My Madam And I – Episode 94

“Boy!” the tall one said, still looking at me in a dreadful way.
I felt my balls run into my stomach. I managed to utter something.
“what are you people doing here?” I said, still feeling cold in my palms.
“let’s see outside,“ Jacky said, motioning me with his hand towards the exit. 
I swallowed hard and sheepishly dragged my feet as I went outside the gate of my compound with them, feeling the heavy beat of my heart against my chest. 
The tall one said as soon as we were outside, “tonight is the full moon.”

I looked up to see how he got to know the full moon would be out tonight. They looked at each other and smiled. Then Jacky tapped me on the shoulder and said with a smirk on his face, “full moon is the day of our initiation.”
“okay, I will come over at Jacky’s place tonight,” I said, trying to buy time to escape. 
They both looked at me with absolute seriousness.

“you are coming with us!” the huge one who has been quiet said with a note of anger.
“I’m busy inside the house. I can’t leave what I was doing to follow…”
I was still talking when the huge one pulled up his shirt and showed me a pistol handle shooting out from his belt. I immediately shut up and looked at them with fear.

“If you value the lives of your loved ones you better follow us. We ought to take two of yours to replace ours but we are going to let that slide if you become one of us,” the tall one said, crossing his arm around my neck.
“Should I at least tell my people I’m going out?” I asked, evidently shivering in fear. 
“Don’t worry. You will give them a call,” he said, moving away and pulling me along with his arm still around my neck.

I found myself at Jacky’s house regretting ever knowing him. I sat stiffly on a stool rubbing my cold palms together. The house was filled up with about eight other guys smoking and drinking gin. They all gave me an ominous look which sent cold down my spine, making me wonder if the weather suddenly became frozen.

I overheard one of them whispering to another, “if he survives tonight, then he is indeed lucky.”

They both looked at me and continued smoking.
I knew it was going to be my funeral tonight. I thought of fighting my way out when Jacky came to me with half a bottle of gin.
“take…” he said, handing it to me, ”…you will need it.”
I looked at him and he was as nervous and scared as I was. Apparently, he is of low rank in the gang so his hands where tied concerning me. I held his shirt and drew him closer to whisper in his ear.
“Are they going to kill me?” I asked, looking around at the ominous faces.

Jacky pulled himself slowly away from my grip, looked around to see if any of his gang were observant of how I held him, then he whispered, “I passed through it and I’m still alive, same as everyone here. What makes you think you won’t survive it?” he said and walked way.
His tone was not reassuring but I decided to buy his words for my own sake. I was about taking a sip from the bottle given to me when the thug guy I fought with came in. He spotted me immediately he walked in. A wicked grin spread on his face as he came confidently towards me.

“I canceled my trip just to be here tonight. I will make sure I will be the one to end you,” he whispered to me, chuckled and walked away.
His words paralyzed me for a while. I then took a long gulp from the bottle and was about to take another when a kind looking guy walked up to me and said snappily,
“it’s alright, I understand. The gang needs the likes of you, that’s why you are still alive. I will see you on the other side,” and he disappeared.

I didn’t know when I finished my drink and took a stick of cigarette from a guy who offered me one. I smoked it aggressively and was looking out for another drink when a guy shouted, “brothers of the night wind!”
They all chorused, ”aweee! awee!“
I was startled by the sudden change but controlled myself. He repeated again four times, followed by their timely response before he began to speak.

“We have strained our fourth teeth with ample and apple. Yet we ran in the ocean with 6th and 7th angels of the devil. Today, another devil may land on our feet, that is if Shakula allows the rain to stay. Brothers of the night wind!”
“Awee! Awee!” they chorused.
“It’s time,” he said.
He ended on that note and everyone stood up and began dressing themselves immediately. Two guys came to me and said, “follow us!”

I stood up and followed them. We got into a golf car and started driving to an unknown destination. In my heart I began to wonder why I have refused to act and remained calm. Then it occurred to me that I was subconsciously protecting Jacky who would pay with his life if I elope. Also, I don’t know what they may do to my family since they know where I live.

We stopped in the middle of nowhere beside a forest. The other cars that followed behind parked as well. I noticed several other cars that were parked before our arrival and so were some scary looking guys; apparently they were in for same as I was. So, my courage grew as I knew I wasn’t alone.
“Blindfold them!” someone shouted in the dark.
Immediately, I was blindfolded and led into the bush, pushed from behind. I walked a long distance brushing leafs and kicking roots of overgrown trees as I progressed.

I had walked some lengthy distance when I heard voices of people in pain and gunshots.

One of them shouted, “Please! Let me go, I don’t want again!”

Another voice responded, “Shut up! Do you want to die?”

To be continued…

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  1. Toor. You don enter on chance. But then actor no dey die. Maybe na your great ancestor go come to your rescue this time.

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