My Madam And I – Episode 92

I found myself standing in front of Phila’s house few minutes later. She opened the door after a few knocks. 
“heyyy! Who do we have here?” she said, hugging me.
I discovered I didn’t want to let go as I awfully enjoyed the comfort of her embrace. She then broke loose and gave me a suspecting look before leading me into the house.
“you look lean, what’s been happening? You sounded broken over the phone,” she said, sitting on her couch. 
I sat beside her and shook my head, avoiding her piercing eyes. 
“Talk to me Mike,” she said, putting her hand on my thigh. 

I narrated all that ensued between me and Sandra, not leaving any details out including the pregnancy. Phila listened with keen interest until I was done before she spoke.
“how could you be so reckless Mike? If I were Sandra, I would have gotten you arrested and beaten to pop,” she said.

I didn’t see that coming. Her scolding made me regret telling her the entire truth. 
“I’m sorry that I’m sounding rather hash instead of consoling you, but I need to tell you the truth Mike. You acted so lousy. How are you going to take care of two babies in your current joblessness? Or, are you depending on the peanut we pay you?” she said with her voice so hostile.
I just looked between my legs and said nothing. 

She drew closer to me and placed her hand on my shoulder and was about to continue when the sitting room door flung open. Her son came in with a nylon of ice cream in his hand and ran straight to his mum followed by her boyfriend.
“Mummy! Mummy!” the boy shouted as he jumped on his mum’s body. 
She hugged him and the boy broke free immediately and showed his mum what he got for her.
“mummy, I got you vanilla,” he said, smiling.
“you always know mum’s favorite. Thank you sweetheart,” she said and collected the bag from him.

Phila’s boyfriend gave me an uninviting look as he slowly walked in, observing the closeness between me and his girlfriend. I didn’t know whether to move slightly away or remain where I was. To remedy my awkward state, I extended a hand towards him. He looked at it and said to Phila who obviously was obsessed with her son to notice either of us, “hey sweetie!”
“Baby, welcome. How was was your day?” she asked.
“fine, I’m going in,” he said with a note of disapproval and walked into the room. 
Phila gave him a surprised look and suddenly returned to her son.
“sweetie, go in and freshen up. Let me discuss with uncle, okay?” 
“ok mummy,” the boy answered and ran into his room. 

Then she turned to me and asked, “Mike dear, who do you love between both girls?” 
“Sandra,“ I said without thinking. 
Phila looked at me, smiled and said, “Then go for her. Don’t ever call me again if you don’t make up with her.”
“I plan on doing that tomorrow, maybe…” I said.
She gave me a stern look and said, “Who is talking about tomorrow? Go to her right now! Kneel, cry, do whatever it takes to make her forgive you.”

I looked surprised at her. My intention of coming to her was to get a feminine comfort but from the look of things I wasn’t getting any of that. 
“I cant go over there tonight, it’s already late. The security men who guard her area don’t understand English. They shoot before they ask questions,” I said, suppressing my disappointment.
“Mike!” she called.
I looked at her in the eyes and then turned away when our eyes met.
“This is the ripe time. At least, if you claim she loves you, she won’t allow you step out at night,” she said.

These words of hers got me standing miserably in front of Sandra’s house. I struggled to knock severally but withheld my hand.
“who are you looking for?” a man asked from behind.
I turned immediately and beheld a very lanky man of about 7 feet tall in his mid ages.
“Sandra,” I said, realizing the tension in my tone.
This ignited suspicion from the man as he cautiously moved closer to me.
“why didn’t you call her?” he asked, eyeing me ominously.
I uneasily took out my phone and suddenly realized I should have knocked. Then, with a tremulous hand I landed my knuckle on her door.

“why not use the bell?” the man said, still eyeing me. 
I realized the awkward state I was in and then pushed it, looking at the man from the side of my eyes. 
The man then took out his phone and started dialing a number, still fixing his eyes on me. This prompted me to push the butting severally. 
“who is that?” came Sandra’s voice.
I looked at the man satisfactorily while he stopped dialing on his phone but still watching me. 
“won’t you answer?” he asked suspiciously.
“It’s me!” I shouted.

The door flung open and I beheld Sandra’s disapproving stare. She turned away from me to the tall man.
“Mr Bruno, hi!” she said.
“hi Sandra. Are you okay with him?” he asked, still eyeing me. 
“he is okay. Thanks for the call,” she said, smiling.
“it’s okay, alright goodnight,” he said and started walking through the corridor. 
“goodnight,” she replied.

After a while, as the man disappeared from sight, Sandra broke the awkward moment between us.
“yes, what can I do for you?” she asked.
I knelt down immediately, looking very pathetic I said, “I’m sorry baby. I cant live a day without you. You make my life meaningful, I can’t breathe without you. I truly love you baby. I am useless without you, please don’t drive me insane. Please don’t cause me sleepless nights. I am ready to serve any punishment. Call the soldiers on me. Shoot my legs, but please forgive me. After that, I don’t mind to be crippled but to be with you.”

She stood looking at me as though my lines struck her weak spot. She then asked me to stand up. I was so excited and made to hug her but she pushed me away.

“Stop right there! Do you think I can be fooled by the same line you just finished using on Ruth? I bet those lines caught her. You better go work things out with her and care for your second child. Please get going, its getting late,” she said and shot the door on my face. 

I was surprised at this side of Sandra. I never knew she could be this unforgiving towards me. I knocked again and rang her bell severally but she didn’t respond. 
I made to leave but the fear of the unlearned men on guard tamed me. So, I ended up sleeping in front of Sandra’s door.

The door swung open and I fell over.
“what are you still doing here?” she asked angrily.
I wiped the saliva from the side of my mouth and cleared my eyes before standing up.
“I asked you a question young man!” she yelled.
I made to kneel again, but she held me up and said, “come in.”
I looked at her as though I didn’t hear her well.
“I said come in before I change my mind!” she barked.
I jumped in and looked pitifully at her as she closed the door. She was looking very sexy in her skin tight transparent black pant and a red net singlet. My dick rose angrily at the sight of her voluptuousness.
“sleep on the couch!” she said and walked in.

I was so happy that perhaps this was a chance of me finding a place in her forgiveness. So, I laid and slept off after a long while of brooding over the scenario of the day.

I was awakened from the sweet navigation of the turn my sleep was about taking by a cold water in the chilling of the weather, coupled with her very high air-condition. I jumped up and saw Sandra looking maliciously at me.
“you have overstayed your welcome. Get the hell out of my house. It’s morning already. Get the hell out of my house!” she yelled. 

I looked at the time on her wall clock. It was 5am. Then I turned to her and said, “Please, forgive me. I’m very sorry.”

I was surprised when tears rolled down my cheeks.
Sandra looked at me for a while and burst out in a boisterous laughter.
“You are indeed a gold digger, how desperately you want to come back. If you choose to remain here, you do that at your own risk. My boys are on their way and if they meet you here…” she said and walked into her room.

To be continued…

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  1. Well done. I am an ardent reader of this well crafted stories. I always look forward to reading it day and night. You are doing a great job. Can you imagine? My Madam and I is on 92nd episode. What a wonderful job. Keep it up.

    But Sandra dey fall my hand o.

    What about Mike’s initiation?

    Different levels of gobe o

  2. Whaooo you kept me spell bound always waiting to read what the next episode will be you are a prolific writer.

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