Obudu Vacation – CHAPTER I (3)

Later in the day, after meeting with Mr. Bayo, I had to call Franklin to begin preparation for my trip. 

**dials his number**

Frank: Monkey how far?
Me: Goat, I dey. How your miserable life?
Frank: We thank God o, at least I’m not fucking a girl I would otherwise not.
Me: Na you sabi that one…Dude, I’ve finally decided to pay ya folks a visit this weekend…I’ll be spending the whole of September in Obudu. Tell mumsy her prodigal son is set to come home. Let her kill her biggest goat…
Frank: **cuts me** Shut up fucktard! Na my house you wan come chop food wey you never see your whole life abi? So, how are you arriving?
Me: Friday…My flight is by 4pm…Enugu…You’ll be picking me up. 
Frank: Why evening flight? Besides, I doubt the availability of popsy’s car on Friday because there’s a funeral in the villa for one of those distant relatives like that and popsy and mumsy are fully involved. And, yours truly is gonna be driving them to and fro the villa.
Me: I have an appointment Friday afternoon and not until after that meeting would I be able to leave Lagos. Reason for the 4pm flight. So, what about that your travel agent dude? Can’t he pick me up from the airport?
Frank: Yes he can and he would. I’ll talk to him about it and you being my guy, he won’t be charging you much.
Me: Okay, but please gimme feedback ASAP
Frank: Aii…Talk to you later. 

**Who is Franklin ?**

Having attended FGC Vandeikya in Benue state, a good number of students were residents of Obudu town (some 25km to Vandeikya) and so was/is my best friend Frank. Our friendship brought our families together and by JSS III, I began to spend our mid term breaks and other short holidays (two Easters) with his family due to the distance of Benue from Lagos.

The few times my parents came for our visiting day, they arrived at his residence in Obudu a day before and proceeded with his parents to visit us the next day (visiting day) before heading back to Lagos. Obudu also became my point of arrival and departure to and from Lagos during vacations and resumptions. So, I had a good knowledge of my way around the town.

Immediately after secondary school, I proceeded to Uniport while Franklin got admitted into Unical. All through our uni days, we found time to visit each other but I hadn’t seen his parents in about 5 years now (a major reason for this trip).

Although I bang Dolapo, I never allow our intimacy to come between us and work. I do what is expected of me as at when due without reservations. Due to this trip I plan embarking upon, I had made lots of appointments with some of the company’s clients who had projects I was handling to try and sort out stuff.

By Thursday evening, I was so worked up from driving around Lagos and from one office complex to another keeping up with clients that I completely forgot I had promised Dolly I was going to meet with her again before departing the next day. The only thing on my mind was to go home, have a warm shower, eat dinner, clean my kitchen, pack my bags (in no particular order) and sleep while awaiting my last appointment on Friday before my flight. Franklin had already made arrangements for my airport transfer from Enugu to Obudu. The travel agent dude would be there before I arrive.

**My Place**

Dinner (fried meat and soaked garri, too tired to cook), cleaned the kitchen, had my warm shower and began to pack my traveling bag.

– Laptop/power pack••• check
– Power bank/USB/modem••• check
– Phone charger/ Camera••• check
– Toiletries ••• check
What else 
Ehen!…10 packs of *Lovemate*   

***Phone rings*** 

Dolly: Why haven’t you called me all day?
Me: Bae, I’m soo sowie, lotsa running around. Kept procrastinating about the call 
Dolly: So, where are you? Still travelling morrow?
Me: Home…Just done packing my bags. 

**Knock on the door. Time check 7:15pm, wondering who it could be**

Dolly: So, am I gonna see you before you leave or what?
Me: Sure…**walks towards the door** I’ll be with you till 12 noon when I’ll be meeting Mr. Okorie from that branding firm to show him some design samples for their project.
Dolly: Aite! But make sure you see me at the office unfailingly. 
Me: Yes boss.

**At the door**

Me: Who’s there?
Dolly: Your girlfriend.
Me: **recognizes the voice** Holy smokes! **rushes and opens the door** What da f…?! 
But her tongue was in my mouth not giving me the chance to complete my sentence. After about a minute of some tongue sucking and lips biting, I regained my strength and consciousness, breaking free from her attack.
Me: What are you doing here? And by this time? Dolly you kn…
Dolly: Shhhhh!…I’ve got less than 40mins. Dad and mum went for a dinner and I left the house saying I was going to the pharmacy to get some pills. Be quick…

She resumed kissing me and before I knew it, I let my hands find their way to her ass and began to massage her butt cheeks just as my fury began to grow harder against her. I pulled her in, locking the door behind her while not breaking from the kiss. I picked her up and carried her to the couch while she wrapped her legs around me. Dropping to my knees, I placed her on the couch while my hands went to work opening her jeans as we continued to neck. Once I got her jeans open, I had her lay back with her butt raised up as I tugged at her jeans, taking her soaked panties down with the jeans.

Jeans and panties on the floor, Dolly spread her thighs wide as I buried my head in between. 
Me: Oh my! Babe, you are dripping some serious juice.
Dolly: Just shut up and go to work

I began lapping her pussy up. After about a minute or two, I slipped my index finger into her wetness while massaging her clitoris with my thumb. Then I inserted my middle finger into her wet snatch and began finger fucking her. She moaned and twitched, arching up her hips in anticipation of my tongue.

In a reflex, she grabbed my head, directing it back to her pussy. I obliged her and started licking her insides and outsides. I touched everywhere but her clit with my tongue as I know she’ll explode once I did. I began to tongue fuck her just as she also tried to close her quim around my tongue. Then she released her grip on my head and from my vantage position, I watched as she unbuttoned her shirt and unfastened the front clasp of her bra. Fury went restless inside my shorts as I got a glimpse of her breasts. Her nipples were hard and seem longer than usual. She immediately began to tug on them gently.

Playing with her nipples sent a shudder through her and apparently brought her closer to an orgasm. She returned one hand down to my head to hold it against her pussy while she humped her hips toward my face. The other hand alternated from one breast to the other, handling each hard nipple. I focused my efforts on bringing her maximum pleasure, licking and sucking her as I slid two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. 

The longer I ate her, the harder she held my head against her snatch and the faster she rocked her hips. Her moaning wasn’t necessarily getting louder, but longer and higher pitched, echoing off the high ceilings. When her second hand landed on the back of my head and she began to tense up, arching her back up off the couch, I knew she was just about there. Just a few seconds later, she let out a cry as soon as she felt me take her clit in my mouth, flooding my face up with fresh juice. She had convulsed through an intense orgasm.

To be continued…

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