Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER III (2)

Lying on the bed, the image of Favour occupied my thoughts as I made mental notes of her boobs (average, but perfect to be cupped and suckled), her nips pointy and erect, and then the panties. Mehn! That sheer panties. Everything had made almost all the blood in my body flow into fury.

As I thought about her, I began to stroke fury. Although I wasn’t all that aroused, I was by far hard enough to want a release. I reached for my lotion on the dress table, putting some in my hand to serve as lubricant and began to jerk myself off to an early morning heavenly feeling. 

Then, I noticed Favour was listening by the door because I saw her shadow and the light reflection from under the door. The whole incident started to play in my head. Even if Favour had mistakenly forgotten to close her door in the night, then, she obviously wanted me to see her that way this morning because she actually had all the time to walk back and wait. But instead, she chose to stay.

I woke up to my phone ringing. 

Me: Hello! (not checking the caller)
Dolly: Wake up sleepy head.
Me: (recognizing the voice) Hi Dolly, good morning. 

We went on to discuss with her thanking me for the job, she missing me, acting all nice and friendly, and not like my boss.

Time check 8:10am

Damn, I had slept off after my (Favour induced) morning session. Rising up, I headed back to the bathroom to ease myself and brush my teeth, making sure to lock the door this time around. Putting on a short over my boxers and a t-shirt, I head out with my phone. I noticed Favour was busy in the kitchen fixing breakfast. 

“Hmm…smells nice, so what’s for breakfast?” I asked just as I noticed she was putting on a mini jeans skirt and a loose sleeveless white shirt. 
“Rice, chicken and fried plantain,” she replied without turning to look at me before adding, “So, how was your night?”
“Awesome. Slept like a baby,” I responded. 
“Hmm, indeed you did,” she said.
Not sure of what to say, I said, “Good morning,” to which she turned to face me since I first entered the kitchen, revealing a side view of her boobs. She had no bra on.

“I thought we’ve met somewhere before now this morning?” she asked.
As our eyes met, we both burst out laughing, a situation which made me relax, that she wasn’t bothered about the incident. 
“I’m sorry Fay, I should have locked the door,” I said, when we stopped laughing.
“Just as I should have gone back to my room and waited for you to exit, but I didn’t.” she said as she gave me a wink and turned to face her cooking. “Breakfast will be ready soon,” she added.
“Alright, I’ll just be outside. Lemme surf the net and see what’s the latest happenings in the country and world,” I said as I headed out to the balcony.
“Be with you in a minute,” she replied. 

From Vanguard to The Nation, SR, Punch and finally Twitter, I navigated the web in search of anything of interest. Moments later, Favour came out to join me. Taking a seat across me, she began to manicure her hands.

We discussed, with her telling me Frank and his parents won’t be back until later in the ‘afternoon’ (she took her time to stress the word). She asked about my plans for the day and I told her I had planned going over to Jude’s shop (he also had a shop), but that would be after Franklin and his parents must have returned.
“So we have the house to ourselves then for another 3 or 4 hours,” she said as she began to pedicure her feet.

Now, as she began with her feet, it was only natural that she had her legs up on the seat and there was absolutely no way I could have pretended not to have noticed her pant-covered pussy. She still had that same sheer panties on as she was literally offering me the perfect view of her Camel toe pussy in the thin material of the sheer panties.

My goodness, I couldn’t help but develop a raging hard-on with furious fury going bunkers in my shorts. We continued to discuss with her looking calm, but a little frustrated. Stealing another glance at her pussy, the panties was translucent and tight appearing to be more like panting on her skin, I noticed a wet spot forming. 

Favour is horny I said to myself. She wants me to fuck her. Everything she’s been doing was just to give me a cue, and my pretending not to notice was what was making her frustrated. If she wants fuck, fuck she’ll get.

“I wanna hit the shower before breakfast. Care to join me? You know, saving water and ish?” I said as I stood up (my cock pointing at her) and heading into the house. 
I noticed her heave a sigh of relief as she responded, “Give me a minute, lemme put the food down, I’m right behind you.”

To be continued…

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