My Madam And I – Episode 98

“How was I going to get rid off this mess?” I said aloud as I walked home. 

The day came for my outing. I felt like hiding in the house throughout that day, until my phone ran around 4.55 pm. It was Jacky on the line. I ignored it and wanted to switch off my phone when I heard a knock on the door. I went to get it and beheld Jacky, the thug guy and a strange other guy with them carrying a backpack.

“hey brother,” Jacky said nervously. 
I looked at him in complete perplexity.
“why were you not picking up our calls?”, the thug guy asked.

“brother, lets go,” he added and they walked away.
I didn’t need a prophet to tell me to follow them. We took a cab and stopped at a local joint to drink. The new guy opened the backpack and the thug guy took the bag from him and handed it over to me saying, “look inside.”

I did look inside and found three guns. I looked away abruptly. 
“take one!” he commanded. 
I hesitated, then looked around to see if anyone was watching.
“blood, dont worry. This place is our doc,” the new guy said.
“take it!” The thug guy said.
I did and looked at it carefully. 
“do you know how to use it?” the thug guy asked. 
“he does,” Jacky answered on my behalf. 
“you are to pull the trigger,” the thug guy said. 
Then they began to drink the local gin served and smoked weed. 

Few minutes later, a guy in blue T shirt, black jeans and black boots walked past in company of four other rugged looking guys. 
“the guy in blue,” Jacky nudged me and said in a whisper. 
I looked at him with the expression of ‘what should i do?’ 
“take him out you slowpoke!” the thug guy barked. 
I reached for the revolver pistol with a tremulous hand and stood up. I followed them some few steps before pointing at the guy in blue and said in my heart, “for my family,” before squeezing the trigger.

I missed, and they ran.
“go after them you fool,” the thug guy yelled.
Surprisingly, the guys brought out their guns and shot at us. The thug guy who was yelling ran like wind off the scene. The new guy fired a few shots but it was returned and he was hit. I took to my heels and hid behind the local joint. To my surprise, Jacky stood against them shooting and they ran off leaving one of us hit.

The street was deserted almost immediately. Jacky took up the leader role and called a bike man who seemed to be standing by. He put the new guy on it and sat behind him.
“Mike, locate my house!” He said and the bike took off.

The thug guy was nowhere to be found. I ran, looking behind my back. I took a bike and rode to Jacky’s house.

The bullet hit him on his shoulder, and it was being operated on when I entered. A guy rushed me and held me by my shirt. 
“you fool! why didn’t you hit the target?” he yelled.
“get off him!” Jacky said, pushing the guy off me.

“He did well for a first timer. How was your first kill? I remember you chickened out like a girl,” Jacky said. 
The guy, shamefully went away and focused on the guy being treated.

Grand commander came in and everyone stood up. 
“how is he?” The grand commander asked. 
“he will survive,” said the doctor.
“where is Bokonu?” the grand commander asked.
“we have not seen him yet,” Jacky replied.
“Is he okay?” the grand commander asked.
“yes, he is,” Jacky answered.

The grand commander walked up to me and said, “you did well.”

Then he turned to everyone and began, “brothers, lets not be dismayed. One day is for a chicken, but his master must have him for dinner. We need blood. We need enough of it. ZIKA must go down!”
They all began to cheer and started singing a death song in ZIKA’S name. I began to wonder who is this Zika that everyone spoke about. I needed to get out of this gang. But how do i do it?

Amaka was waiting in front of my house inside her Nissan car. I spotted her and entered the front seat. 
“I was about calling before you came,” she said the moment I shut the door.
“I’m good. How is my boy?” I asked.
She didn’t answer. Instead, she went on.
“I wanted to see you. I’m lonely,” she said.

I thought this to be my get away plan so I said, “let’s take a long holiday away from town.”
She looked surprised, and then a very wide grin spread on her face.

To be continued…

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