Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER II (7)

She neatly but quickly pulled her shirt back down. we both turned down the offer of refreshments.

After ensuring we were okay, the FA walked away while Laura turned so her back was partly towards me, raised her shirt again until the clasp of her bra was revealed. She then looked back at me expectantly. In that moment, I couldn’t imagine what else she could mean as I reached over and undid the clasp, with little resistance. When the straps fell away, I indulged myself by letting my hand drift lightly down the curve of her back. I traced my fingers down the hem of her panties and into her ass crack, making her shiver lightly at my touch.

I watched her hands moving rhythmically down her crotch as she massaged her pussy through her trouser. Then she looked up as if to scan the aisle one more time before reaching across my lap to take my right hand and guide it inside her trouser. 

Immediately my hand felt the soft nature of her pubes through the light panties material, I moved the fabric out of my way and began caress her pubic region. Realizing I had taken over, she stopped guiding my hand but left her hand on mine. I began to explore, rubbing my hands all over her tummy, her belly button, and then further upwards until I reached the cups of her bra. I then hooked a finger in between the fabric of the bra cups and pulled down, with the bra offering no resistance. I had gotten to my prize, her breasts as they bounced free of the bra.

Brushing my fingertips over the top of one of the twins, I tickled her now erect nips at first before I then curved underneath, feeling the warm weight of the deliciously soft mammary gland. 

She pressed her hand over mine gently. And, as I felt her nips becoming harder against my fingers, I squeezed and stroked the soft flesh while rubbing up and down. Her eyes drifted shut and a smile showed at the corner of her mouth as she bit her lip. She then led my hand to the other twin just as I felt her other nip push between my fingers. Giving it a gentle tug and twist, she let out a moan audible for me alone to hear.

Laura then slid her hand up my thigh, grabbing and massaging Fury through my trouser. Closing my eyes, I let out a deep breath as she squeezed Fury, circling its head with her thumb.

Although I wanted to touch her everywhere at once, I waited until she guided my hand back into her panties. I was so turned on as I pulled down the zipper of her unbuttoned trouser. Moving forward and parting her legs as far as she could, I slid my hand down over her mound, feeling the damp moisture and heat radiating from her pussy.

Tilting her hips up, I let my middle finger brush her clit as I made my way to the opening of her slit. Her eyes went shut when I parted her pussy lips with a few gentle strokes, with her letting out a light moan when I started moving in and out slowly. 

While my middle finger fucked her, my thumb made several circling motions around her female bud, making her hips to twitch. Adding my index finger to her pussy opening, I saw her lift her butt off the seat in an effort to get my fingers inside her. Laura’s breathing had become restrained moans.

Then, I saw the look on her face as she bit her lips tightly to keep from making too much noise. Wow! She was about to climax. Curling my fingers upward, I rubbed the front of her walls (feeling that spongy tissue) while increasing the pressure of my thumb on her clitoris. Within a few more seconds, she dropped her head back, clamping her thighs down on my hand. Trying to hold her breath, a strained but soft whimper escaped her mouth as her pussy started raining on my hand. Her love juice flowed onto my hand, soaking the seat below.

All the while, I kept my hand in place (in her pussy) as I watched her relax. Then I let one finger trail up and down her slit, to which she shuddered again and quickly but gently guided my hand up away from between her legs and resuming her light touches on Fury.

Although she had stopped stroking me when she came, I believed with the sight of her shuddering and the feeling of her hand jerking Fury off, my boxers would have been a mess right then.

Her eyes then slowly went straight to my crotch and then back to me. Just then I felt her start to open my zipper, and while a part of me eagerly anticipated feeling her soft, cool hands on Fury, I never knew just how far she would go.

She began to then took fury in her hand, stroking it up and down while giving me the β€˜Should I go ahead?’ kinda look. 

Earlier today when I walked into the airport lounge, the first thing on my mind when I saw her was wishing those lips would envelope fury. I never thought it would happened then, but here I was, less than 3hours after, fury in her hand and she was ready for action.

My urge was by now reaching a whole new level as she continued stroking fury. Then bending towards my crotch, she kissed fury (maintaining eye contact), and then ran her tongue down the length of my driving shaft, then over and under my balls. Then she traced her tongue back up my entire length to the head. 

Just before she took me in her mouth, she gave me the most sultriest smile I had ever come across. In anticipation, I closed my eyes and rested my head just as I felt the wet warmth of her lips around my shaft. It took everything I had to delay my orgasm for another few minutes as she continued taking me deeper into her mouth. 

As she began to take fury in and out of her mouth, she massaged my balls. For the next 3 minutes, her mouth engulfed every single inch of my dick with her tongue dancing around my length. She had me all the way down her throat just as her nose was hitting against my pubes. 

I was super turned on. Remembering Funmi, sniffing Dolly’s panties, having Laura give me head and the thrill of getting caught were all just too much for me to bare. As much as I wanted this to go on for a while, I felt my halls exploding. Grabbing her head and holding it in place, I began to fuck her as I shot my load into her receptive mouth. She swallowed the first spurt, then began sucking hard up and down my shaft, taking my release down her throat.

How much time passed as we brought each other to plane shaking climax we would never know. She rose from my lap and rushed at my mouth as we French kissed (me tasting my jizz in her mouth). 

With that, the whole aisle became lit up, the fasten seat-belt signs came on and one FA appeared and began to talk about flight descent. Hurriedly, we fixed our clothing while stealing glances at each other, knowing we had an unfinished business.

To be continued…

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