Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER V (4)

After she made that statement, she fondled my balls softly, cupping them in her hands. By now my sacs were full with my sperm and would release any minute.
Then she lowered her head back and took my balls into her mouth and ran her tongue around them while stroking fury. 

“Damn! Ella…what are you doing to me?” I managed to say between clenched teeth as my legs began to quiver, realizing my release was finally on the cards.
Then, taking fury into her mouth for the last time, she began to suck again this time with much force, her hands on my thighs as her head went up and down.

As I felt the pressure of my orgasm build with that sweet sensation rising from my balls and up through my shaft, I immediately moved my hands to hold her head as she took the whole length of fury in her mouth. I began to fuck her mouth, ramming my dick in and out faster and faster until her eyes became teary while she also began to choke.

On and on I went as I began to moan out loudly. “Ooh shit! Fuuuuuuck,” I moaned as I felt my balls tighten, making me buck and shudder as I began to empty my sperm into her mouth.

After three days of no action, the feeling was just awesome, making me moan and thrash my legs about as my hot jizz starts to shoot out, hitting the back of her throat faster than she could swallow as some could be seen cascading down the length of my dick. But in all, she still kept me in her mouth, expertly swallowing my release.

When I had finished shooting, she pulled my dick out of her mouth and began to lick the sides and my balls, cleaning up the spill with her tongue and swallowing. When she was done, she raised her head up from my crotch. Then, licking her lips looking at me, she made that ‘ahhh’ sound, probably as an indication that she enjoyed swallowing my load. I was still panting and my legs were still shaking, when she came up to my face and gave me a deep kiss, letting me taste my sperm on her lips. 

Then she stood from the bed, unclasped her bra completely with the twin bouncing freely now. She then undid her button and pulled down her short, revealing a white sheer lacy panties that was obviously drenched in pussy juice. She instructed me to sit up, which I did with weakness in my knees sheepishly as she straddled me, in a way that her boobs were leveled with my face before asking me to suck on them. 

Holding her left tit in her right hand and pulling the back of my head with her left hand, she breastfed me with the pointy and erect nipples. I suckled hungrily with my eyes closed, wishing I could get breast milk out. As I was beginning to enjoy the sucking action, I made to grab the tit with my left hand but she hit it away whispering, “No touching.”

I opened my eyes when she pulled the nipple out of my mouth, then holding up her other breast towards my face, she directed the nipple into my mouth, to which I sucked happily. As I sucked away, she leaned forward and whispered in my ear “Fury my baby, I love the way you suck my boobs,” after which she began rub the back of my head.

As I suckled, I only made the ‘Mmm Mmm Mmm’ sounds.

Then she pulled off and pushed me backward making me lie on the bed. Standing up, she walked forward on the bed, placing her feet above my shoulders, just beside my head. Reaching down to grab her wardrobe by the bedside, she began to lower herself down onto my face. Obviously, she had shaved completely because I could see a faint bulge of her manicured pubes pressing against the fabric of the panties.

She adjusted so her legs were in a better position just as her pant clad pussy was hovering just over my face. I could smell her juices as a huge wet spot was visible just about a few inches from my face. Slowly, she lowered her pussy closer making me stick out my tongue in a way that meant I wanted to taste her love juice.

Looking down at my face, she decided to tease me by holding her pussy until my stretched out tongue was barely touching her panties in the crotch region. With the tip of my tongue, I tasted her juice through her panties. 

“Am I wet enough? Is my pussy juicy yet, dirty boy?” she asked. 
“Mmm Hmmm,” I replied, chuckling at the ‘dirty boy’ part before adding, “I can’t wait to have my mouth behind your panties.”
But she shook her head saying, “Not yet boy, relax, enjoy my show and scent.”

Then she changed her position and knelt in a way that my head was between her knees. She pulled down her panties halfway letting it rest on my nose and began to play with her pussy by sticking her finger inside. With her other hand, she massaged and pinched her hips, pulling her breasts to her mouth to suck on the nipples, while swirling her other finger in her pussy, moaning in the process. Literally, she was self servicing right under my nose. 

Damn, the sight of a luscious pussy lips, a pant on my nostrils, the scent emanating from it and the wetness that made the pussy glitter under the light, coupled with her moaning was just too much to bear, hence fury began to tent again. 

Unexpectedly, she removed her finger from her pussy and wiped it over my nostrils before putting it in my mouth. I began to suck on the finger, tasting her hot juice, an action that made her glow with smiles. Then, moving away from my face, she laid on the bed with her legs up. She took off the panties completely and then re-positioned herself kneeling over my face.

She began to lower herself further onto my face, then, without warning she sank down, rubbing her pussy all over my face, covering me in her slick juice before moving over to settle on my mouth. Boy, she was so wet that I felt her hot juice smearing my face. Her pussy itself was so hot like suya roasting over an open flame.

I began to lick and suck with everything I’ve got, pushing my face up into her dripping pussy and sticking my tongue as far as it would go. She kept on moaning loudly as her pussy responded to being attacked by my tongue. She began to grind back and forth (perhaps forgetting I was human being, not some intimacy gadget and needed to breath) as she sat on my face with all her weight as I consumed her honey well.

As I devoured her pussy, all I could hear was moaning, “ahhh…Mmm…mmmm…yessss…ooousss,” with her pussy vibrating as could be seen in the movements and twitching of her clit. Looking up, I saw her playing with her boobs as she ran her other hand through my hair.

As she sat on my face grinding her pussy into my mouth, her clit kept rubbing against my nose such that I could barely breathe. But when I did breathe, the air that came into my nose was filled with her scent, likewise the slightly acidic taste on my tongue from her pussy. The feeling was in one word; AWESOME.

I grabbed those fleshy ass cheeks of hers tightly, guiding her as she rode my face. Yet she kept pushing herself into me harder and faster, just as I did my best to keep my tongue in place for her. My nose was wet and sticky as it was being hit slightly painfully against her, but I didn’t give two cents.

Then, leaning back in a way that my mouth was literally inside her vagina, she reached behind herself grabbing fury which was throbbing aimlessly. With her soft fingers wrapped around it, she began to stroke me up and down.

Realizing if I let her continue like this, she might go on forever, I then shifted my mouth from her opening directly and began to work my tongue around her throbbing clit. In a repeating motion, I teased, nibbled and sucked on her clit. I knew she won’t last much longer, because her body began to tense as could be seen when her pussy walls began to close shut. 

After what seemed like aeons, she screamed, “Yessssssssss!” in pleasure just as I felt a stream of her juice cover my mouth, with some spreading down my cheeks. She just stayed still, panting hard as she tried to catch her breath. Then, after like 30 seconds, she moved downward, so she was sitting on my stomach and then bent towards my face kissing me briefly, before beginning to lick her pussy juice off my face. When she was done, she attacked my mouth with her tongue as she kissed me aggressively.

When she has had enough, she grabbed fury and holding it up with one hand, she rubbed the swollen head filled with pumping blood against her pussy, lubricating it with her cunt juice. Then, licking her lips while maintaining eye contact with me, she slowly inserted it into her waiting pussy.

To be continued…

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