Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER III (7)

As she laid by my side rubbing her hands all over my hairless chest, I reached down for my softening dick and pulled off the protection, carefully ensuring the contents did not spill out. Since I had already climaxed twice that day, the quantity of my release inside the protection wasn’t that much. It didn’t matter to me although because I was certain I did a good job on Fay. At least, her reactions during the course of events said so. Reaching for her towel, I asked her to turn over, her back now on the bed as I reached in-between her thighs and began to clean her up. Once I was satisfied, I handed the towel over to her.

Now, of the things I do after a hot session like this was to hit the shower, especially since I had used a protection, I wanted to at least wash off whatever from my dick. But I’ve come to understand that most ladies have problems with guys hitting the shower after shagging them because it seems feels like they…whatever, different reasons I guess, but I know most don’t like it. 

But I still wanted to wash the sweats and smell of sex off my body, so standing up while she was still on the bed, I tied my towel around my waist and then picking the used protection also, I lifted her up and headed for the shower with her in my arms.

Getting to the shower, I turned the faucet on standing next to her in an embrace as the water rinsed off our sweats and sex smell. Once done, I turned off the shower as she collected my towel and began to help dry me. 

Tying my towel around my waist again, we head back out of the shower, me finally feeling comfortable. We had left her towel in her room so she was still dripping wet. We walked together towards the rooms, my hand on her wet ass. Getting to her door, I squeezed her left ass cheeks before giving her a light spanking saying, “Meet you at the dining.” 

Entering my room, I closed the door behind me before collapsing on the bed. The whole events played itself again in my mind. “Wow, I fucked Favour, and she said there’s time to admire her body?” I said to myself.

Finally, I left the bed and got dressed. A different boxers, a different short and a polo shirt. Applying my lotion and brushing my hair, I head for the dining table. Time check, 11:10am. 

Getting to the table, Favour had already dished two plates for us. Rice, fried plantains and chicken. Pulling out one of the seats, I settled down to eat this second meal after the first one I had eaten from her pussy. 

Coming out from the kitchen, Favour is dressed in an ash coloured female loose vest that cuts just right over her nips, while also exposing her side boobs. Then she wore a jean short this time around. I was lost staring at her until she placed something in front of my plate saying, “Here, this should help refill your tank.”
Looking down, I saw a chilled Chi Yogurt. I smiled as I wondered if yogurt replaces sperms like she had insinuated. 

We settled into our meal while discussing. “Nice cooking,” I praised her.
“Nice eating,” she replied licking her tongue. I knew she wasn’t talking about the rice she cooked but her pussy.
“You’re welcome,” I said, smiling back at her. 

We went on to talk about different topics until the meal was over. After the meal, I retired back to the room to unpack my bag and arrange my clothes in the closet. Once I was done, I returned to the living room to shuffle between Trace, Sound City and National Geographic.

Favour, after exiting the kitchen to her room and back to the living room, snuggled up close to me, making sure her left boobs pressed against me while she folded her legs on the couch. We sat still as I held her close.

We both awoke to the sound of a car honking at the gate. Wow! We had slept off as she snuggled up to me. 
“They are back. Please open the gate,” she said as she rose up and headed to her room. 
Frank honked again as I shouted, “I’m coming!”

Opening the gate, he drove in and I closed it and made my way to the car as they all exited the car. 
“Jesus Christ! Look at my son,” Franks’ smiling mum said, opening her hands for a hug. We hugged before I headed over to shake his dad just as I noticed Favour step out only this time she was putting on a baggy short like mine and a T-shirt. I noticed she had a bra on.

“Fury of life!” Frank called out as we hugged. 

After some small talks and questions about my work, and my family back in Lagos, we headed inside. His parents went straight into their room while Favour called me out to help her get some items from the car. 

“Favour, abeg tell me say food dey, right now if dem share my hunger into 5 give una each one part, una fit no survive,” Frank said as he headed into the kitchen.
“Dem no give you food chop for there?” Favour shot back as we headed out.
“You know say I hate burials. Food na the last thing I fit chop for burial,” he answered from the kitchen.

Stepping outside, Favour immediately pinned me by the wall as her lips dug into mine, taking me by surprise. After about 20 seconds, she broke free saying, “Gosh! Fury I’m so wet right now.”
“But we can’t…” I replied her.
“Yea, but what have you done to me?” she asked as she walked towards the car.
“Nothing,” I said, smiling as I walked behind her. 

Opening the trunk of the car, she began to remove several tubers of yam that seemed to have been freshly harvested.
“Ah ah! I think say na burial Dem go. Where these new yams from?” I asked her.
“Dem pass go Afrike, mumsy villa. Today na dia new yam celebration” she answered back just as Frank came out with a plate of rice in his hand.

“Guy, hope say u still dey shack palmie? I know say u no see am for Sokoto drink. Na im dey inside that gallon so,” Frank said as Favour brought out a 5liter blue gallon of what I knew was palm wine.

He went on with food in his mouth, “Today na mumsy dia New Yam, so we pass go her villa. Evening na pounded yam things, abi Favour?”
“Shey na u go pound am?” she shot back at him as she closed the car trunk.
We then began to move the Yams into the kitchen. 

“Guy come help na!” I said to Frank as he just stood there eating.
“When I bin load them alone for villa, una come help me?” he asked as he bit a sizeable chunk of chicken into his mouth.
“No be small hunger dey catch you,” I said as I moved past him into the house with some tubers. 
Getting into the kitchen, Favour was waiting for me. As soon as I dropped the yam tubers I held, she came in for another kiss before heading back outside. 

Fear don dey catch me. “Shey na like dis we go dey do?” I thought as I followed her, my erection trying to build. 

We finally got everything inside just as Frank was finishing his meal.
“Where popsy Dem?” I asked him.
“Bros, nobody don sleep since yesterday. Me try sleep small inside car sef. Dem dey sleep for dia room. As I dey drop dis plate so, bath and sleep na them get me o.” he replied.

Once we heard the shower start to run, Favour charged at me, cupping my dick through my shorts and she kissed me. I tried to push her away, calming her down saying, “Gotta be careful, we’re not alone now Fay.”
I could see how sad and disappointed she was as she stood up and headed into her room, closing the door behind her. 

Minutes later, Frank still bathing (like a woman), I told him I was on my way to Jude’s shop. Picking my laptop bag and charger, I contemplated stopping and knocking on Favour’s door, to tell her I was on my way out but decided against it as I left the house.

Outside the gate, I stopped a bike and asked him to take me to Jude’s shop (don’t ask me the address).

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