My Madam And I – Episode 95

“Move!” one of the guys said behind me and gave me a mild push on my back.
I was about moving when someone kicked my leg and I tripped over. They immediately held me down while I struggled effortlessly to break free. They tied my hands behind my back. After a while of struggle, I was bound on both hands and my legs as well with my eyes still blind folded. They left me there all by myself and went away. Fear engulfed me as I wondered if they had it in mind to kill me. Again, I reassured myself that If they wanted to kill me they would have killed me long time ago since they know where I live.

I heard some people join in, and a husky voice commanded, “Lie down there!”
Just then, someone stepped on me and immediately removed the leg. Then he started lying beside me, same as several others.
“Brothers, launch on them!” the husky voice commanded.
They started flogging us with a cold metal, perhaps a machete from the feel of it. The other guys cried like babies while I took mine with subdued groans. 

“Please have mercy, please have mercy,” one of the guys with me said. 
“You said what? Mercy? Your father! Who told you I want anything to do with your stinking vagina girlfriend?” the husky voice said and they all laughed hysterically. 
The beating continued almost immediately. The guy who begged received more beating for the begging. Suddenly, there was a gunshot. A brief silence followed, then a voice said, “They must have killed one of those smelly.“ 
“I heard Trigger-Freak butcher executed one for just begging,” the husky voice said.
There was a sudden calmness from my fellow newbies. 

“There is a grave beside you guys. If any one of you dies, I will bury you there. Lunch on these smellies!“ the husky voice commanded again.
They started using sticks, machetes and kicks on us. Then they asked us to stand after several drills. I struggled to my feet with much difficulty. Suddenly, there was a sound of breaking bottle followed by a scream. Then another, then it landed on my head. I felt like I was electrocuted. Another followed and another, then sticks and blows.
“this one has fainted,” one of them said.
“check if he is dead,” the husky voice said.
A brief silence followed, then came the first voice. 
“I think he is dead.”
“Awee! We are rugged!” the husky voice shouted.
“Awee! we are rugged!” they all chorused. 
“bury him!” the husky voice commanded as they began to sing a sorrowful song.

Leader: I came

Chorus: Awee
Leader: I saw the wicked on earth,
Chorus: Awee
Leader: My brother elele
Chorus: Awee
Leader: My brother elele
Chorus: Awee
Leader: Call my mother
Chorus: Awee
Leader: Tell her I’m no one
Chorus: Awee
Leader: Call my father
Chorus: Awee
Leader: Tell him I am a strong man
Chorus: Awee
Leader: When I die
Chorus: Awee
Leader: My brother bury me
Chorus: Awee
Leader: Take my girlfriend
Chorus: Awee
Leader: But bury me well
Chorus: Awee
Leader: May I die a hero
Chorus: Awee
Leader: My brother remember me
Chorus: Awee
Leader: May I not die a running 
Chorus: Awee
Leader: My brother remember me
Chorus: Awee
With this song they buried the guy, or so it seems from the sound of the happenings around me. 

“Where is he?” came a familiar voice.
“Who?” asked the husky voice.
“What kind of rubbish question is that? Our VIP newbie,” the familiar voice said.
“Okay…he is over there,” the husky voice said.
“Here you are…finally,“ the voice said.
I now recognized the voice clearly. The thug guy’s. 

A strong punch landed on my tummy, followed by a swift uppercut. I fell backwards and struggled up on my side. A kick descended on my rib and I fell flat face down with my hands and feet still bound. The other guys seem to be enjoying it as they all laughed in amusement. 
“there’s a new style I saw in a movie and I would love to try it. Raise him up,” the thug guy said.
They dragged me up and held me steady. 
“Wait…wait I’m coming, hold him still,” the thug guy said.
“where are you going…do you want to fly?” a voice asked him. 
“it’s call flying kick,” the thug guy responded. 
They all laughed and the guys holding me held me still as I waited in fear of the unknown. 

Suddenly, I heard someone running and I knew I should be expecting the worst. Then came a kick on my chest that moved my feet from the ground and took me a little distance backwards before landing me recklessly on the floor. The pain I felt on my hand that was bound backwards and the kick on my chest was excruciating. I coughed and shook feverishly. 
“Please don’t kill him yet. We are yet to take our own pound of flesh,” the husky voice said.
“Grand commander wants fleshes of the smelly on the fire field,” another voice said.
“oh no! why now?” said the thug guy in disgust.
“Don’t worry. It’s time to cut our own pound. Make sure you take as much as you want,” the husky voice said.

The rope on my leg was loosed but I was still blindfolded. We were led to a place where they sang and danced with gunshots in the air. I prayed to God silently in my heart to help me survive the night. I made promises to God. Promises I didn’t know if I can fulfill. Then came a voice from the crowd.

“Brothers! We are going to experience a trap in the loose in the fire field. 22 score in a single shot is a wile, awee.’’
They all chorused, “Awee!”
“we have a VIP,” came the voice again.
they all chorused excitedly, “Awee!…Aweee!…Aweeeeee!…Aweeeeee!…”

To be continued…

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