Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER IV (2)

“What are you doing here?” I asked her as I removed the headphones from my head and sat up.
“I had to see you Fury,” she said to me adding, “I found myself thinking about you all day yesterday. In the market I was aroused. On the bike, my panties were drenched. I was too upset at what I had become at the mere thought of your name. So I had to scold you in the kitchen to see if I could put the sex behind us by trying to make myself too upset to be thinking of being aroused by you, but I was wrong.”

I didn’t say anything, but I was glad that everything was okay between us because before I slept off the previous night, I had been concerned at how things might be between us after everything that happened. “Perhaps things were back to normal,” I thought to myself.

Now, I had my usual morning boner but it wasn’t hard enough to make a tent in my shorts. As she spoke, she reached for my boxers and passing her hand through the waistline, she grabbed fury and began to stroke it inside my shorts. The sight of her lovely boobs just inches away from my mouth and her erect nips coupled with the magic her cold hand had on fury made it to rise up to full mast.

She went on, “I don’t know where this would end, but I want to enjoy it while it lasts.”

She moved towards me and kissed me. I didn’t respond to her kiss as I tried to remember if I had done my hygiene before going to bed. Then I remembered I never go to bed without at least rinsing my mouth if dinner had anything to do with beans or vegetables. Besides, this is morning sex, and she’s not supposed to expect I’ve done my morning hygiene by that time. 

I began to respond to the kiss, opening my mouth to receive her searching tongue (I must confess, it felt awkward though). As I began to get into the kiss, my hands slid around her back holding her as our lips pressed against each others. 

When her tongue found mine, she straddled me, her breasts pressed against my chest. Her nips were so hard that I felt I must have underestimated how much she wanted me. No, needed me. 

She pulled her nightie over her head, throwing them on the tiled floor. She then reached for the undersides of my t-shirt and began to lift towards my head, exposing my chest. 

She bent down and licked my nips, biting them as well as licking and wetting them with her saliva. It seemed she wanted to consume me in whole. I felt a mixture of pain and pleasure at the same time. She finally pulled off my shirt, throwing it on the floor next to hers.

Fortunately, I had left my shuttle bag next to the side of the bed as I quickly put my hand inside to the section I kept the CDs and pulled out one. Collecting it from my hand, she gently pushed me on my chest down until my back was on the bed. She then said, “Relax, I got this.”
“Fay, I’m not sure we have that much time,” I responded as she tore open the protection.
“We got at least 25mins,” she replied calmly.

As I lay under her, I reached for her boobs, pushing them together as my thumbs moved around her areolas in a circular motion before grabbing the nips between my index fingers and my thumbs squeezing them. I pinched them, then rolled them. Boy, Fay was damn aroused as I felt her juices soak my shorts making fury twitch in anticipation.

She then lowered her chest, offering me her nips. I made circular motions around them with my tongue and then gently sucked them into my mouth.
“Uhmm…oousss…” she moaned. 

Pushing her boobs together, I alternated between the nips, sucking and licking them with increasing force. Her breath was ragged as I moved my hands down to her ass, cupping and rubbing her butt cheeks. She kissed me full on the lips, then started tracing her way downward kissing my collarbones, my chest, sucking my nips, my belly button and finally she pulled my shorts down.

I lifted up my ass to help her get rid of the shorts. Then, getting on her knees, she grabbed fury who was by now restless and throbbing freely. She gave it a look that seemed to say, “You this fury, you are the one that touched me in places I thought only existed in movies.” 

The next thing I saw was her opening her mouth and engulfing fury. She sucked, licked and squeezed the innocent creature. She then paused and looked up to me just as I noticed fury was dripping with her saliva and said, “I’ve wanted your dick back in me at dinner, in the living room, while I showered, I even dreamt about it, was rubbing my clit this morning with it in mind.”

“Fury…I have to fuck you.” she said, as a matter of fact.

All the while she held the open condom on her hand. Giving fury one last lick (cleaning up her saliva), she fixed the condom neatly over it.

Still kneeling across with her back to me, she moved forward and positioned her pussy right above my swollen dick head. I was so turned on and could barely contain myself from thrusting upwards in an attempt to enter her beautiful pussy whose swollen lips I could see from my vantage position, protruding as her labia were few inches away from the tip of fury.

She then slowly lowered herself onto my dick until I was balls deep. I can barely describe the feeling because despite the condom, I felt the heat and wetness of her pussy. After she settled all her weight onto me, she then began to grind away slowly at first before picking up pace. This is the reverse cow-girl.

Supporting her hands on my knees, I could see her boobs swinging in both directions just as I enjoyed the view of her ass as my dick explored her depths.

In this position, I knew my dick was rubbing her center of gravity and it wouldn’t be long again before she climaxed with the speed at which she was going about the fucking me business. “Aaaah aaah aaaah aaaah aaaah…mmm…” she moaned out loudly as she kept pushing back, taking more of me inside. 

Her movements were steady and fast as I noticed her hold unto her boobs and began pinching the nips as she bounced on me while I kept thrilling at the sight of my entire 8inch disappearing into her pussy.

Then she added a new twist to her bouncing. She would bounce like four times, then when she touches bottom on the fifth attempt, she would wiggle, wiggle, wiggle and wiggle. Then, bounce, bounce, bounce, and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. She went on like this counting down.

To be continued…

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂 this one dey watch music video o. Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle….
    So fay fit beg? No wahala. Make dem no catch Una o

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