My Madam And I – Episode 90

Thomas walked me to the parking lot countering every resistance from me to lose him. His car was parked close to mine. His ladyboy reluctantly walked away from us and took the front seat of Thomas’s car, looking bitchily at his manicured finger nails.

I forgot to state how the ladyboy looked. He wore lip gloss and a light make-up that gave him a feminine face. He had a very low cut with a pair of earrings. His hugged elastic black top was opened to his collarbone, revealing his slim physique upon a very tight pink jeans that hung slightly above his ankle and a pair of yellow feminine sandals.

“Whose car is this?” Thomas asked, looking with keen interest at the SUV.
“A friend’s,” I answered, trying to avoid further questions.
He came closer to me and whispered, “What about my gun?” 
I was shocked at this question. But I had to have an answer for the question. So, I said without thinking, “It’s safe.”
Thomas smiled and looked at the ladyboy chewing radically and eyeing him maliciously. He ignored him and turned to me. 
“please, I need it back,” He said in a whisper, smiling nervously.
“okay, I will get it across to you,” I said.
He patted my shoulder, smiled and went to his car. I had just driven a little distance before it occurred to me that retrieving the gun won’t be easy, judging by the incidence at Jacky’s place.

I got home and parked the car at a neighbor’s then snuck into the house cautiously, looking out for any sign of Ruth or Mum. I was about sneaking into my room after spotting Ruth sleeping on the couch when my phone rang. I struggled to retrieve it from my pocket, retreating immediately. 
“hello,” I said without looking at the name on the phone.
“Mike, where are you?” the voice asked. 
I scanned through my head to place the feminine voice as I tiptoed downstairs.
“Mike, are you there?” the voice came again.
It then struck me. Sandra!

“Hey!” I said.
“Where have you been? I was expecting you to call,” she sounded worried.
“I’m sorry, I have been cruising around in my car,” I said, trying to sound cheerful while keeping my tone down.
“I thought we were going to celebrate it at my place?” she said, sounding down.
“I’m sorry. I will see you tomorrow morning, I promise. I have stuff to handle at home,” I said.
Someone’s shadow moved pass, I turned to see who it was but found no one. 
“can’t you just come over this night?” Sandra said, passionately pathetic.
“Okay. Let’s see how it goes if I can round off on time,” I said hastily, aware of someone eavesdropping.
“I’m expecting you,” she said.
“Alright dear,” I retorted and hung up.

I went upstairs aware that someone must have overhead most of my conversation. When I got upstairs, I found Ruth still sleeping. I was tiptoeing into my room when her voice startled me.
“you are welcome.” 
I turned to her. She struggled up, raising her head over the backrest of the chair.
“where have you been?” she said, sounding sleepy.
“I have been around,” I said nervously.
“are you hungry?” she asked .
I looked at her, surprised.
“hey, stop acting all dumb with me,” she said standing up.

“will you like rice and vegetables?” she said with her hands on her waist. 
I just nodded. She disappeared into the kitchen, leaving me looking flabbergasted behind her.

Everything went well between Ruth and I as if nothing happened earlier. She wholeheartedly bought my lie. But mum revisited the issue on her return while Ruth surprisingly spoke on my behalf which made mum lash me about betraying the only girl who truly loves me.

That night, Ruth and I resolved everything through make up sex in my room. We could actually have sex because my brother slept at his girlfriend’s. Even though she was wrapped in my arms sleeping peacefully, my heart raced on how to relay the ill news of her pregnancy to Sandra. I was up half of the night thinking. This affected my feelings towards her.

The next day, I tried to act normal, pleasing Ruth in every way possible. Then, a call came through from Jacky reminding me of my night of initiation. I was able to know he left town to see his parents in the village which gave me a brilliant idea to fetch the gun at his place. I found myself at Jacky’s place looking under his foot-mat for his apartment key. I retrieved it and went straight into the house, going through his stuff in search for the gun. I went through everywhere but couldn’t find it. I had already lost hope and sat on the couch miserably when a thought crossed my mind to check under the refrigerator. There it was, I quickly picked it up, wrapped it in a newspaper, went straight to my car and drove off.

