Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER III (9)

Ibrahim and Sandra had known each other from University of Abuja, but only became close in camp. Both were smoking cigarettes as we sat in one not-too-crowded joint. We all had ChI yogurt and some cookies. Alcohol was not sold. Although, Ibro and Sandra both had a bottle of Mack Dowels (how they got it I don’t know), which they mixed with their yogurt.

We sat across each other in the faintly lit joint. While Ibro and Sandra killed themselves with several sticks of cigarette and alcohol, I focused my attention on Dolly as my eyes pulled her in, roaming over her body as we talked. “This is a beautiful girl,“ I said to myself.

As we chatted about sweet nothings, I could make out a lacy bra through her white shirt, holding closely those beautiful breasts, shaping them in a perfect position. Then I noticed she began to move in her chair, just as I also noticed her skirt ride gradually up to her thigh, although she had her sweater tied around her waist (which somehow had canceled the fact she wore a skirt).

I then began a sensual exploration of her body while Ibro and Sandra were lost in their own world. She knew I was looking just as I knew she wanted me to look. Some minutes later, Ibro and Sandra excused themselves (they were going to smoke weed and possibly fuck).

After some time, she started scanning the joint to see if anyone else was looking at us. But the few people around all seemed engrossed in whatever it was they were doing. 

I knew what she had in mind when she shifted her seat to face me properly. I watched lustfully as her knees slowly fell away from each other. My mind raced at 100mph as I began to imagine what I would see under the skirt. Boy, I was hard already from this little tease. I then took a sip of my drink while showing her an appreciative smile, which made her blush as she decided to show me more. 

I saw her look around again, possibly to check if anyone was looking at us. Satisfied that no one seemed to care bout us, she spread her legs open further. I now had a complete view of the thin white lace that covered her pussy. 

I took a long but slow sip of my yogurt, my eyes still focused between her legs. I choked when she said, “thong, polka dots.” Looking immediately back at her panties covered pussy, I saw the dots.

Looking back at her face, I watched her lick her index and middle fingers, then followed their movements as she moved them slowly down her exposed panties. I watched as her thumb gently caught the hem of her panties, pulling it to the side, revealing some dark bush, then saw her middle finger disappear into the slippery pink opening. I closed my eyes, and swallowed nothing hard.

Taking my hand off my lap, I adjusted, to give a her proper view as I revealed a restless fury. “You caused this,” I said.
Her eyes went wild with excitement as she said, “You are big.”

I guess she was loving the lustful look on my face because I just sat down there swallowing saliva like a hopeless teenager watching porn for the first time on a big TV screen.

Suddenly, she stood up, pulled her skirt down and told me she was coming. 

As I waited, I began to remember what Ibro had told me. Badt guy. I also remembered him telling me how he had fucked Sandra thrice since we came to camp inside one of those mai suya stalls. The one we usually buy suya from. He only gave the guy a N500 tip. I checked my pocket, N2500. Nothing do me.

Just then I saw her walk back into the joint which by now had a lesser number of people inside. She came over and handed me something and made way to her seat. Opening my hand, I saw her thong panties, and the crotch area was wet. 

Looking around to see if anyone was watching, I folded it like my handkerchief and brought it up to my nose, maintaining eye contact with her, I inhaled deeply. Then, bringing it a little lower to my lips, watching her, I brought out my tongue, licked it and then sucked on the crotch region. Seeing this made her gasp like she wanted to faint, moaning out slowly with closed eyes. Her facial expression told me she had an orgasm. This was how Dolly began sending her cum-soaked panties to me. 

“Come with me.” I said after she recovered from her heavenly feeling as I stood up. She stood up with me just as I had to pocket my hand into my right pocket in an effort to conceal my erection. I saw her smile at my action, obviously enjoying the fact that she caused that. My hard on was so huge that it was practically difficult to conceal. We both cast quick glances at the remainder of people left who seemed to be in their own world as we stepped out.

As we walked towards the suya spot hand in hand, Dolapo pulled on my hand and turning to look her, I saw her eyes visually quizzing me about our destination. Along the way she said, “No one has ever done that before.”
“Wait until my tongue tastes your pussy,” I replied as I pulled her along.

We got to the suya spot to find Ibrahim, Sandra and two other girls. The girls left just about when we got there after making some purchases. Ibrahim and Sandra had obviously fucked and were just hanging around, playing with each other. Ibrahim gave me a look that confirmed my suspicion. Then after speaking with the Mai suya in Hausa, he asked us to go in through one side door.

I led the way. Actually, fury led the way, poking in my shorts. Inside, I just saw a table with suya sticks and some other stuffs at one corner and at the other end a mattress that is better described as a mat. But I was too worked up to care. I just wanna fuck Dolly now.

“Dolly, you look so beautiful,” I said to her as I turned her around to embrace her.
She broke the embrace and moving towards the table, she sat on it and spread her legs, pushing her skirt up. With two fingers, she opened her pussy lips revealing her clitoral hood. Then, looking up at me, she said, “Lemme feel your tongue. I’ve shown and given you my polka dot panties.”

My eyes focused intently between her legs as I walked over to her and whispered in her ears, “The girl must be clean shaven also.”

With that, I grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her around, pushed her forward making sure her tummy was facing the table. Standing behind her, I spread her legs apart while grinding my erection firmly into her ass. 

Slipping my hands under the edge of her skirt, I cupped the round cheeks of her ass and began massaging them in soft and slow motion. She lowered her body all the more into the chair, spreading her legs further and pushing her ass back into me.

I ran my fingers through her oozing slip between her thighs. “Fury, please just fuck me, take me, do with me as you wish.” she begged as I continued to massage her slit. She moved her right hand and grabbing my fingers, she guided them into her hot pussy.

I began to search her depths, exploring her with one, then two fingers for some time before I switched from exploration to seriously finger-fucking her. My fingers slid quickly but firmly in and out, drenching themselves in her love juice.

To be continued…

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