Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER IV (3)

Then she screamed, “Aaaaahhhh…yessssssssss…” grabbing my toes fiercely as she came. Her body was obviously beyond her personal control because she just kept on shaking violently, same way her vagina held tightly to fury.

To my amazement, immediately she calmed down she started bouncing again, only this time our genitals making slurping sounds. Grinding back aggressively on me, she rode my dick like a girl possessed. This was driving me overboard and I didn’t know how much more time we had or how long I would last. Then, all of sudden without breaking contact, she spun around and was now facing me. She laid down and looked me in the eyes and whispered, “Who gave you this dick?”

As she was bent close to my chest, I watched her boobs bouncing and shaking in my face. Putting my hands around her hips, I began guiding her pussy on my dick as I pumped back into her. There was no way I could resist the beautiful titties in front of me, so I reached up and took hold of them. I squeezed them, tweaking her nips. Perhaps the combination of my fucking her back and tweaking her nips really got to her as she said, “Oh my God! Fury, you are making me maddddddd.” She said the word ‘mad’ crying.

I started to pump my dick into her hot pussy in a bid to climax, lifting up my ass, feeding her every inch of fury. Remember I told you Fay was a screamer? She was 
literally screaming for me to fuck her. 

I think its only fair game I climaxed also. So, taking hold of her body, I flipped her over onto her back, spreading her legs out and I began pounded her pussy. It no longer mattered to me at that point if there would be signs on the bed. I just wanted to fuck her hard in that bed. I was quite sure she craved my dick because she kept telling me to fuck her for as long as I could.

Breathing heavily under me she said loudly, “You are touching places that no one had before.” Then, once again she screamed, “I’m cumming…” with her eyes shut tight just as her pussy walls began the ritual of gripping my fury. This was all I needed as my bouncing became uncoordinated as my sperm poured into the condom far inside her.

I collapsed on her as she began to massage my back like a little baby hugging its mother. As I began to soften, I quickly pulled out of her pussy asking her to get up and make the bed. I headed into the bathroom to discard the used condom by flushing it, after which I washed my dick to remove the smell of sex. But my boxers smelt of one who just got fucked so I walked back into the room unclad to the surprise of Favour as I made for my bag to change up.

Favour had finished the bed. Opening the windows, I turned on the fan to blow away the sex smell. Fortunately, her pussy juice had spilled only on my boxers and my lap when she rode me, the bed sheet was clean. 

By 6:15am, we heard Frank honking. Favour went to meet him while I switched off the lights in the room and covering the bed sheet, I pretended to sleeping.

As I laid on the bed, I began to hear the sound of the TV. Supersport Blitz channel was on. Then I heard them (Frank and Fay) walk in.

For whatever reason, Frank didn’t return to the room as he remained in the living room watching highlights of the weekend’s sports activities. 

Then it began to make sense to me. Fay had turned the TV on in an attempt to keep Frank in the living room, and it worked. But, how then did she know Blitz channel would come on? Perhaps, knowing he’s addicted to the television, she didn’t mind the Channel. Then, finally, I slept off only to wake up to Frank’s movement around the room. 

Me: When be mass?
Frank: 10…because of the ongoing family harvest them shift am from 9 to 10am.

I checked the time on my phone, 7:30am

Me: So, na which parish? St. Charles?
Frank: No o, na the new parish. RCM.
Me: Chicks dey there? 
Frank: Dem dey, but na people wey get head dey worship for RCM. Na strict parish be this one. FCE girls full St. Charles, you fit follow them go there, monkey.

“I no wan go dey look boring and ugly people o,” I added as I got up and headed into the bathroom to do my morning hygiene and ease myself. 


By 9:50am we were already in the church’s premises. The first mass was still on. Standing by the car, we talked about nothing in particular just as I noticed Jude drive in.

Me: Jude worships here? Thought he lives on Ranch road, St. Charles is closer to him abi?
Frank: Yes, but they were living around this side of town before moving to their personal residence there at Ranch road. 
Fay: His mum is in the church committee also. 
Me: Would have been surprised. 

Jude drove around and parked next to where we parked and came out to join us. By 10:30am we were seated inside the church and mass had begun. Jude, Frank and I sat somewhere behind while Fay made her way to the middle section. The church obviously was still under construction but the inside had been completed or was near completion. We managed to stay quiet until when families were called upon for their thanksgiving procession. 

Jude: Guys, how today wan be na?
Frank: Make we go swim for ranch
Jude: Just three of us. Let’s sit out somewhere. Say the clubhouse?
Frank: That has to be later in the evening then.
Me: So, what are we gonna do till then?
Jude: This mass no go finish till like 12. Before we reach house, chop, sleep, evening don reach. 
Me: Guy, I don dey hungry sef. 
Frank: Favour prepare stew yesterday. Na to go boil rice after mass.
Me: Omo! I fit die before then o…

Just then I saw one light skinned girl join a family for their procession to the alter. 

To be continued…

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