Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER II (1)

I woke up feeling lazy but strong (that feeling you get when you don’t want to leave the bed even when you must have slept enough). Time check, 8:30am. 

** Phone Vibrates**

Frank: Guy how far you na?
Me: I dey, (yawns). Good morning.
Frank: You just dey wake up abi? Been calling you since like kilode.
Me: The phone been dey silent mode. Was so fucking busy and exhausted by the end of yesterday.
Frank: Fucking busy or busy fucking? Anyways, was just calling to let you know know we’ve left town. Jude will be at the Airport by the time your flight touches down. Favour would be at home when you arrive. Not sure about the network condition in the villa, so I felt I should intimate you just in case you try reaching me.
Me: Who’s Jude? The travel agent dude?
Frank: Yup! The same Jude you know in Obudu, Favour’s mate.
Me: Aii. Guess he has my number. Send me his.
Frank: I gave him your number. He’ll call you. Guy gotta go bro, I been dey fuel car, dem don finish.
Me: No wahala. Tomorrow.

NOTE: Favour is a relative of Frank’s mum. Been living with them since she was like 10years old or so. She attended FGC with us but was classmates with Jude. Got like 3 or 4 years on Frank and I, I assume.

After the call with Frank, I saw a total of 12 missed calls and 2 new messages.
Frank 4
Dolly 3
Old boy 1
Last born 2
Unknown number 2.

Fuck me! I had not even told my parents I was visiting Franklin’s family. I dialed Dolly, not reachable. Dialed my dad and we talked at length, with him asking why I hadn’t reached them for two weeks, that perhaps I wouldn’t have even told them I was embarking on the Obudu trip if he didn’t call me. Also, that my younger sister just got a scholarship she had applied for. In all these, I just kept mute. Dad is not the type you give excuses to or try arguing with.

He then asked about my flight time, and was about to make the “How many times have I warned you to avoid night travel?” speech when I said, “Dad I have to go, running late for an appointment already,” I hung up.

**Dials the unknown number**

Jude: Boy, how are you?
Me: I’m fine, thank you. Please I don’t have your number on my phone.
Jude: It’s your grand uncle.
Me: (Sensing the sarcasm, I cut in) Calling from hell to lament abi?
Jude: (laughing) You no well, it’s Jude. Calling to confirm if you are still making the flight.
Me: Ah! Egbon, I’m loyal sir. Yes o! By 4pm. So, Insha Allah, I should see you by 5pm.
Jude: No sweats. I’ll be there. Gotta roll. Have a safe flight.
Me: Thanks baba…Ehen! By the way, Frank didn’t tell me how much o…
Jude: Don’t worry, you’ll just fill my tank.
Me: Okay, thanks. I appreciate. Later then…

**1st sms from glo**

“Congratulations phone lord bla bla bla…Options…Delete.

**2nd sms from Dolapo**

Why aren’t u picking up? On our way to Abj. Dad and I are going for a meeting. Left a message 4 u wit Funmi. 


Now, I forgot to add this, though a contract staff, I had an office on the 2nd floor like other contract staff Emeka, Kunle and Joe. The only difference being the fact that while they all reported to the head of the unit Mrs Adamu (the busty Adamawa woman who never really liked me), I do my dealings taking instructions and reporting to Dolapo directly. You only find me on my desk 2 (or sometimes 3) outta 10 working days.

By the time I got to the office, it was about 25mins to 11am. I said ‘Hi’ to whoever cared to care about me and proceeded to my floor. I discussed With Emeka and Joe, said hi to Mrs Adamu and she responded cheerfully asking me about my health and ish.

Na wah o! Mrs Adamu greet me today. My day will be awesome, I concluded. I went to my desk, tidied up and decided to go get the message Dolly left for me with her secretary (Funmi). 

I wasn’t kidding when I rejoiced that Mrs Adamu greeted me and hence my day was gonna be great. What I saw when I went upstairs…

To be continued…

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