Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER IV (8)

I pulled out until just fury’s head was left in her and then slowly pushed back in. I repeated this action as she locked her arms around my neck, holding me down. We both looked down to see my dick going in and out of her slowly before I then began to increase my pace, pumping in and out of her as fast as I could. I increased fury’s ferocity and velocity, pumping the piston in all cylinders at around 3 short thrusts per second and 2 long thrusts per second. 
“ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh, yess yess Mmm Mmm…” were all I kept hearing form her as she spread her legs wide in the air.

Now the grip her pussy had on fury wasn’t that much as I kept hearing the slurping sounds, “slurp slurp slurp slurp,” repeatedly as I banged away. In wanting to increase her pussy grip on my dick, I rose up from her body, without breaking pussy-dick contact, I raised her legs up and closed them around my shoulders. This was far better as the slurping sounds reduced and I could feel a much better grip on fury.

After some more thrusting, I began to feel my orgasm build. I then pushed her legs forward towards her shoulders so as to increase the depths fury was reaching as I began to feel light in my brain. I fought hard to keep my eyes open but try as hard as I could, my vision was just blurred and cloudy because my sperm was already travelling out. I felt fury increase in size as her pussy walls began to contract around it. 

For the first time in a long while (probably when I first hard sex), I was moaning out loudly and confusedly as I approached climax. The excitement was too much if not unbearable.

This is a girl I saw and admired in church earlier that day, same day, same girl gave me my first foot job, same day I’m fucking her in an open field, and again her body is a lookalike of my favorite porn star. 

As my balls began to churn, I couldn’t help her screaming so I quickly went for her lips kissing her as we both moaned into each others’ mouth. My legs began to spasm as my sperm shot deep into her (trapped inside the condom) and I collapsed on her body, she holding me tight as I kicked my legs like a mad man.

I was totally spent and short of oxygen because I just laid still, buried in her. Luckily she held me tight, cleaning the sweats on my forehead and whispering God knows what sweet words into my ears. I could stay there forever but I realized fury was decreasing in size so I just rolled over and laid down next to her catching my breath.

Then, she got up on her knees, removed the condom from my spent dick and began to suck hungrily like a little girl licking ice cream from a cone. She licked me clean, including the sperm that poured on my tummy. I was too tired to stop her despite how sensitive fury still was. When she was done, she came up to me for a kiss. It was more than a French kiss as she made sure I tasted my cum properly from her mouth. She suckled my nips while stroking flaccid fury. Then she laid down by my side.

After about 2 minutes of recovering, I sat and looked into her eyes as we both said “That was great.”
We laughed immediately the coincidence happened. She then added while sitting up, “We’d better go join the rest.”

As we stood up and began to adjust our clothing, only then did we realize that in the heat of the whole event, when I pulled her bikini bottom, I had accidentally thrown it behind me, not realizing it entered the stream.

Realizing what had happened and that we’ve been there for over forty minutes, I told her there was no point looking for it but hoped we would find it down the stream course. I wore only my swim shorts and handed over my beach shorts to her which she wore. We grabbed our stuffs (me putting the used condom in my bag) and headed back to the water park area. 

Walking next to each other, I wrapped my hand around her ass, massaging as we walked down the stream. Knowing there was nothing under the short but bare soft ass was a huge turn on for me as I massaged it with fury trying (drowsily) albeit unsuccessfully to get hard.

As we walked, I was lost in thoughts wondering if I’ll get a chance to fuck her again back in Obudu when she suddenly screamed joyfully, “My bikini!” pointing towards the stream. I looked down to see it floating in a pool (dam) made with rocks. I left the pathway and entering the stream while standing on the rocks, retrieved it. She collected it and put it in her bag.

***Back at the pool***

Everyone was dressed up with the security personnel lamenting on how we have kept him waiting. Jude pulled out a N500 note from his wallet and handed it over to him asking him not to be pissed. From the way they interacted, they were both familiar with each other.

Frank turning to me said, “Guy, your play head don clean abi?” making the whole group laugh, with I and Ella managing to smile. Grabbing our clothing, we both tied our towels around our waists as we all headed out and entered the car like that.

***Back in the Car***

Ella and I were allowed to have the back seat to ourselves while Frank joined Guy1 in front with Jude. As we drove off, I just wore my trouser over the swimming shorts and then my shirt while Ella just wore her shirt still with the towel tied. After which she scooted over and leaned on my chest with her back.

All through the drive back to town, my right hand was on her boobs inside her shirt, while my left hand was inside my beach short she was wearing massaging her clit and playing with her pussy. The rest of the group chatted away, leaving us to our world. 

The drive home was just perfect. I just fucked Ella, I climaxed, my hands on her pussy and boobs, the cold air coming into the car and the music. Everything was perfect. 

I woke up to see we were just arriving town and everywhere was dark save for the headlights from other cars, bikes and roadside shops. Not until I made to remove my hand from her pussy did I realize she also fell asleep while leaning on me. 

After dropping off Guy2 and 3, we headed to Calabar lane to drop the girls. Before then, I had collected her digits as we chatted away (she in my arms) like we’ve been lovers for aeons. 

To be continued…

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