Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER III (10)

“Oh Fury! I need to feel your dick inside me. I need you to fuck me now.” she said in between moans. 

With my fingers still buried in her, I undid my button and zipped down my shorts. Removing my fingers from her pussy, I used the wetness on my fingers from her pussy to rub along my shaft length, then holding it with my right hand, I rubbed it all over the outside of her wet pussy. I then put the head of my dick to her opening. I moved my hips just so the head entered her, then I pushed.

As I felt the tip of my hard dick against her pussy, I noticed her try to push back into it, damn, she definitely wanted it. 

Seconds later, I felt my balls on her ass crack as a larger part of my shaft was buried inside her warm wet pussy. I stayed still as I wanted to enjoy the feel of her sweet pussy around my cock. Her pussy muscles were going nuts as they kept massaging my dick. I wondered how long I was going to last.

I began to fuck her slowly, pulling out and going back in. Whenever I was going back in, I made sure I pushed all the way in from behind. I fucked her slowly, pushing my cock into her as hard and deep as I could because I wanted her to really feel me.

“hmm…hmm…hmm, Fury please go harder, take me harder…faster…” she said silently.

I then increased my pace as I began to fuck her harder and faster, giving my cock to her exactly the way she wanted it. I reached for the front of her shirt. Slipping my hands underneath the fabric, I found her massive boobs held in place by a lacy bra. I cupped her massive twins then pulled them down a little to give me access to her nips as I began rubbing against the thick swollen buds. Then I began to massage them roughly through her bra.

“kpa…kpa…kpa…kpa!” I banged as I groped her boobs while the only sounds I heard from her were her breathing. More like she was trying hard not to moan out loud. “hmm…hmm…hmm…hmm…” she kept breathing fast.

As I fucked her, I began to thank the camp commandant for asking us to squat under the sun that day, and the girl who wore that polka dotted panties, because the events that followed led to me thrusting my cock in and out of Dolapo’s pussy right now.

Enjoying what I was doing, I looked down to see Dolapo bent over a Mai suya table, her skirt pulled up to her waist, revealing her lush ass cheeks and no panties as my dick went in and out furiously. Her pubic hair was split by her labia as her pussy kept holding on to my dick as I moved it in and out of her wet, clasping pussy.

As my pace increased, Dolapo gripped the opposite sides of the table in an effort to keep her body steady as I pumped into her. She then began to push back against me, meeting my thrusts halfway. Then I start to feel that churning sensation in my balls. But I wanted this to go on a little more, so I pulled out of her, buying time for my dick.

Holding her by her shoulders, I saw the disappointment in her face with my withdrawal. Kissing her, I lifted her to sit on the table, pulled her until only a part of her butt cheeks remained seated on the table. 

Spreading her legs as wide as I could, I inserted two fingers inside her pussy and fucked her while massaging her clit with my thumb. Then I went for her hungry lips as we kissed hungrily, she biting my lower lips in the process making me to end the kiss as a result of the sharp pain I did feel.

Now, having felt my heavenly feeling had been delayed a bit, I held her legs apart and plunged fury back into her love channel until I was balls deep. This time around, because of the angle, I went in deeper until my balls were just outside her entrance.

Her facial expression told me she was having pains but when I tried to pull back out, she quickly stopped me with her hand on my waist and pulled me back in until fury was 8inches in, all to the base. Damn! The feeling of her pussy’s tightness swallowing my dick as I pushed into her was incredible.

“God! Fury, I love your fucking dick,” she moaned as I thrust my full length inside her. “I swear it’s the biggest I’ve ever had.” she added.
“I guess you say that to all the guys,” I replied her, immediately regretting the response.
But I still maintained my strokes which were long and fast as my balls began to churn again. Suddenly my phone phone rang. And I started fumbling for it, my thrusting becoming irregular.
“Forget it…” she moaned before adding, “Don’t stop.” As I tried to be focused and maintain the pace, I was gasping when I picked the call.

Me: Ibro?
Ibrahim: Hurry abeg. Na almost 10pm, mami don dey dry.
Me: Okay, no problem. Give us 10mins (I dropped the phone as he hung up).

“Sorry about that sweetheart,” I apologized for picking up the call.
I increased my thrusting into her pussy as I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her against my intrusion.

Just when I thought I couldn’t hold it any any longer, I tried to withdraw when Dolly immediately moaned out, “Oh my god! Mmm…” wrapping her legs around my waist and holding me inside her pussy.

The contractions of her pussy walls sent me across River Niger as I shot my cum into her pussy, thrusting involuntarily until I was sure there was no more cum in my dick. Then I withdrew. 

Withdrawing after our orgasmic high, I saw a large portion of my cum fall out of her pussy, an action that made me remember I had cum in her because she stopped me from withdrawing and I wasn’t using a protection. Immediately, I was shit scared as I now asked her angrily, “Why did you do that? I had no protection on.”
“Because I wanted you to cum in me!” she replied nonchalantly. 
“There is something seriously wrong with you,” I said before adding, “You could get pregnant for crying out loud.”
“I know,” she said, “But for once in my life, everything happened the way I hoped…well, except you didn’t go down on me.”

I looked at her in disbelief which made her laugh out loud saying, “You need to see your face right now. Priceless. Lover boy, relax, I’m on my safe period.”

Truly I did relax but was kinda mad with myself for forgetting to get a protection when it was obvious I was gonna bang her. Was pregnancy the only thing I feared? What about HIV/AIDS? 

In my confused, angry, but still aroused state, I watched as my own cum mixed with her juices came out of her pussy and rolled down through her thigh unto the table. 


Long story short, that was the beginning of I and Dolly. Although we never fucked in camp again because I was a little bit scared, I and her literally became a couple in camp and I ended up finding myself at the same PPA with her. So, I wondered if this was how Favour wanted this one time thingy to become something else.

As the bike guy took me to Jude’s shop, I noticed how the town had changed since I last visited. A well planned town Obudu is. The only problem they had was the deplorable nature of their streets. But for Ogoja and Ranch road, every other street I came across was in good shape.

The bike guy even told me new roads were also constructed in other parts of the town. Obviously, unlike the past Gov. Duke, who focused only in cleaning up Calabar, the present one had extended His developmental programs to Obudu town.

Although Jude had told me it was just a simple gifts shop, I was by far impressed by what I saw. Beautiful art works, and other household and office decors.

Bringing out my PC from the bag, I settled in my favourite game, COD after connecting my auxiliary cable to his audio system. Obviously, Jude doesn’t have a particular genre of music, so I just played my RnB playlist while I gamed on, enjoying the game sound effects in the home theatre.

While Jude was also busy with his own PC, we talked just about any topic that popped up. I later went back home around 5pm.

To be continued…

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