Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER I (4)

I stood up admiring the salaciousness of her body. Her hardened nipples were calling out to me. She laid still catching her breath while I leaned over, taking her nipples one after the other in my mouth and began sucking and teasing them interchangeably. 

After allowing me indulge in my sucking for a few minutes, she took my head in her hands and made to sit up. She stood up pulling my face into hers as we kissed passionately for another minute or so while she massaged Fury through my shorts and boxers. 

She then ended the kiss and knelt down before me. She looked up at me in a wicked but seductive manner. Licking her tongue she said “I think you are over dressed for this occasion.” Then she tugged at my shorts, pulling my boxers with it in the process. Fury sprung out, hitting her face and leaving behind a little trail of pre-cum on her left cheek. 

“Hmm…Fury is furious,” she said, taking it in her right hand. Kicking away my shorts and boxers which had formed a hip on my feet, I stood anticipating what would come next. She pumped Fury briefly, then wrapped her lips around it, engulfing it in her moist but warm mouth. 

Running my fingers through her hair, I watched quietly as she held Fury by the base and saw it go in and out of her mouth. Then she used her left hand to massage my balls gently, rubbing them against each other. This went on for some time. All of a sudden, she let go of her grip at the base of Fury and took it as deep as my length would go until I felt the tip touch the back of her mouth. 

Wow! This surprised me greatly because she had never done a deep throat on me before. After about ten seconds or so, she choked, a situation that made me quickly pull out of her mouth. I could see tears build up in her eyes. I must admit, Dolly has got some mad blowjob skills. Though I don’t really enjoy receiving as much I love to go down south, if Dolly was the one involved, then I’m game. 

Although I was hard right from the moment we started kissing at the door, I was now becoming aroused, because all the while she was regaining her breath, she slowly pumped Fury. She looked up at me and smiled. “You are doing great,” I said, trying to encouraged her. Spurred by my statement, she took Fury back in her mouth once again. Inhaling it as deeply as she could (not choking this time around), she held my butt cheeks and pulled me in even deeper than during her first attempt. 

I began to feel the familiar ache in my sacs, but I wasn’t ready to experience the heavenly feeling (at least not in her mouth) yet, so I decided to take charge. I pulled Fury out of her mouth, holding her by her shoulders, I pulled her up for a kiss (tasting my pre-cum in the process).

Then, I turned her around (backing me) and kissed her neck line (one of her other erogenous points), then pushed her forward towards the couch. She crawled onto the edge on all fours parting her legs and awaiting Fury’s glorious entry into her pussy, which was already dripping with her womanly juices that glistened under the fluorescent lights. 

I couldn’t resist the sight any longer. I stepped behind her (stroking Fury in the process), went down once again and licked from her clit up to her vaginal opening, a situation that let out a moan from her mouth and had her clinching the arm rest tightly. Then, grabbing her hips with my left hand, I guided Fury into her with the right hand until I was balls deep. Grasping her hips with both hands, I began to give her my all. Slowly at first, then I picked up momentum, pumping in and out of her wet cunt like it was gonna be my last time with her. 

Then she moved her right hand under her as she began to vigorously rub her clitoris. I couldn’t say if it was because she felt I’ll be gone for a month or something and wanted to make sure this night was worth it, but her pussy felt really awesome that moment.

Dolly isn’t a screamer (a fact I appreciated so much) else I believe she would have brought down the roof by now. Save for her facial expressions, she could sit on my lap and we shag in public without people being suspicious (during service, colleagues always wondered if we did anything at all).

After some time, she began too meet my thrusts halfway into her (screwing me back) quickly. At this point, her breathing had become heavier and faster, just as the walls of her pussy began to contract rapidly around my length, bringing my own heavenly feeling all the more closer. 

I could feel Fury grow thicker as I pushed into her harder and faster. I knew I was at the point of no return as I was anxious to spew my load as far up inside her as I could. After a few more thrusts, Fury began to empty my hot sperm load inside her. First shot, second shot, third shot…what was going on inside her was some fitful bursts of energy by Fury leading to my whole body experiencing serious spastic movements. I clenched my feet, folding my toes in the process (something I do whenever I have a strong heavenly feeling). 

As soon as she felt the first shot of my hot release (since Monday) hit her, it triggered a big ‘Ooooh’ from her as she also experienced her own heavenly feeling, flooding her juices which with a trail, went down through our fuck organs. The feeling was just too much for both of us as we fell on the couch totally spent, with Fury still buried deep in her. Though motionless we laid, I could still feel her walls milking Fury gradually until it became limp. I pulled out (with her trying to contract her muscles around my shaft) leaving her disappointed. As much as I knew she so much desired to spend the/a night with me, I also knew too well the risk involved.

Babe, we’ve used up your 40mins I said (wearing my shorts and leaving the boxers on the floor). Perhaps this brought her back to the realization that she wasn’t spending the night at my place. She got up, turning to face me and we kissed passionately like lovers before she said she’d better be heading home. She picked up her panties and trouser, and watching her wear the thong and the shape of her ass when she was putting on her jean made Fury to twitch a little. “Not again homie,” I said in my mind. After adjusting her shirt and bra she asked me, “How do I look?” “Like you just got fucked good,” I replied.

Smiling, she checked her back pocket for her car keys and headed towards the door. I walked her to the door from where she said, “I can go from here,” (stopping me from walking her to her car). 

Through the window, as soon as I saw her drive out, I hit the couch (her scent all over it) and put my phones on silent mode (needed sleep badly). Thank God for NEPA, no need to shower again. I slept off.

To be continued…

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