning me a slap on the back of my head. Not sure I felt any pain from the slap because I took that as another cue to suck hard, pulling the nip and stretching it.

Perhaps realizing I wasn’t going to stop, she decided to torture my own nip also by pinching and pulling it as she kept bouncing on fury harder, making fury go deeper. I screamed, “Aahhh!” releasing her nip instantly.
“You are hurting me,” I said, looking into her eyes. 
“Haaaa! Really?!” she exclaimed before looking up, shaking her head saying, “God! I love this boy. He never stops amazing me.”
I took that to mean I was complaining about the same thing I was doing to her nipples. 

Though pinching my nip was painful, I was actually complaining about her bouncing on fury. You have to know that fury is bent downward at the middle, hence I usually experience pains from missionary position or any of its derivatives (i.e any position involving facing each other).

I shook my head looking down to where our bodies met saying, “I meant my dick hurts.”
“Oh!” she said, pushing me back on the bed before dismounting. Then going down, she took fury in her hand and began to suck sensuously and passionately, perhaps in an attempt to pet it. This went on for a few seconds, after which she (perhaps intoxicated by the smell of her pussy on fury) began to blow my dick without mercy, grabbing my ass, pulling me deeper into her mouth.

I was by now so tired with all the torture she was giving fury and decided to take back control of everything. So, unexpectedly, I pulled her head off my dick, stood up on the bed, held her by the waist and spun her around. She could perhaps see fire in my eyes as she knelt on all fours knowing what was coming next, smiling.

Taking position by kneeling on one knee behind her, I grabbed and spread her ass cheeks apart and drove fury as deeply as it could go far up her pussy. 
“Yeah Fury, bury your hard dick inside and fuck me hard,” she said as I sank in, while also adjusting to receive all of me.

Grabbing her hips, I began to pound into her, watching as her boobs swung back and fort with each stroke of my dick inside her pussy. I kept pounding into her, making sure the head of fury was rubbing on her G-sport. Yes! We were fucking like animals, her pussy slippery with juice making the room filled with slurping sounds of my dick ramming in and out of her and also the sound of my balls slapping against her pussy.

After a few minutes, I began to feel her pussy wall tighten against fury and I knew that she was close to climaxing.

“Cum in me Fury…fill my pussy,” she encouraged me, realizing my thrusting was now irregular, hence I was close too. As she said those words, I began to pant as my vision began to go blurred. She passed one hand under her and began to massage her clit, moaning out loudly too. Seconds later, she started climaxing as her pussy tightened for the second time, only this time not on my face but around my dick.

Burying her face in a pillow (her ass now pointing up in a very erotic way) she screamed into the pillow as her body began to violently shake just as my dick began to shoot as I tense.

“Mmmm…mmmmm…ahhhh!” I moaned, biting my teeth as my balls contract and began to empty what is left of my tank deep inside her.

Collapsing on her back, she still held shrinking fury tight, squeezing with the muscles of her vagina and ass cheeks. A few seconds later, I rolled away from her onto the bed, she snuggling next to me stroking my chest. We drifted off together after some cuddling and some small talks. 

A knock on the door woke us up, time check 1:45pm.

To be continued…

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