Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER IX (6)

I put on my boxers and sat on the bed while she just put on a night dress with nothing under. She picked up her clothe items littered all over the room and dumped them in her laundry basket. Bringing out a new sheet, I helped her make the bed.

We cuddled in the bed and resumed our play. Her skin was cold to touch as she snuggled into me pressing her boobs into my side. It was a turn on feeling her skin rubbing me and knowing she had nothing beneath the transparent nightie.

“I have something to tell you Fury,” she said out of the blue.
“I’m all ears babe.” I replied before adding, “Go ahead.”
“Ella is not actually my friend but my lover,” she blurted out one of the very last statements I had expected to hear.

“Are you for real?” I asked her, looking into her face as she turned away from my chest. 
“Yeah! We’re both bi. Or, let’s say until you showed up,” she answered.

I was honestly lost about all what she was saying. Not because I despised dykes (as a matter of fact, I admire and wouldn’t mind one as a wife) but because I actually was lost.

“I don’t get you Rose,” I said, hoping she would explain.

“You see, Ella and I met during our registration for our Pre-NCE. I was still a virgin but she wasn’t and already had a boyfriend that week we came to town. While I stayed at my aunt’s residence all through the pre-NCE period, she was living by herself,” she said and suddenly stopped halfway. 
“Okkk!” I dragged the word in a bid to say she hadn’t made sense yet.

Then she went on, “During our final exams that would take us to year 1, I told my aunt I would like to move in with Ella so I could read without distractions and she agreed. So I moved in with Ella. I think about 3 or 4 nights later, it had rained heavily and there was no power supply and having not charged the rechargeable lamp earlier in the day, it went off. 

Though we’d both seen each other nude severally, I usually slept in a short and shirt, likewise Ella. So that night as it rained, we lay in bed talking and she was telling me about her then boyfriend, how he had fucked her in his kitchen that morning. I was so turned on in the dark I started rubbing my pussy.

Now, Ella never knew I was still a virgin or the only virgin in our clique then. They all felt I had no boyfriend because I stayed with my aunt. Well, that contributed in a way too.

So, along the line I gave out what was supposed to be a low moan, not knowing it was audible enough for Ella to pick in the dark. And without asking me anything, she just said, “Here, lemme help you.” and then moved her hand into my shorts. I wanted to protest but was helpless as she started playing with my clit better than I had ever tried to.

Her fingers were something else and before I realized how far it was going, she had already pulled down my shorts in the dark. The next thing I felt was her mouth on my pussy as she licked all of my wetness dry. As she did this, her other hand massaged my boobs and nipples. When she tried to push her fingers inside me, it was then she realized I was still a virgin. 

“Good Lord! Rose you’re still a virgin?” she asked in the dark. I was too shy to reply and in my silence the next thing I felt was her lips on mine. She kissed me deep and held it, but I didn’t kiss her back. Then she said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you my love.”

Now, as most female friends do, we call each other my love casually and strictly based on the close friendship we shared. But we both knew at that moment, the love she meant wasn’t the type between non intimate friends. Returning back to meet my lips again for another kiss, I kissed her back this time around as we shared our first kiss. My first girl kiss. She finally finished me off with her mouth on my clit and we both slept in the nude thereafter.

The next day, I woke up to see her cuddle me like a little girl, even though as you know already we’re almost the same size. I felt shy all through that morning and she started acting like the male in the relationship. How I passed the exams I can’t say, because all through the day and even in the exam hall, I got wet from the thoughts of how she’ll rid me off my panties and bring me to orgasm with her tongue. The only thing I had done to her was kiss her back, sucked and fondle her boobs. I became more withdrawn and could barely stay without her.

It was on my final night at her residence she decided to take things further. I never knew she had a vibrator and a dildo. I lost my virginity to those things and she fucked me with both that night, bringing me multiple orgasms. I don’t even remember feeling much pains.

The next morning we did it again before I left for my aunt’s residence. Throughout the holiday we sexed chatted, sharing nudes with each other and by the time I resumed for year 1, getting my own apartment was the first thing on my mind. My aunt had already gotten this place for me before I returned else my intention was to move in completely with Ella at Calabar lane. But she also left her former compound to where she is now.

So, while she kept having her boyfriends fuck, I got jealous not ‘cos I wanted real dicks but I just didn’t want to share her with anyone. But she claimed she does it so people won’t suspect us or anything. I finally resigned my fate to watching boys and different men fuck her. But trust me when I say it’s just for the fun of it, not that she actually needs money, ‘cos her family is well off.

So, while she got laid and dominated by guys, she comes back and do same on me. It’s not that I hate guys, but I just saw myself not interested in guys. At least, no one could feed my aunt with stories.

So, when I saw you that day at the cafe and the way you kept looking in my eyes, something in me just said I should fuck you. I told Ella about it. She said she also noticed how you starred at me and that we would come up with a plan…”

To be continued…

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