Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER II (8)

Within 10mins of landing in Enugu, we had deplaned and met with Jude. Laura was on a phone call while I discussed with Jude.

Jude: Boy, you look worn out (hugging)
Me: As in ehn…At a point, I wasn’t even sure if the flight wouldn’t have been canceled. Seemed the rain wanted to fall forever. Good to see you bro.
Jude: Guess it fell all over the country then. My visibility was so low I had to stop severally. So, who’s the pretty lady? (noticing she just ended her call)
Me: Hey Laura, meet Jude. Jude? Laura, my friend and course mate back in school. Met again at the airport after bout 3years. 
Jude: Nice meeting you Laura (shook hands)
Laura: Nice meeting you too.
Me: She’s heading to Ogoja and I was thinking we could give her a lift.
Jude: No problem.
Me: So, can we still make it tonight?
Jude: Sure. But we’d better be on the way. Wasn’t sure when your flight would arrive so I had to refill because these filling stations tend to close quite early, you know? Security and ish.

In 10minutes, we were already on the highway headed to Abakiliki. I sat next to Jude in the front passenger seat while Laura sat behind him. I placed a call to Favour that I’m on my way. Now, having turned on my phone when we deplaned, I had received an email notification and two text messages. Now was the time to read them.


“Dude ‘ow far? Jude say dem delay una flight. Probably u dey air now coz ur number no dey go. Try holla wen u get this.” 

(Dialed his number, not reachable)


“Hey! How was your trip? Ur no ain’t goin thru. Sent u an urgent mail that needs urgent attention. Get back to me ASAP.”

**Opens mail**

“Make use of the attached files and draft a proposal, quotation and template for XYZ Systems Limited. Send to Mr. Bayo. Forward me a copy of the mail. 
Do that before the end of the day”
(Dials Dolapo)

Dolly: Are you in Obudu already?
Me: Delayed flight, just leaving Enugu
Dolly: Guess you’ve seen my mail…? 
Me: Yes, I’ll work on it as soon as I get home.
Dolly: Just make sure you send me a copy before you go to bed.
Me: I understand. 
Dolly: Good. Safe.

At that moment I began to resent my job. I was actually thinking about crashing right when I get home. Now, Dolapo is gonna keep me up for another hour. 

Like though she knew what thoughts were in my head, Laura said, “Guess that was you bitch, sorry, your boss?” without waiting for a reply she adds, “You should come work for me ya know?”

Ignoring her, I asked Jude, “So, Baba, how far is it from here and when do you think we should be in Obudu?”
“The road is very good from here up to Ndok junction, except a little bad stretch when entering Abakiliki, which is about 74km from Enugu. Ndok junction is about 84km from Abakiliki, but because of the very bad stretch from there to Ogoja, we’ll go through Okpoma-Okuku-Igoli and then to Obudu. Lets say by 10-10:30pm,” Jude said.

Wondering why he didn’t just say hopefully 10pm-10:30pm, I then said, “Alright. My boss just gave me a task which is gonna keep me up longer when I get home. Make I crash small.”

Laura then asked, “So, what do you say about my offer?”

I turned to see her rubbing her crotch but with a straight face. “It might not stand by the time you wake up!” she adds.
“ALI, please leave me alone,” I replied her amidst chuckles.
Laughing, Jude intervened saying “You two need some rest.”

The stress of having driven in a normal Lagos traffic earlier in the day, the waiting time at the airport, the heavenly feeling in the plane (with my brain releasing several doses of brain chemicals, to include norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide, prolactin etc. all responsible for inducing sleep in men just after intercourse/heavenly feeling,    biochemists in da house), the cool air and the music playing in the car, I was by now so exhausted/relaxed that I must have slept for more than an hour only to be woken up to a torch light beaming in my face. We had stopped at an army checkpoint.

Jude: Oga no be me. Na dis afternoon me I pass here. Rain bin dey fall sef and una been dey inside una tent. 
Soldier: So, where u go? No be Abakiliki u dey run? 
Jude: No o oga, I just go Enugu go pick my bro. Dem delay their flight, na why I no come pass since
Soldier: (beaming his torch in my face, then Laura and back to Jude). Oya na, carry go.

“What happened?” I asked Jude.
“No mind that man, ‘twas a case of mistaken identity, that a commercial driver passed here in the morning with a Mitsubishi Grandis like mine and was supposed to collect a package for him in Abakiliki on his return trip,” Jude replied as we drove off.

“Him no dey recognize face?” I said, then turning to Laura, “Mi luv, ‘ow far?”
“Lemme alone,” she said, rubbing her crotch again, “I want to sleep,” she replied sarcastically.
Jude: (oblivious to the tease) hahahahaha! You two are so funny. 

(It began to rain rain again)

“So, Laura, when are you going back to Lagos?” I asked her. 
“Missing me already?” she answered/asked.
“You wish…” I replied her. “I don miss you pass,” I added.
“Thank God I didn’t believe you at the airport,” she said, still ignoring my question. 
“Your number one problem is that you love being flattered,” I said amidst laughter. 
“I’ll be going back in two weeks time,” she finally answered my initial question.
“Wetin happen? You no wan make dem enjoy honeymoon?” I asked sarcastically.
“You’re not serious. I’ll be with Cindy,” she answered, laughing.
“Cindy lives in Ogoja?” I asked surprised.
“Cindy na Ogoja girl to start with. She’s on break from school. Her masters program.”

“So, what about your office? Who’s gonna run the place?” I asked, showing concern. 
“Fury, you ask too many questions. I wan sleep.” she said, turning her head towards the window and feigning sleep. 
Leaving her alone, I sat quietly. Don’t know how much I slept, but I woke up to see we were in Ogoja. 

Within 10mins we had dropped Laura off at Cindy’s (with her screaming how and where the hell did we meet, Jude was in a hurry so there wasn’t any discussion) and we were on our way to Obudu. 

Laura had teased saying, “You sure you don’t wanna come in? We could have that threesome, you know?” with her tongue out. 
“There’s plenty of time for that,” I said through the window as Jude drove off. 
She shouted back, “In your dreams,” just as I looked back to see her and Cindy locked in a French kiss. Obviously, Laura had lied about when she became bi.

The drive to Obudu (53km) took about 40 minutes, and by 10:15pm we were at Franklin’s gate. Favour came out to welcome me, served me a dinner of eba and eruru (afang/okazi) soup. We discussed while I ate (my first solid/real food since Wednesday).

I had a warm shower and came back to the living room with my PC to work on the proposal. Time check 11:30pm. Favour was watching a late night movie on the south African TV station “e”. 

For reasons I don’t know, I sat with her while she watched the movie as I worked on my PC. In the course of the movie, I noticed Favour was worked up as she kept turning in her seat and lightly touching her bosom.

Movie ended around 1am, a point in which she called it a night and turned the TV off. I stayed back to complete what I was doing, sent the mail to Mr. Bayo and a copy to Dolapo. By 1:20am, I headed for my room only to pass through Favour’s room to see the door open. The room was only illuminated by her bed side lamp and I could see she was masturbating. 

I paused for a few seconds and I saw her insert her fingers inside her pussy as she flicked her bean.

“There’s a force behind Mrs. Adamu,” I muted to myself and headed to my room for a well deserved sleep. 

To be continued…

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  1. Gimme gist already na. Chai! Which kind life all of una dey live sef. Favour sef wan chop. Na wa o. Fury market dey sell die.
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