My Madam And I – Episode 97

I opened the paper and it read, “Blood for blood. Take out ZIKA of the hawk gang.”

I looked surprisingly at the grand commander. He was busy looking at the puzzled faces of us all with a smirk on his face. After a long silence, he finally said, “I believe it’s all clear to you all. Any questions, ask your mentor.” 

“Who is my mentor?’’ I asked.
“I am,” came a voice from behind me.
I turned and found Jacky standing behind me. I wondered how long he had stood there. I also noticed some persons behind the other newbies. 
“Now you know. Meet him and he will tell you all you need to know. You are dismissed.” the grand commander said.

A week passed in a flash and I was yet to make up my mind. Throughout the depressing days, I lingered in sober reflection. Should I get married to Amaka and save myself all these troubles? All these are happening because of my insatiable lust. If only I had Sandra on my side, I would have escaped somehow if I let her in this. But I had lost a treasure.

I decided to take a walk to clear my head. I haven’t heard from Ruth since the last time I saw her and I have not bothered to look for her. I had also bothered less of the missing gun. All I think about each minute is that I’m now a cultist and about to be a murderer.

Few minutes of my moon walk down the road, I was at a local bar along my street. I didn’t know when I took a seat there. This spot was the least place I had ever imagined I would seat, but here I was ordering for a bottle of beer.

“Kingkong!” a voice called and a hand rested on my shoulder.
I turned abruptly and found the thug guy standing beside me.
“Bruno! Get me one beer on him,” he said, sitting in front of me.
I looked at him without a word. He had a wide grin on his face as he looked at me. Bruno came with two bottles and two glasses on a tray. He dropped it in front of us and was about to leave.

“Are you mad? Where is my cigarette?” the thug guy barked.
“I was going to get it sir,” Bruno answered and left.
“You are a strong man. How you took the beating and still walked home beats my imagination. You took care of me and my guys the other day. I like men like you,” the thug guy said, opening his drink.

Bruno arrived with a pack of cigarettes and left.
“I know you must be wondering how you are going to kill ZIKA. Don’t worry. I am with you. We are going to do it together.” the thug guy said.

“You live down the street right?” he asked, sipping from his glass.
I was about pouring some drink into my cup, but stopped at his statement. He laughed when he saw my reaction, then drank from his glass.
“We know…go and thank Jacky, he really is a friend. He pleaded you be a gang member than be killed.” 

I was completely dumbfounded and realized I haven’t said a word since he came. So, I forced myself to make my enemy my friend.
“You mean you can help me ki…,” Then I paused to look around just in case someone was eavesdropping. Then I continued when I was reassured, “…kill him?” I asked.
He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face. Then he burst out in a very loud laughter. 

“You are going to clean up the mess. You have killed before, why not kill again?” his voice saturated the whole place.
I almost hid my head in shame. But he continued,
“You are now a superman. What are you hiding from? Everybody will know eventually. Your mum, father, siblings, anyone who is anyone on this street!” he said, smiling maliciously.

I stood up and made to leave but he held my hand. I turned to him abruptly, ready for a fight. 
“Who is going to pay for these drinks?” he asked.
I shook my hand from him angrily and made to leave but he stopped me again by holding me by my belt. He stood up and faced me.
“What is wrong with you? Do you want to embarrass your blood? Haven’t you been reading our rules book? It’s an offense to disrespect your superior,” he said silently in my ear.

“But, if you want to be smart, just expect my cartel to visit you tonight and inform your precious mum who you are,” he said with a grin.

”Her son has joined bad gang,” he added. 

This actually sent the right signal as I dipped my hand in my pocket and dropped the money for the drinks on the table. Then I noticed everyone saw me and they knew me very well.

As I walked out of the place, I heard the thug guy laughing and saying out loud, “You guys better respect him now, he is my blood. A real bad guy.”

To be continued…

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