Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER III (1)

I awoke to a sudden feeling of cold air blowing on my body, power supply had been restored (there was an outage when I slept obviously), and the fan was on its highest oscillatory level I guessed. 

I groaned in displeasure, having being woken up from a dream filled with boobs and pussies (Laura’s, Funmi’s and Dolly’s) as I rolled the sheet over my body. I tried to escape the coming morning by drifting back into the darkness of sleep and continue my dreaming, but the fan wouldn’t let me as it kept blowing, penetrating my skin despite the sheet I wrapped myself in. I had to get up and turn it off.

Glancing around the room, time check 6:20am, I now remembered I was in frank’s room in Obudu and not Lagos. Rubbing the sleep off my eyes, I found the fan’s switch and reduced the speed (I rarely turn off fans completely despite any weather). Having slept in just my boxers, I headed for the bathroom noticing the house was still quiet. Obviously Favour is still asleep I thought as I walked down the passage way leading to the bathroom stretching, yawning and scratching my balls.

The bathroom door was open, so I just went in without bothering to close the door behind me. Now, I had the usual morning erection we guys usually have, only this time my dreams had contributed to its rigidity.

Now guys, you all know or understand how near impossible it is to pee with a hard-on, right? So, I stood over the WC with fury taking its time to empty my bladder which was very full due to the cold night. Then, I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. “Oh shit!” I thought to myself, wondering why I didn’t close the door when I entered the bathroom. 

The footsteps stopped just right behind me at the entrance just as I heard Favour’s voice, “Fury, good morning.”

I froze immediately. If my pee had been coming out like a fuel pump before now, it started to come out like an almost empty tank tap because I was now nervous and conscious of my hard on. To get a picture of my situation, try to imagine yourself peeing by an empty roadside (a bad habit among guys) only to notice a good-looking opposite sex walking by. You tend to do it quickly or stop halfway. But unfortunately, nature has programmed us (males) to pee with difficulty when hard, so I wasn’t going anywhere soon.

In replying her I said, “Good morning Fay (only I called her that way), sorry I didn’t know you were up already, would have closed the door.” 
“Of course you didn’t. Just hurry up before I come in there and pee on you, nothing I haven’t seen before,” she replied.

“Yea right, but not mine.” I said.
“I wonder. What’s so special about yours by the way?” she asked.
“Trust me, fury is special,” I said as I shook my member, which made her chuckle saying, “It even has a name.”

Now, all the while I stood there with my back to her while she waited for me to finish. By now, fury had calmed down a little and could go back into my shorts without making a tent other than leaving an outline of its length when not fully up.

When I turned, I saw to my greatest surprise, shock and pleasure that Favour had nothing but her panties on. A black sheer panties with pink lace ends showing she was neatly trimmed down south. Her nips were erect and begging to be suckled upon (perhaps this was as a result of the cold too).

While I haven’t really thought of Favour in a sexual way (perhaps due to the fact that I considered her to be Frank’s sister and also a senior to me class and age wise), she was by far a normal girl. The type that get married quickly because they aren’t too pretty. Standing with measurements of about 34-28-36, she had an athletic body which she had somehow managed to maintain right from our secondary school days when she participated in several track events for her house. Of course she had matured since then, adding hips and some curves, with moderate B-cups boobs

As I stood there and stared at her, she walked towards me with indifference registered on her face saying, ” Are you gonna keep staring or you’ll let me use the loo?”. This brought me out of my reverie just as I noticed fury was now flying at full mast.

As I moved out to make way for her, she made it obvious she was staring at fury as she said “Hmm, not that bad.” with a grin on her face, making me conscious of my length again. I headed straight to the room, shutting the door behind me…

To be continued…

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  1. Ah! Frank sister!!!!!! Since everywhere stew na wetin dey, you fit serve her the stew too. Make e get Catfish head inside sha.
    Thumbs up man.

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