Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER III (8)

While on the bike, I began to worry about Fay and wondered what she wanted from me. “Na so me and Dolapo take start o. Something wey suppose just be one time thing, the babe now allow me off her hook till today,” I wondered to myself. 

***********NYSC CAMP, Sokoto****************

Remembering how it all began with Dolly. We were on the parade ground that afternoon, first week in camp when the Camp commandant asked all corps members to squat under the sun because we weren’t serious with our various platoon officers. 

After about 30 minutes of squatting, I noticed one girl in front of me try to adjust only to reveal she’s putting on white panties with blue, pink, and green polka dots (I’ve always had a fetish for polka dotted bra and panties). Sight was so lovely and fury charging.

Me: “Ah! Polka dots,” I said, tapping my friend and bunk mate from Jigawa, Ibrahim. “Yeah, Ibro mehn, dis kind panties dey make my dick chaaaaaarge,” I said, tapping him (deliberately wanting to annoy him) again, stressing the word charge.
Ibro: “Walahi, you no serious. Sun dey bulala person na woman panties you dey look,” he responded .z

(Not that I wasn’t feeling the burning sun, but hey, I just saw something to make me happy so not minding if he was interested or not, I decided to rant on) 

Me: No be under sun dem born you sef? Ibro, u sabI wetin be fetish? Just incase u no sabi sha, fetish na something wey dey make person dey sexually excited and me na two major types of women undies. Thong panties or any Polka dot panties.

I went on, “If chick want make I eat her pussy, make she just show me thong or polka dot panties. I go first kiss the panties, then push am to the side come bury my mouth for her pussy, suck her weller till she come and come and come and come multiple times and then I go still lick her juice clean and dry, then I go push her panties to the side come fuck am weller just as I go dey admire the panties design,” I said smiling 

Ibro: Fury, I take Allah beg you, lemme (cursing).
Me: Dat one na for u o, mtcheeew!

I hissed turning to enjoy my view, just in time for the commandant to ask us to stand up. Standing up, I noticed how my platoon leader turned to look at me with disgust written all over her face as she then hissed. 

Now, I felt I was silent enough because I talked in a hushed tone. Ibro, though not shouting was the one who replied me a little loudly. Girls ears sharp pass rabbits ears walahi.

I then called out to her, “My able Leader, no vex for me o, sun don flog sense commot for my head. You know say I be ya number one fan. I no go like make my idol vex for me na,” I reach out to touch her by the waist.

Dolapo: (slapping my hand off her) Get lost! Swine. She said this rather loudly, drawing attention to us.
Me: You know, I honestly feel there was no need for the insult.
Dolapo: You deserve it (she left her line and walked over to our platoon officer and made some complaints).

Officer: Hey! You with the glasses, get your ass over here, Blady fool!
I walked over to him while Dolly made her way back to her line.

Offficer: Why are you disturbing my parade? (Not giving me a chance to say anything) Go down! (He thundered. The commandant had asked them to deal with any insolent corps member), your hands on your ears, now jump to that pole and come back here now!” 

See poor me. I never wanted any form of attention in my stay in camp but here I am frog jumping. WTF! How old is this girl sef? I wondered (then I heard my platoon mates laughing).

By the time I came back, I was sweating profusely. 

Soldier: Now, get back in line and behave yourself.

Heading back to my spot, I noticed Dolly was staring in a different direction to avoid the look of hurt in my eyes. Standing in my position behind her I said, “I only wanted a friend.” 

The next morning, as we lined up for early morning orientation and briefing, platoon leaders were asked to quietly take the attendance of platoon members (for those who have not yet gone for NYSC, in camp, your platoon number is always around your neck in a tag if you don’t want trouble).

When she came to my front, she didn’t look me in the face. She just said, “Good morning polka dots,” as she took down my number from my tag.

Me: I honestly feel like slapping you for calling me that
Dolapo: “If it’ll make you feel better…’twas hard for me you know…watching you.” Moving over to Ibro, she added, “I don’t know what came over me.”

I didn’t respond, just as I watch her leave. 

Ibro: Fury, walahi this gal love you.
Me: You wan start your own dis early morning, abi?
Ibro: Serious, guy, the girl like you na why she report you. She don dey eye you since and she dey obviously look for how to start talk with you. And she like that rubbish panties thing wey u bin dey talk. Na why she hiss like dat. So, when u come finally talk to her, she no expect wetin u tell am say she b ur idol. So, over-happy come make am insult you and I sure say she no mean d word. I feel say she been wan say ‘dirty mind’ or something like that. Besides, every girl wey stand near us hear you. U know say girls dey like dat kind dirty talk.

Me: She call you for night tell you this one?
Ibro: Listen bro, when you were frog jumping, the girl in front of me said, “Crazy dude, I like him though,” to which her friend said, “Me too,” before the other girl next to Dolapo said, “He’s so cute and funny with those glasses eh, innocent face, dirty mind.” Then the panties girl herself added, “No mind am. Like say if I open toto for am, him fit stand.” That was what made us laugh. You see, almost everyone around heard our discussion. Why most people kept quiet or were angry with you was that despite the punishment and burning sun, sex was the only thing on your mind.”

He went on, “When you finally got to the pole and set to come back, the girl who said you were cute with your glasses then made a comment, “All he wanted was a friend,” and then hissed. Another said, “Poor boy.” I then looked to see Dolapo’s facial expression or reaction, and to my greatest shock, she was shedding tears which she hurriedly wiped when you walked back.

I said nothing. 


Sunday morning, I was heading to church when I heard that voice that caused me pain call out, “Polka dots, polka dots…”
I turned to see her walking towards me.

Dolapo: Good morning 
Me: Good morning. I’ll appreciate you stop calling me polka dots. 
Dolly: You haven’t told me your name yet. So I got no choice. Smiling and stretching her hand she adds, “I am…”
Me: (cuts in) Dolapo, my platoon leader. I know you.
Dolly: Look, I’m sorry for that incident. I actually didn’t mean to insult you (she paused looking at me, smiling at her difficulty in saying what she wanted to say).
Me: Dolly, lets meet for lunch, I’m running late for mass. Lemme have your digits. 

She called her number for me (although as platoon leaders, she and her male assistant had already given us their numbers for complaints and to reach our NYSC platoon officer). I gave her mine and she asked of my name (I know she knew it already).

Me: The name is Fury. Nite Fury. 

We met for lunch and spent the afternoon together. We talked just about anything that came up. 

Later in the evening, around past 8, we were at the mami market. Myself, Dolly, Ibro and Sandra. We had all changed back into the white shirt and shorts. But somehow, maybe because it was in the night, Dolly was putting on a white jean skirt.

To be continued…

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