Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER IX (5)

The pleasure and pressure on three of her top erogenous points namely; G-spot, clitoris and nipples all at once was driving her overboard as could be noticed in her breathing which was now ragged and the way she moaned and thrashed on the bed. 

Bringing out my middle finger from her pussy, I slowed down the finger fucking and decided to try something I hadn’t done before. Coating my middle finger with her slick juice, I moved it over to her rosebud, swirled and coated it with her pussy juice before I gently slid the finger inside her butt-hole.

“Mmm…Mmm…Mmm…Mmm….ahhhhh!” was all I heard as she flooded my fingers with her female juice. Her butt-hole being intruded by my finger did the trick this time around. The grip her butt-hole had on my finger as her wall contracted around it was just unbelievable. At that moment, fury became envious of my middle finger. 

Licking her up until she was dry, I stood up and removed my boxers. Then returning into a kneeling position next to her face on the bed, I held my dick and rubbed it around her mouth, coating her lips with my pre-cum. All the while, she rubbed her pussy and her clitoris. 

Then, picking up her head with my left hand, I pushed my dick into her mouth. Her lips immediately parted ways as my dick went into her soft but warm mouth. I watched in pleasure as her lips surrounded my dick like a vice while she bobbed her head, taking my dick in and out as fast as she could. With closed eyes, she hungrily sucked on my dick while also vigorously rubbing her clitoris. As she sucked on my dick, while also stroking her clitoris, she started moaning like she was crying with muffled sounds, “Mmmh…Mmmh…Mmmh!”

Now, because I had sex with Fay earlier in the morning, I wasn’t close to shooting. Though the grip I had on her head wasn’t all that strong, I still found it expedient to fuck her mouth until I heard her gag and cough. It was at this point she pulled my dick out and breathed in and out fast. As she held my dick, I moved my hand down, rubbed her pussy, inserted two fingers inside before pulling out and sucking on them. Then I asked her to turn around. 

Moving and kneeling on one foot behind her, I lifted the skirt up to her waist, held her waist with one hand and placed the head of my dick on her pussy. She in turn spread her legs and pushed her ass back towards me while I rubbed my dick head up and down her slit. After making sure I had coated my dick head with her juice, I pushed in one fluid thrust in a slow and steady manner till I touched bottom.

“Shit!” I managed to say because her pussy was so tight like I’d never been there before. Or, perhaps because my erection seemed bigger than usual. Then, holding her waist with both hands, I began to thrust in and out as fast as I could. And again, she met all my thrusting halfway as my balls slapped on her pussy lips.

After about 3 or 4 minutes, I began to feel my orgasm build, so I quickly withdrew to buy time and lay on my back asking her to come over me. Before she mounted me, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked on it briefly. 

Then, with her back to me, she held my dick and guided it into her descending pussy. It was now her turn to fuck me and she fucked me reverse cow girl with all the strength in her waist. As she did this, she pulled on her nipples, licked them, fondled them all with her right hand while her left hand just ran through her hair. 

It wasn’t long before I began to feel her pussy contracting around my dick as she bounced up and down. It was at this point I too decided to thrust back into her from under her. 

I could feel how close she was because, besides her pussy contracting around my dick, her muffled moaning had now become panting. So, I held her waist and pumped back into her as I knew mine was just a few seconds away. But, I finally lost out as I felt my balls tighten and my cum began to travel out through my shaft. As had as I tried not to, I couldn’t help but give out some not too loud moans myself as I continued to ram into her hoping to shoot as deeply as possible. Feeling my hot cum hit her was what must have triggered hers because almost immediately, her pussy contracted firmly around fury as she moaned a very long, “Mmmmmmmmm!” with juice running out from the sides. I just stopped moving so I could enjoy the contractions going on around my dick.

Though she had stopped moving, her vagina wouldn’t stop milking me. Then, about a minute later, she surprised me by pulling off my dick and moved her ass backwards until her pussy was just right over my face. She immediately sat on my face and bent forward, taking my partially limp dick into her mouth. Now, while Dolly and a few other girls have actually sat on my face, this was on a whole new level. I’d never done a 69 before talk less of eating out a pussy I just fucked and came in.

I guess today is a lot of firsts for me then. I opened my mouth, brought out my tongue and began to lap out our mixed juices. While she hungrily or willingly licked my dick and pubes clean from the spill that was there, I wasn’t enthusiastic about returning the favour, but I did it anyway.

After some two minutes that looked liked 2 hours, she sat up, wiggled her ass on my face briefly before collapsing face down on the bed next to me. 

“Oh my god! (pants…pants…pants), Fury, (pants…pants), that was great.” she managed to say while running her hand through my chest and nipples 
“yea” I replied with indifference while catching my breath too.

She must have picked up my tone because immediately she lifted herself up by supporting her weight on her elbows and then looked at my face laughing, “Oh, poor Fury has just licked his own cum.” Licking my lips and making me smile in the process, she continued, “Don’t worry. It won’t kill you. Besides, haven’t you heard it contains lots of protein?”
“You’re not serious.” I laughed, pinching her nipple.
“Ouch!” she screamed, “That hurts,” she added, hitting me with a pillow. 

We went on to have a little pillow fight before collapsing back into the bed. Minutes later, I suggested we go take a shower and change the sheets. During showers, it was just me playing with her ass cheeks and boobs while she fondled my dick and balls. By the time we returned into the room, I looked at the clock. It was 10:50am. In my head I was like, “And she said it’s till 4pm? I’m dead tired already.”

To be continued…

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