Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER III (5)

Going past her room towards Frank’s room, she moaned in my mouth as we kissed, “Noo…noo, my room.”

Breaking the kiss, I told her, “I just wanna get protection,” to which she objected saying, “I’ve kept some on my bed,” as she pulled my face down resuming the kissing.
“Awesome. This babe is prepared already,” I said in my mind as I carried her into her room. 

Placing her gently like an egg on her bed which was neatly made with a blue floral bed sheet, I stood back up for a moment to appreciate and take in the sight before me just as I noticed 3 Durex condoms on the bed. After some seconds that seemed like eternity, she began to move her body impatiently as she waited for me to join her in bed.

“Are you gonna just stare all day?” she asked finally when it seemed I hadn’t understood her movements. 
“That wouldn’t be a bad idea Fay,” I replied her.
“Fury, no time for your mind games. I need more than just you staring right now,” she said as she made to stand up, stretching out her hands to me as she added, “Come here, there’ll be time for that.”

Wow, did I just hear her right? There’ll be a next time? I thought to myself as I began to descend into her arms. Moving in next to her, I put both arms around her rib sections and lowered my face closer to hers. Staring into her eyes, I could see my reflection as the light from the morning sun was coming in through the open blinds. I searched her eyes to see if this was really happening, with our lips remaining inches apart and our hearts beating in sync with each other. But for our breathing pouring on our faces, a great silence befell the room. 

She then lowered her gaze to my lips in anticipation of a kiss just as I closed my eyes when our lips finally met again. A gentle kiss this was, everything different about our bathroom and hallway kiss. Our tongues finally met, her mouth was cold just as the kiss began to warm us up, then the kissing became more intense and passion filled. 

Breaking the kiss, I moved lower kissing her chin, then her neck as I began tracing upwards and giving her earlobe a gentle lick. Turning her lips to my ear came a little whisper amidst moans, “Fuuuury…(pants), make love to me now.”
Kissing my way through her neck to the other ear I whispered, “I’ll fuck you when I’m ready.”

I began to kiss my way down her neck, kissing her collar bones, I made my way downward towards the twins just as I could see that her nips were hard and about two inches long and dark red.

I so wanted to take them one at a time in my mouth and suck on them but just before I did that, I teased her a little. I kissed around the aureoles, making circular motions with my tongue around the nip but not touching it. I did this on both breasts and each time she moved her chest in an attempt to get me to suck on the nips. Then I finally took one hard nip in my mouth and sucked on it like I was trying to milk her dry, the same way she had milked my dick in the bathroom. 

By now, her moaning and breathing were irregular, “hmmm, ahhh, oouch, Mmm, yeaa,” as I kept sucking on her tit. Grabbing my head, she pulled it hard against her breasts.
“Suck my nips, lemme feed you, Fury suck mummy Fay hard,” she whispered as she kept on lifting from the bed and pushing whichever twin I was currently sucking into my mouth all the more.

I obeyed her and sucked harder on her nips. Then I began nibbling and pulling on them with my teeth. Her moaning became louder at this stage so I decided to pull away from her boobs and continue my kissing down south.
“No, don’t stop. Please suck my nips,” she moaned out all the more louder this time.

Obliging her, I went back up taking one nip and sucked on it just as I massaged the other with my left hand. I began to let my right hand roam over her body as it made its way down south. 

Getting to her pussy, I found out she was already dripping wet with her juices smearing up her thigh and leaving a trail on the bed. I slid my hand searching for her opening just as she parted her thighs a little giving me more room to explore with my magic fingers. 

I began to rub her clit, making her all the more wet as her moaning kept increasing. Then, slipping my index and middle fingers inside her wet pussy, she clamped down on them like a rat trap. Though the grip was there, I began to finger fuck her slowly and she began to buck her pussy against my prodding two fingers that were buried deep in her pussy. While this went on, I kept sucking on her enlarged nips interchangeably. 

I removed my fingers and brought them up to her to suck. She sucked hungrily, tasting her own juice on my fingers. This encouraged me to have a taste myself, so I began to kiss my way down from her belly button and finally just over her clit. 

I paused briefly because I was instantly overwhelmed by the sweet smell of her aroused pussy. Bringing out the tip of my tongue, I tasted her juice. At this point, all inhibitions were gone. Now was the time to begin my tongue magic.

(For beginners, this is the best time to go down on a girl, i.e. Immediately after a bath)

Now, while I have some experience going down on girls(especially Dolly), I know I’m not the best, but right now, I was determined to be her best head.

Starting with her clitoris, taking it in my mouth, I swirled it lightly with my tongue. Then, using my lips I bit on it, which made her let out a loud “oooh,” at the same time reaching for the back of my head with her hands and pulling my head harder into her crotch. I immediately followed this action with a nibble with my teeth on her clit again, making her scream, “Oh my gawd! Fury,” just as she scratched the back of my head like she wanted to remove my scalp.

Moving over to her opening, I took the left pussy lip in my mouth, sucked on it and pulled it up. Then I repeated the action for the left lip. Then to her entrance, I made some more quick swirls around her opening with my tongue, making her quiver. Plunging my tongue in and out of her hole, I tongue fucked her in quick succession before withdrawing my tongue and then lapping upwards until my tongue got to her pee hole. 

I repeated this action as I plunged back in, noticing how my quick motion would excite her hole, and her clit which would throb restlessly, making her legs to slap shut on my head. All this while, I massaged her breasts with my right hand while giving her my left index finger to suck on.

Once I was satisfied tongue fucking her vaginal opening, I went back up to her clit and began to suck on it whilst wetting it with my tongue. Then she began panting and moaning non stop just as her breathing increased. Grabbing the sheet with her left hand, she cried out as her legs shut tightly around my head and her right hand held me in place, pushing me hard in. Once I noticed the juice start flow out, I shifted downwards back to her opening and began lapping hungrily (don’t ask me how it tastes)

Looking up as I did this, I could see her smile happily because she obviously loved the sight of me licking up her juices. This did not stop her from spreading her legs as an offering to me, just as I moved in between her thighs with my dick hovering over her vagina. I was about to give her a fuck of a lifetime, one that would make her wet once she heard my voice.

To be continued…

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  1. Wetin na? Who spoil the show? You don too tey if na say person meet Una for there. Make Una just fuck tey tey. Sha come talk the remaining o.
    Nice story.

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