Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER II (6)

Now being the last two to board the plane, the first thing I noticed was that the plane was half full (most passengers had left the airport not sure if the flight wouldn’t be outrightly canceled) and also, those two girls were on the same flight. 

We made our way through the aisle to the rear, she taking the window seat, and me next to her. Very soon we were already taxiing and getting ready for take off. Then Laura asked again, “Do you wish to fuck those two girls ‘cos I noticed the way you looked at them when we were walking down here?”

Her coquettish nature hadn’t changed one bit. 

“Do I? Like seriously?” I asked.
“Mm Hmm?” she responded.
I didn’t say anything. I just kept looking straight ahead at the air hostesses doing their normal ritual.

“Okay, let’s forget about them. But, have you ever had a party or fancied one?” she asked again.
I turned to face her, “I’m being all honest with you. I had fancied you and Cindy back then in school, more like while I shagged you, I’ll be eating Cindy out.” 

She smiled and said, “Well, that never happened I guess.”
“No, but I still did it with two other girls in the class,” I said.
“Come on!” she said excitedly, “Tell me more,” smiling and lighting up.
“You remember Faith and Favour?” I asked.
“The intelligent, number one block rosary and legion of Mary sisters who often talked about how people should wait till marriage to have sex? That Faith and Favour? You fucked them?” she asked with wide eyes.
“Yup! Both at the same time and (my) place.” I told her.
“You are talking about little miss perfects from school. There is no way that’s possible. I don’t believe you.” she said, still searching my eyes for more details 

“You remember our (we had the same project) supervisor had given me his keys to the lab, while the course rep had that of the HOD? Well, one night around 3am, I had gone to make sure Greg and his group had returned the electrophoresis machine to the instruments room since I was the one who signed it to him and also to lock the lab if no one was inside.

Entering the lab, I heard the sounds of somebody getting fucked in the lab technician’s office. I assumed it was Greg. You know how mischievous he was, so I wanted to get a look. I slowly opened the door. It wasn’t Greg I saw. It was Faith riding Mr. Felix’s (their supervisor) dick, while Favour was getting her pussy eaten by him as he laid on the floor. 

Just then, Favour began to pinch her nips and pulled up one of her milk tanks to her mouth and suckled when she looked towards the door and saw me standing there with an expressionless face. With the shock of seeing me, I noticed immediately that she quivered as she experienced an earth shaking orgasm because she closed her thighs and kitty-cat around his face while she kept looking at me while shuddering.

I smiled at her, giving her a thumbs up and I quietly withdrew back into the main lab area, confirmed the electrophoresis machine had been returned and then left back to the hostel.

Perhaps they knew their reputation would be ruined if it got out, so I was trying to catch some sleep the next day (being Sunday, I had gone back to my lodge) when I heard knocking on my door.

I welcomed them in, offered them some light refreshments and we chatted for some time before Favour began, “Fury, about what you saw last night, we’ll like it to remain between us…” She went on and on, even though I told them they had nothing to fear or worry about. The next thing I knew, Faith kissed me.

I went on to give her explicit details of my first party experience with the girls, from the bedroom to the kitchen, to both of them giving me a bath, I told her everything. 
Continuing, I told her I guess they had both enjoyed their timeout with me, because after a couple days they came to me and told me that since they had already done it with me, they wanted to do it again. It went on from there, and we met about 10 times more. Also, I got to bang any of them when I got the chance whenever the other wasn’t around, most times them spending the night in my place.

By the time I finished, the FAs had finished their runs, we were now 10minutes in the sky with about 35minutes to land in Enugu. Passengers (mostly Elderly) were now quiet with some sleeping. I had unhooked my seat belt and stood up. Reaching for my bag in the shelve, I brought out a Genevieve magazine I had bought back in the airport lounge, while also taking note of what was going on in the plane. 

Laura by now was worked up, because I noticed her nips poking through her bra cups and making tents on her shirt, just as she began to massage her crotch through her trouser

Then she said rather erotically, “Those girls are hot, and I would enjoy getting unclad in bed with any or both of them,” Then she added, “You could join if you want to.”
I nearly had a feat trying to suppress my laughter, “So you’re bi now? When did this start? France?”

“Umm hmmm, I guess. Walked in on my roommate and her boyfriend. They invited me to join them. Picked up from there.” By now she was massaging her melons through her shirt. Then she turned towards me with a smile on her face, which I supposed was an indication of the fact that she was aware of the effect she was having on me but didn’t mind it.

I picked and flipped through my magazine pages because she had a look on her face like she was probably just teasing to see what I would do. Then I froze when I felt a light touch on my arm, and a trace briefly down my biceps. At that moment, I closed the magazine and put it behind the seat in front of me (a decision that seemed to please Laura). She began tracing a finger down her shoulder, then down the curves of her cleavage. She played with her melons through her shirt, with a nonchalant expression that betrayed her deliberate naughtiness.

I watched keenly as she continued down over her shirt, watching her hand descend until the hem of her trouser was revealed. She turned her eyes to me as she unfastened her high waist trouser buttons and began to pull down the zipper. I saw the hem of her panties (hmm…sky blue) before she stopped. She then held the tip of her shirt and began to pull up slowly, letting me take in every inch of her smooth and flat tummy. The cups of a sky blue lacy bra came into view (obviously it matched the panties) and then the cleavage of the melons. She then turned and gave me the ‘What do you think?’ look. To which I responded “Awesome,” while smiling.

Looking up the aisle, we both noticed a flight attendant approaching with a cart of refreshments.

To be continued…

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