Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER III (6)

“Please Fury, I want you to make love to me. No, fuck me. Just fuck me. I want to feel you inside me. Fuck me now,” she said confusedly as she calmed down from her orgasm.

Positioning myself between her wide open legs, I reached for the bed head to pick one of the protections she had left there before our shower. I tore it open and wore it on my dick. Then, holding the base of fury, I rubbed my dick head up and down over her wet pussy lips, rubbing up to her clit and back down before slowly entering her.

I felt my head penetrate her, squeezing past her warm, wet but tight walls. She gasped deeply as I slowly pushed through her pussy, until I felt my balls touch her ass. Wow! She was surprisingly so tight. Must have been a while since someone passed through that door, or I was just bigger than the last passer. Whichever way, I loved the grip her pussy walls had on fury.

Slowly, I pulled out and then began pumping slowly back into her. She lifted up her ass to meet my thrusts halfway.

Fay moaned loudly as I continued to bury and withdraw into and from her, “yeeesss, mmmmmh, aaaaaaaah.” In trying to suppress her loud moaning, I moved in for a kiss, which she didn’t partake in as she kept moaning into my mouth.

Breaking from the kiss and locking her legs around my waist (which is the major reason I prefer slim and tall girls), she pulled me all the more into her just as she begged seductively, “Fuck me hard Fury, as deeply and hard as you can, just take me, all of me please.”

Now, I’ve not been with many girls before, but the few I’ve fucked/made-out with were/are all non-screamers or loud moaners (at least not as Fay right now), but her words were turning me on.

So, I decided to do as she asked and began to increase my pace. Forgetting about kissing her, I began to grope at her breasts with both hands, sucking hard on her nips interchangeably. Heading up again, I kissed her but with no passion this time around. I plunged deeply into her pussy, she was moaning and shrieking out with pleasure.

Then I noticed her drop her legs from my back and spreading them in the air as I continued to dig in, but holding me tightly with her arms instead. Pausing for a bit, I tilted her a little bit to her side, grabbing her right leg, I placed it on my shoulder. I began to pound into her in this new position and angle. I kept like this for about 5mins.

As I sped up, the sound of my balls hitting into her ass, the grip her vagina had on my dick, coupled with her moans which kept on getting louder and louder made it difficult not to climax. But I didn’t wanna shoot my load then. I had to change position again and buy my dick some time.

Now, having given her two clitoral orgasms (one with my hand in the bathroom and the other on her bed with my mouth), I felt I should try the penetrative G-spot orgasm.

Breaking my thrusting once again and placing her legs down, I pulled out of her and stared at her body. I saw two mouths that were thirsty and wanted something to quench their thirst. While one of the mouths wanted fury, the other wanted my lips. But I asked her to turn over.

Obeying, she hurriedly got on her knees and bent over with her head resting on the pillow and her ass up high as a gift offering to me. She moved her hands backward and grabbing her ass cheeks, she spread them open, exposing her tight pussy folds with pink/red lips pushing out.

Admiring the beauty before me, I just had to have a taste again. So I bent down, my dick just hanging as I lapped from her clit up into her vaginal opening, tongue fucking her briefly again for about a minute. This action actually helped her release more pre juices to help as a lubricant. 

Raising my face from her vagina, I put two fingers back in and finger fucked her briefly again. Then grabbing her hips, I placed restless 8 inches fury by the entrance of her pussy feeling the moist heat emanating from her insides. 

Looking back at me smiling she said, “Just put it in and fuck me silly fury, please.” I did as I was instructed until I felt my balls touch her clit, making her cry out in joy as my thick dick spread open her tight wet pussy again. 

Once I felt my dickhead push until it rubbed on that spongy tissue (G spot), I began to plunge in and out as fast as I could, deeper and deeper inside her making sure I hit the spot. Her breathing was hard and fast just as I noticed her breasts swinging from the penetration and my hips rocking her back and forth.

Then I noticed her pussy was not just gripping my shaft inside, but that each time I withdrew, her pussy walls actually came out to an extent gripping on my dick. Awesome, I’ve never seen something like this before so I slowed down a little to see it in slow motion.

Maintaining a firm grip on her hips, I then resumed my fast thrusting, in and out, slapping my balls on her clit in quick succession. As I fucked her she began to push herself backwards, meeting each of my thrusts halfway as she kept on trying to get my dick into her pussy as deeply as she could. 

All of a sudden she stiffened, then she started to shake in spasms, “Oh gosh! Yeessss fury, you’re so good to me, don’t stop, please don’t stop! Yeah, yeah, yeah, right there, just there, ,ooooouucchhh, hmmmmm, hmmmmm, ahhhhhh!” She screamed out loudly. I continued to pound into her, noticing that her grip had increased. 

All these words were driving me overboard as I finally noticed that I was ready to climax. I felt my balls tighten up as I continued to feel her pussy walls closing in around me, tightly squeezing and milking around my thick shaft and dickhead. I began to empty my load inside the condom. 

After about 20 seconds of intense orgasmic release (that I felt I would pass out), my now exhausted body just collapsed on her back as she fell on the bed flat on her tummy with my dick still lodged in her. By now, fury began to soften so I rolled over and laid on my back, looking up as she crawled over my chest.

“Good thing Frank, mum and dad aren’t home. Everyone would have heard us no matter how big this house is,” I said to her, trying to catch my breath before adding, “You’re such a screamer.”

“Fury, this is by far the best fuck of my life and to say its been 7 months since I last did it, there’s no way I was gonna suppress my inner feelings,” she replied, snuggling all the more closer to me before adding, “Besides, we have the whole house to ourselves, so I could shout if I wanted to. Thank you Fury,” then she kissed me.

To be continued…

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    1. Walahi, fast and furious ni….
      Fury no just get joy. Na to dey spread the dick everywhere. Spread it fury! Spread it!
      Na fury time.

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