Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER IX (7)

“…So, after that day I met you two at home and you left together for the hospital, I made up my mind I couldn’t wait anymore. Yeah, she told me what transpired, but we didn’t quarrel about it despite the fact that I disagreed with her on it. She was even remorseful. 

As luck would have it, we were together that day when she spotted you sitting alone at the gossip center. But she was waiting for her boyfriend, the one who took her out in the car. So she asked me to come meet you…” I cut in at this point.

“Wait! Are you trying to tell me you staged the drunk scene and you lied about the ranch…?” but she cut in.

“So, when we got to my place, I had hoped you’d make a move ‘cos I was already fantasizing what a real dick would be like, but instead you were just impressed about the fact that I was self sufficient and full of praises for me and what I did. It was frustrating at first as I wondered when you’ll change the discussion to sex related. But you never did, and somehow it struck me that Ella has never really commended me before and there you were loving on me, instead of trying to get into my pants.

So, we later discussed what happened but I kept the part that I had developed feelings for you apart. So, the next plan was to pretend I was drunk to see if you’ll take advantage when I threw myself at you. While we were at the Ranch, we let Juliet in on the plan. We got back to town and began to plan. But, along the line I actually over drank and smoked and was now a little bit high for real. But still, you did not make any attempt. 

By the next day when you came and cooked for me and kept me company, that was it. I was in love with you. And we finally made out the next day. But trust us girls, Ella noticed and wasn’t comfortable anymore. Dunno, but maybe she felt it was the end of me and her, and I was now stuck with you so she became jealous and bragged about how she could have you back.”

I began, “Wow! So this means I’m the first guy to…” she cuts in.
“Yes! You’re the first guy to fuck me literally. And I’m glad you are.” she responded.

I just moved over her and kissed her passionately. To say the least, I was turned on beyond reason. We ended up making love this time around, not fuck. It was slow and filled with passion. When we finished, we collapsed into the bed again before she stood up some 10 minutes later and entered the kitchen. 

A few minutes later, she exited the kitchen with a tray containing a plate of the fried rice she had prepaid that morning for both of us. We both sat on the floor by the side of the bed as we ate. Much of the wine was still left and it was at this point we drank it like normal humans would.

“Your hostel is very quiet for a weekend. Is it usually like this?” I asked her
“Yes o! Can’t you see how cut-off it is from the main town? So, most students leave by Friday evening for the weekend with their friends in town or those from Ikom and Ogoja just go home for the weekend to return Sunday evening or Monday morning.” she replied

“So, where do you normally go to?” I asked, taking a sip of water.
“A few times my aunt’s, but most times Ella’s. Just chose to stay since you were around. Besides, I had a wedding cake to make. Delivered it yesterday.” Looking at the clock she added, “And I should be going to present the cake by 1:00pm or thereabout. They should be in church now.” 

“Is it the same wedding at RCM?” I asked curiously. 
“Yeah. Between ABC and XYZ. There are two weddings today actually. Theirs is the first one,” putting food in her mouth she continued, “My aunt got the cake contract but she passed it to me because she was busy, though it was baked and designed (iced) at her residence.”

“Wow! So your aunt bakes too?” I asked surprised.
“I dey learn work for her side o. Actually dunno who’s better between she and my late mom. But since she’s the one living, then it has to be her,” she said calmly in a way that reminded me her mom was late. 

Though she didn’t look sober, I just dropped the issue telling her, “I am supposed to be at that wedding also. Frank’s peeps are all there, but I gave an excuse just to be with you. But I promised to attend the reception.”

“Perfect! Because I remember sending you a text saying till 4pm, only for my aunt to call me this morning to say I would be presenting the cake and not her. I just told her I won’t attend the mass but would meet them for the reception. I’ll just go there, do my bit and fuck off,” she said.

“So, I’ll be going back next week. Monday precisely. My boss…” she didn’t let me finish. 
“And you’re just telling me now?” she asked with changed tone.
“My boss just called me Thursday night saying the company just got a contract I would be spearheading and my presence is needed by Wednesday morning at the office,” I held her face up to me. “I’m sorry this is coming now, but I promise to come back for Christmas or invite you over preferably.”

I saw the smile when she said, “Its okay. I understand.”

To be continued…

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