Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER III (3)

As I emerged from the room and headed towards the bathroom, I could hear favour moving in her room. Placing my towel on railings, I turned open the faucet and went under the shower as I felt the cold water spraying all over my body. Picking up the soap, I wet and began to lather it in my hands as I run it over my body, washing my hair, face, hands and downwards. 

Going back to my hair, I heard the bathroom door open as Favour walked in. I turned to see her with her towel firmly tied to her chest concealing her boobs, but the towel was still short enough to reveal her vagina peeping from under. Maintaining eye contact with me, she let go of the towel, placing it with mine on the railing. 

My mind was racing as I looked at Favour’s delicious body as she began to walk towards me. Her boobs were confident, defying gravity as they bounced with every step that she took. My gaze fell lower to her flat tummy and down to her pussy. I could make out her pussy lips as she took every step.

Now you need to have a picture of the state I was. I had been foaming my head when I turned to see her come in. The soap was on my right hand as I rubbed with both my left hand, I was standing under the shower head that was running slowly, foaming my hair gently, I could feel the peppery feeling of the soap in my eyes, so my left eye was closed as I struggle to see with the right, fury by now was acting like it wanted to detach itself from my groin.

Still maintaining eye contact, she came under the shower standing just inches away from me. I tried hard to look at her face but I found myself staring at the breasts in front of me. She reached over to my head and collecting the soap from me, she said, “I’ll take that as a compliment,” gesturing at hard fury. Perhaps this was because it became hard and pointed at her when she came into the bathroom.

Reaching for my sponge, she said, “turn around,” which I did sheepishly with fury leading the way. Reaching for the faucet, she turned it open just as I felt the cold water again splashing on my body. She then turned it back off as she began to lather up the sponge. She then started rubbing my back in a slow but sensuous manner. I was so so tensed that I could barely move, a situation which she noticed because she began to massage my muscles in a ‘relax dude…’ manner.

Standing like a 6 years old school kid, I allowed her to bath me, just as her magical fingers were foaming my back, rubbing firmly but teasingly. There was no doubt I was enjoying this because fury by now seemed to have added an inch to its former 8inches in my eyes. I so wanted to feel those soft fingers working and teasing my back wrapped around fury pumping it. But something told me she was gonna do it, I should relax. Soaping her hands again, she began to rub my butt cheeks. Guys, it felt so awesome that I didn’t realize when I began to thrust my a$s back at her as she massaged. 

Working her way back up (still standing behind me), she passed both her hands under mine and started to lather my chest with the soap. After putting the soap away, she began to rub and massage my chest, running her hands all over just as I could feel her soft breasts pressing into my back. Moving to my nips, she tweaked both of them gently forcing me to give out a soft moan. Guys, I was in Heaven. 

I looked down and saw fury jerking and throbbing furiously as it begged for some of the attention my other body parts were receiving. “Please wrap those magical fingers around my shaft,” I begged in my mind. But she continued around my chest before pulling me closer into her and whispering in my right ear, “Why did you invite me for a shower?” (she licked my earlobe after she asked the question). Her hands moved down to my stomach and then to my pubes, massaging as she waited for my answer. 

I was confused at that moment. The good feeling was just too much but I managed to say, “I just wanted to tease you. Didn’t know you’ll take up the challenge,” I said, closing my eyes. She then moved her hands about 1 or 2 inches closer to my raging hard-on as she whispered again but this time in a sultrier voice, “So who’s teasing who now?”

My heart was now racing at 100mph as I managed to answer her like a little kid caught with his hands in a pot of soup, “You…arrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh!” I could barely finish my statement when her soul hands fell on fury as she began to pump in quick successions. 

I struggled to have control of my body as my legs trembled. My body stiffened as fury began to spurt out my jizz all over the floor. Still pressing her body into mine from behind and maintaining her grip on fury, she kept me from falling. I moaned like never before my whole life. 

Now despite having jerked off earlier in the day, I was amazed at the amount if sperm I had produced. 

“Wow! Favour…” I called out trying to catch my breath.
“What?” she fired back, while still milking my almost limp fury like a milk maid would a cow. 

To be continued…

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  1. Make sense…. She bad pass you o. Better update your fucking skills when your time reach. Deal with her well. She think say she sabi make person cum abi?

  2. Update is slow Baba 🙏 at least post like, 5 in a day. This 1 morning 1 at night dose is too slow. Lovely story tho. 👍👍👍

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Bros, calm down. No make the story finish quick na. I bet a lot of people are eager too but make we no rush lick hot soup…..

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