My Madam And I – Episode 99

We drove straight to her house. She was so excited that she showed me her girly and childish side on our way. I was too intense to return her gesture but she cared less and continued her garrulous spray.

We arrived her place and she took me straight to her room. I noticed that the kids were around but they didn’t see me come in. She offered me a bottle of whisky and a glass, then she asked if I was hungry, I nodded a no. Then she left the room, leaving me to knock myself out with what she offered. 

I helped myself okay and put on the TV but my mind was barely there. I gulped in a couple of times and felt slightly better as the drink went down my throat. 
“This is a big mess I am now in.” I said aloud.
I who detested cultism am now a member of one of the dreaded cult gangs known for recording deaths every week. I remembered an event on TV of a young man who was beheaded after been dragged by a car on a long journey. He was a member of my new gang. And also a case of a student who was brutally murdered with several dagger stabs. That was the job of my new gang. Today I almost killed a man. I was going to become a murderer. These thoughts tortured my mind and drained me each second.

Amaka walked in with a plate of fried meat. She dropped it in front of me smiling. I returned the smile, but a forced one. 
“You lost a lot of weight mike. What is going on? Have you been on a sex rampage?” she asked with a note of concern that her smiley face betrayed.
“I wish,” I replied with a forced grin.

She sat beside me, took a piece of meat and put in my mouth. I opened up and crunched into it. The taste was so good that I chewed hungrily. She smiled as she watched me eat. She fed me the meat and drink. And she wiped my mouth as I enjoyed the scrumptious meal. She suddenly looked so beautiful and attractive in my eyes. I blamed it on the alcohol and continued my meal.

Eventually I was done so she took the plate, stood up and said, “Do you care for more? I see you loved it.” 
I didn’t know if to say no or yes, so she left without waiting for my reply and was back with another full plate of meat. I ate until my teeth ached and my stomach full.
“Do you want to sleep?” she asked the moment I was done.
“I feel tired,” I said. 
“I know. I see it in your eyes. Lie down and sleep dear,” She said.
I laid on my side backing her. She leaned closer and kissed me on the neck, held me from behind resting her boobs very close to me.

I slept off almost immediately and woke up when my phone rang. I took up the phone with sleepy eyes. It was from mum. I knew she must be worried about my whereabouts. 
“Hello mum!” I said.
“Where are you this boy?!” She retorted.
“Mum I’m fine! I told you not to worry about me much; I am no longer a kid!” I said.
“Then stop behaving like one!” she replied angrily

“don’t you know you ought to have called to let me know you were not coming home?” she added.
“I’m sorry mum. I slept off,” I apologized.
“Sorry for yourself!” she barked and hung up.

Just then Amaka came out of the bathroom with towel wrapped around her chest. She was looking so sexy and inviting. “Am I hypnotized?” was what I thought. Perhaps she had used some voodoo thing on me, hence the reason for her coming over to my place. Would it be that there was something in the meat? All these thoughts clouded my mind as I watched her sexily walk towards me smiling. 

She came closer and sat on the bed beside me. I said nothing but kept a fixed stare.
She took her lotion and gave it to me.

”Could you please help me on my back?” she asked.
I took it from her and applied it on her back. She loosened her white towel and allowed it drop to her waist still covering her breast with it.
“Lower please,” She whispered sexily.
I lowered it and was done. She took the lotion from me and started applying it on her thighs. I sat back watching her but my dick was fast asleep.

She stood up and held the towel up her thighs, almost reveling her lower buttocks. I just stared without a word. She looked at me and smiled sexily and went into her big wardrobe that is as big as a room and came out few minutes later in a pink g-string and a net see-through black top that barely covered her full buttocks. This time, my dick started nodding its approval but I said nothing. She came to me and kissed my closed lips. I just stared, confused on what to do. She held my hand, placed it on her full wrapped boobs and kissed me intensively. This time I responded. She pulled my head to her neck, moaning erotically even before I started kissing. 

Then, she abruptly took off her top and forced my head to her boobs. I sucked as though I was hypnotized. In my head I was yet to grasp what was happening to me. It seemed as though I was no longer in control but bending to her sudden attractiveness. She pushed me down aggressively on the bed, climbed from my body and sat on my face. Surprisingly, I sucked and licked her wet cunt as if my life depended on it. 

After a while of prolonged feasting, she moved down through my body, pulled down my trouser and put my limp dick in her mouth. After a long suck, the rod refused to get hard. She did all she could but it remained adamant. She looked at me with disappointment.
“What’s happening mike?” she asked. 
I just shrugged and said nothing.
“Come and finger me,” she said and laid on the bed.
I stood up almost automatically like a robot and did as she commanded. My inner man felt trapped as it crave to break free while my outer man obeyed her like a zombie and started finding her attractive. 

My fingers rammed her hard and my lips did the clit licking simultaneously, yet my dick still remained sleepy. Eventually she orgasm hard, pressing my hand and head together with her thighs. She held herself together as she breathed heavily. I lay beside her with an aching finger. Then she turned to face me. Something happened. Amaka’s face was the most beautiful face in the world, just as her body was when I looked at her earlier.

“Hello handsome,” she said, smiling and touching my face.

“Your finger is as good as your dick,” She added, still smiling. 
I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I wanted to tell her she looked so beautiful but I held it with great effort. As she continued looking at me, I felt my heart beating fast.

“I think I’m falling in love,” I thought out loud unknowingly.
“What did you say?” She asked.

I said nothing. My heart raced in a very high speed and all I wanted to do is to kiss her and make sweet love to her. Suddenly, my dick sprang up with great rigidity. I didn’t know when I gave in to my lust.

To be continued…

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  1. Mmmm, this guy sure has serious issues…… Tunde thanks for continuing, almost thought you weren’t going to continue… More ink bro…. Thanks.. It’s not easy.

          1. Weldon Tunde. But the procedure of visiting the page is not encouraging at all. Try and do something about it.

  2. Toor…. This is a very serious one. Na everything just dey worry this guy life. Mfm has nothing on you bro.
    Na jazz Dem dey take wipe you now. Make Ruth sef go do her own na wetin remain.

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