Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER IX (3)

Breakfast was tea, boiled yam and egg sauce. Eating alone at the table, Favour at a point brought out her dress to show me before going back into her room. I literally rushed my meal and hurried off into the bathroom thereafter. While I was dressing up, Rose called to remind me that her 10am is 10am and I shouldn’t be late. Dad came back around 9am.

By the time I left the house somewhat around 9:15am, mom hadn’t returned from the cooking. And from the look of things, Dad was also attending the wedding. He had asked if I wasn’t coming along to which I told him I would only be able to meet up for the reception because I had to use the café and brief my colleague online about the task at hand, and also what he should do while he awaited my arrival in Lagos. This meant I would spend a little time at the café. 

Favour later confirmed the fact that Dad would attend when she walked me to the gate. She added, “Make sure you hurry up and come for the reception in time,” before giving me a kiss as I exited the gate.
“Sure I will. Might even meet you guys at the church. That’s why I’m leaving this early,” I said as she closed the gate. I then walked a little further from the gate before I saw a bike man whom I asked to take me to Jude’s shop.

Getting there, I picked a bottle of non-alcoholic wine and put inside his freezer. I decided to sit back and kill time. I had something planned out in my head for Rose because this was obviously going to be our last fuck session before I leave town. I intended to make it a memorable experience. I remained at the shop and somewhat around 9:30am, mom made a surprise appearance.

“Mummy good morning,” we greeted her in unison. 
“Hehehe! Fury, what are you doing here? Are you not coming with us to the wedding? Didn’t Favour tell you about it?” she asked me. 
“She did o. Mommy. I told her I wouldn’t be able to attend the mass because I have to do something important at the cafe this morning. I would meet you guys for the reception,” I replied.

“When did Jude’s shop become a café then?” she asked. 
“When I got there, I was told the café opens by 10am on Saturdays. So, I just came back here to kill time.” I replied cooking up another lie.

“Ok. Ehen! Jude, how much is this your…?” she went on to ask the prices of some items. Then, paying for the ones she wanted, she asked Jude to wrap them as wedding gifts, saying she would return to pick them after the mass.

“Mommy, when is the wedding mass starting?” I asked when she was about to leave. Pun intended. 
“My dear 10am o, I’m late already,” she said laughing as she left. By the time she left, it was already 15 minutes to 10am. 

10 minutes later I left for Rose’s hostel with the wine after calling her to tell her I was on my way from Jude’s. When I got there, but for a few people moving around and some doors open, the place was literally scanty and quiet as compared to what one would ordinarily expect to be a noisy students hostel during weekends. Her power generating set although was turned on, but there was no sound coming from inside her room.

I knocked and heard her ask who it was. “Fury,” I responded. 

“Gimme a minute,” she responded as I heard her moving around in the room. Some 30 seconds later, she asked me to come in and lock the door behind me.

Opening the door, I realized she had just walked into the kitchen. Locking the door as she had instructed, I called out, “Rozay!” because I noticed her standing behind the kitchen blind. Then she stepped out from behind the blind just when I was about to ask her why she stood there. 

“Welcome sir!” she said in a girly tone. 

My balls missed a beat, that moment when I saw her. Rose had on the most ridiculously short, pleated (black) Burberry schoolgirl skirt I’ve ever seen a girl her size put on. The type we see South African high school girls put on in their videos with hot laps everywhere. It was almost the same length as a hockey dress if not shorter. Then she had tucked in a skin-tight white short sleeve shirt that made me wonder if she could breath properly. Also, the first 3 buttons were undone. Then revealing beneath the shirt, was a pink lacy bra that cut just right over the nipples of her jugs, while leaving out a good portion of her areola. The last piece of clothing she had on, was a black short tie which she knotted just halfway 

My words got stuck in my throat as I noticed the involuntary movement of my Adams apple, when I swallowed my saliva. My mouth shut open in surprise thereafter because I was awe struck and speechless.

Seeing how helpless I was groping her body as I had already stripped her naked with my eyes, she then asked “Are you looking for Rose?” in that same secondary school girl tone. 

Now being a very shy person, I’ve never done a role-play with any girl before, primarily because I had no idea how to bring it up. But each time the idea came up, it was always easy dismissing it saying Nigerian girls are not that creative or into such kinky stuffs. But seeing and hearing her at that moment, I immediately had an idea of the game she wanted to play. So I made up my mind to play along and not kill the fun. “Yes, where is she?” I replied with a question smiling.

Smiling back a little nervously, perhaps because she hadn’t done it before or due to the realization that I had gotten the hint, she continued “Rose left for Ogoja this morning, she went to see her friend who just put to bed. She would be back tomorrow.” 

Still finding the whole game funny, I fought back laughter when I said “Oops, so what’s going to happen now? She and I had an appointment. And she didn’t deem it fit to call me!”

Visibly overjoyed that I was finally ready to play, she said “I apologize on her behalf sir. By the way I’m her younger sister, my name is Seduction and I came in for the weekend last night. You must be?” she stretched out her hand to me more confidently.

I was blushing as I shook her hand, saying “Fury, Nite Fury” as she gave me that sometimes annoying girls hand shake. But it wasn’t annoying this time around, but sexy.

“Oh, great… She told me you were gonna come around and that I should keep you company. Please have a seat.” she said, as she pointed to the bed. 

As I sat down, I placed the wine just by the side of the bed wondering what her next move would be. She walked over to where she had obviously placed the remote control of her home theatre system, just right at the foot of the electronic stand and picked it up while backing me.

As she bent down, the skirt that could barely cover her ass cheeks automatically shot up “incidentally”, revealing a sparkling white secondary school girl panties covering her ass.

“What a prick tease, seduction indeed,” I thought in my head as she turned on the music player from the the remote control. Then opening the lid of her laptop, she just pressed the space key and “Nishike” by the Kenyan (abi na Tanzanian) group Sauti Sol started playing. Damn! If all these were meant to wet my appetite or were they to turn me on, then they surely had the desired effect.

To be continued…

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