My Madam And I – Episode 93

I sat up with cold water dripping from all over my body. Sandra had already gone in shutting the door hard behind her. I was shivering from the cold that was piercing through my skin, gripping my bones as hard as possible. I stood up folding my arms against my chest to tame the massive intrusion of wild cold that pervaded the sitting room. Slowly, I struggled to put off the air conditioner and shut the windows. Yet, my temperature dropped rapidly because of the wetness of my clothes. 
“how am I going to get off in this cold weather?” I said to myself.

Then, I struggled to walk to the door. As soon as it was opened, I immediately closed it. The wind blew very cold. I was returning to my seat when I heard cars driving in. I quickly ran to the window to see who it was because I anticipated the unfriendly visit of Sandra’s zombies. Alas, it was the devil showing up just in time. I suddenly felt warm and ran out of Sandra’s house. I hid myself at the general visitors’ restroom at the corridor that leads to the exit.

I was completely oblivious of the stench from the urine whose longevity has grossly multiplied its sulfuric rigidity. I gladly sat beside it listening to the rush of footsteps towards Sandra’s flat. I remained in my hidden position, aware of the rapid pounding of my heartbeat. The footsteps died off but I didn’t want to risk checking what’s going on, so I remained still in my awkward state.

“He’s gone ma,” a voice said casually.
“You mean you didn’t see anyone walk out?” Sandra’s voice came in a worried tone.
“no ma!” the voice replied.
I heard the door close and footsteps up and down the corridor. Another door opened and someone shouted, “who are you!” 
A familiar voice replied, “I live here.”
I was able to place the voice. It was the tall man from earlier. 
“What’s going on here?” he inquired.
“Will you get back into your flat?!” a voice commanded.

I heard a door closed and another door opened.
“Boys!” called the voice talking with Sandra earlier. 
“Sir!” came a chorus response from the voices of the so-called boys. 
“Come inside!” the voice commanded.
“Alright sir!” the boys chorused again.

I waited until the door closed before I sneakily raced out of the house like Mr Flash. 
I was in a safe distance before I stood a little to gasp for air. Then it dawned on me that I had lost Sandra. I felt hot tears rolling down my cheeks. I didn’t believe I could cry for a woman. I quickly wiped it off and channeled my anger to Ruth.

It was getting bright, perhaps around 7am. I had completely lost track of time. I walked the long distance to my house in a complete trance. I was deep in a million ways to kill Ruth and a thousand ways to keep malice with mum for life. Before I realized where I was, I had gotten close to my area. I had been trekking for 3 hours 30minutes without realizing it. Sweat drenched my shirt and my feet was remarkably dusty. The sun was now beginning to scorch but I cared less of them all.

I was home and slowly walked up the stairs. I found Ruth in the kitchen washing dishes.
“What…what…what are…you doing here, you witch?” I stuttered angrily. 
She moved backwards, aware I was in no way reasonable.
“what are you doing here?!” I yelled.
She didn’t say anything but kept a pathetic stare at me. I rushed towards her and threw a slap at her but she ducked and I hit the door hard behind her, letting out a loud banging sound. She ran into the house calling mum. I took a breakable plate and flung it in her direction. Again, I missed and it hit the wall and scattered.

Mum rushed out of her room as Ruth opened the door hastily. 
“Mike! Mike! What is wrong with you? When did you become a woman beater?” mum said, shielding Ruth with her body while she hid behind mum.
“Tell that witch to go and fix what she spoilt. Tell her to go and fix it or else I’m going to kill her and kill myself!” I yelled on top of my voice. 
“God forbid! You will do no such thing. Spit it out! You will do no such thing,” mum said, still shielding Ruth.
“You better tell her!” I said and walked into my room banging the door behind me. 

I laid facing the ceiling. My heart was breaking into shreds I could barely breathe. I sat up and my heart raced around evil thoughts; one was to end it all with the gun under the bed. Another was to kill Ruth and blow my head off; at least it will pain less. 

I then decided to reach for the gun where I kept it, it wasn’t there anymore. I scattered everything under the bed but couldn’t find it. I turned the room upside down, yet it was nowhere to be found. I remembered Ruth saw me hiding it under the bed.

“What sort of witch is this?!” I barked out loud.

“Where has she taken this stuff to?” I asked myself.
I quickly came out of the room and went straight to mum’s room.
“Where is she?” I yelled at mum, looking searchingly around the room.

“Are you mad? How dare you barge into my room like that? Are you out of your senses?” mum asked, standing to face me.
“Mum, where is that witch? Where is she?!” I yelled and stormed out of mum’s room.

Mum called effortlessly after me as I searched zealously for Ruth all over the house. I was running down the stairs when I bumped into Jacky and two other guys from the last time in Jacky’s house looking ominously at me.

To be continued…

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  1. Your eye go clear sharp sharp once you see Jacky and him guys na. Who born you?
    I hope say all this your shout no be scam.

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