Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER IX (9)

When we got home, Frank was already back from school saying the last lecture for the day didn’t hold because the lecturer was a guest at one of the weddings held that day.

Thank goodness because I was beginning to worry about how I was to handle Favour who hadn’t spoken a word to me ever since I told her I once had something to do with Rose. Obviously, she felt I was lying.

Dad and Mom returned about an hour later. And after changing into a casual wear, dad surprisingly told us dinner was on him that night. He asked us to go get ready and some 40 minutes later, we were at the club house. Frank, Fay, Dad, Mom and I. As awkward as the whole setting was, because it was the least place I expected dad to want to take his family to, we had serious fun.

Mom and Dad showed no sign of hanging out with younger people like us as they talked freely with us on a wide range of topics including things they did when they started dating, girlfriend and boyfriend dating of nowadays as compared to their time. Roasted chicken, suya and croakers with drinks of our choice were all on our table.

It was at this point Favour laughed and talked back to me freely. Now I was still very much surprised why Dad suggested to bring all of us to a joint rather than a proper restaurant, but I just kept it to myself.

Back home, lights off, television illuminating the living room, the three of us were in the living room doing our normal routine when Frank suddenly asked “Favour, what happened this time around that Dad and Mom chose to take us to the clubhouse?”

Favour then answered him laughing saying, “In church today, one of the invited priests who happened to deliver the homily advised the couples not to stick to a particular routine and to always try do some of the things that they did while dating as this would always spice things up. For older couples present, he suggested that instead of them (the men actually) to always go out and buzz with their friends, they should try taking their children and wife out to a joint and not all those fancy restaurants and see how much fun they would get because such gathering has a way of strengthening family bond and usually no one gets drunk as everyone tends to be responsible,” she laughed as she ended. 

We both laughed together with her before Frank added, “So na wetin two of them been dey do be this that year?”
And Favour replied, “You don see am na…”
Frank then added, standing up while yawning and stretching, “Abeg, I’m so tired already. Na sleep get me now.”

Time was around 9:30pm and Frank went into the room. Mom and Dad had both headed for their room as soon as we returned and I was certain that like the day Dad gave her the key to her new car, she was riding and fucking him silly right about now. I’m very certain of this because with the way she was all over him back at the clubhouse after some bottles of small stout, I was certain the experience must have brought back memories of their prime days. She kept whispering to him while they would both laugh and even when it was dark, I noticed her pinching him every now and then.

Leaving I and Favour alone in the living room, Frank went in to sleep. Then, the silence in the room became very loud as Favour wouldn’t talk to me but just focused on her phone. “What kinda mood swing is this?” I wondered. She had her head reclined on the arm rest of the couch she was sitting on with one foot on the couch and the other on the floor. 

I stood up from my seat and went over to hers. Lifting up the foot on the seat, I sat down and she moved the other foot from the floor and placed both on my laps. All the time, not breaking eye contact from her phone screen. 

Stroking her feet, I began. “I know you are hurt by the thought of Rose, but the truth is I felt you were already taken. I didn’t wanna fall for you even though I actually felt connected with you because you gave me the impression you were with someone else. When you told me you were pregnant, I meant every word of it when I said I was gonna be with you all through it, partly because I know it is the right thing to do and also because I actually loved and cared for you. I just need you to find a way to forgive me the hurt I’ve caused you. I’m sorry.” 

She was still looking into the screen of her phone when I was talking, so by the time I finished, I just pushed her hand away from her face and kissed her. She kissed me back pulling me into her after dropping the phone on the ground. Everything happened so fast, within seconds I was already positioned between her legs which she wrapped around me. Our kiss was hot and full of force. I pulled my shorts down, her skirt had rode up already and shifting her panties to the side, I guided my dick into her. 

This wasn’t a time for some bang bang sex as all I did was to push in with force with her moaning, “Ughhh…ughhh…ugh!” with each long thrust while she left her teeth marks on my neck. Her arms pressing and holding my butt cheeks as I thrust into her all the more, I didn’t last more than 4 minutes before I came. As I was cumming, I kept whispering, “I’m sorry Fay,” until I was spent.

Though she didn’t cum, she just held me inside her and stroked my hair with one hand and my back with the other. 

After about two minutes, I kissed her full on the lips and then pulled out my limp dick. I didn’t even clean my dick I just pulled back up my boxers and short. She stood up and went into the bathroom, and after about 5 minutes she came back out and rested on me. 

Then she began as I placed my hands on her tummy, “Mom doesn’t know about you and I. I made that up too. Even though she might have suspected actually, she didn’t ask me about it. I just wanted to see if you’ll freak out too.”

“So, did I pass? Because it seems you’ve just been testing me with just about everything?” I asked her.
She giggled before adding, “Not quite, but Frank knows.”
My heart missed a beat when I asked her, “Knows about what?”

“I had opened up to him jokingly that I liked you and he told me it was too late as you were already taken by a certain fiery eyed Rose. I didn’t mention that we’d been having sex already but I was so hurt to know she’s the one you’ve been seeing all the while. Thinking about it later that evening made my temperature to rise and the day ended with me on a hospital bed.”

“Was that the day he told you?” I asked, surprised and a little relieved. 

She continued, “Yeah, so that’s why when I saw her earlier today, I remembered we met her at Chief’s residence that day. But seeing her with the other girl, Ella or what’s that her name again, was when I realized you must have met her through her. I knew you were lying saying nothing came out of it and you dropped your intentions when I told you I was pregnant because you always mentioned a friend you went to see from the café. But finally you opened up a few minutes ago.” 

“So what now?” I asked her.
“I’ll miss you,” she said, turning to kiss me. After which she stood up saying she was going to bed. When I got to bed, Frank was already sleeping and snoring. Thanks to all what he ate and drank. 

To be continued…

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  1. Na so nobody just peep see una once dey fuck for that parlour abi? Na wa o. Sharp guy. Pussy dey office dey wait you too. Nice story bro. Thumbs up.

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