I was home few minutes later. Hurried upstairs. Ruth was in the kitchen, so I snuck into my room trying not to call attention. But she caught up with me putting the gun under my bed.
“I heard someone walk in,” she said, standing at the entrance of my room with a knife in her hand.
I turned to her and quickly stood up.
“what are you doing under the bed?” she asked suspiciously.
“Nothing. Just retrieving my pen,” I said, walking out of the room to tame further suspicion. 

“will you like to eat?” she asked. 
“okay! What do you have?” I replied. 
“I’m making salad,” she said excitedly.
Just then, my phone rang. It was Sandra. I looked at Ruth who returned with a disapproving stare. She nodded and went to the kitchen before I took the call.
“Mike. Where are you? I’m so wet!” came Sandra’s voice.
I looked towards the kitchen before replying.
“I’m sorry, I will be with you soon. Give me a few minutes,” I said.

“I am giving you an hour else I’m coming over to your house. I can’t hold myself anymore. You allowed me sleep alone last night and kept me waiting. If I don’t see you here in an hour’s time I’m coming to make love to you at your place,” Sandra threatened and hung up.
I stood up and went to the kitchen. Ruth turned the moment I entered.
“Are you going out again?” she asked in disgust.
“I have to return the car. It’s urgent,” I said.
Ruth looked at me and said nothing.
“I won’t be long. Please keep my food, I’ll soon join you,” I said, not sounding assuring enough to my own ears.
She just nodded and went back to slicing the cabbage.

I was at Sandra’s few minutes later. She couldn’t wait for me to come in before she grabbed me on the neck hungrily kissed me, jumping on me, crossing her legs around my waist, nude. I responded passionately taking in what she gave. We ended up on the couch with Sandra ripping off my shirt and feasting on my body while I held back a moan. She brought down my pants and took in all of my hard cock deep down her throat. I was lost in the extreme sensation from what she did with her mouth when suddenly someone walked in on us. I jerked backward immediately to see who it was. Lo and behold, it was Ruth. 

I covered myself up with my trouser while Sandra used my sleeve top to cover her breasts.
“What are you doing here?!” Sandra demanded.
Ruth looked at me pitifully, shaking vehemently. I couldn’t face her so I buried my face in my hands. 
“answer me! How did you get here?!” Sandra barked.
Ruth looked at Sandra ominously and started walking towards her aggressively. Sandra apparently knew danger was brewing so she stood up to face Ruth, still clinging to the covering on her chest.
“get out of my house before I get you arrested!” Sandra commanded.

Before I raised my head, Ruth was on Sandra, punching and dragging her hair. Sandra guided her nakedness, giving room for Ruth to meet her advantage. I quickly intervened, pulling Ruth off Sandra. She bit my finger and almost ripped it off until I let go. She left me and went back to attacking Sandra. I jumped on Ruth again and dragged her while she held on to Sandra’s hair. It took some effort to get her hands off Sandra’s hair. 

Ruth shouted on top of her voice raining abuses and struggling to break loose as I struggled to tame her. As soon as Sandra was out of Ruth’s grip, she ran inside the house and came out nude with a pistol, wielding it ominously at Ruth. I quickly stood in front of Ruth with my hand stretched out. 
“Mike! Get out of my way, let me blow this bloody civilian’s head off!” she shouted aggressively.
“Sandy! Sandy! Please calm down! Please…” I said apologetically.
“Mike!” she yelled, “Get out of my way right now!” 
Ruth held on to my back frightened, hiding her face and shivering.

I walked closer to Sandra slowly, still shielding Ruth with my body while Sandra looked for a way to get at Ruth.
“sweetie…Calm down…take it easy…think of it, if you kill her, its murder! Will you like to be called a murderer?” I said, coming closer to reach for the gun.
“If I kill her right here, nothing will happen. My boys will take care of the mess,” she raged, wielding the gun carelessly towards me.
I was close enough to touch the tip of the pistol. Then I gently held her hand and made to take the gun from her before she retreated into the room. Ruth sank into the chair with her hands on her chest, panting heavily. It was then I realized I was nude.

I took a long look at Ruth who was completely oblivious of my stare. Then I sat beside her with my hands on my jaws, thinking of what could have happened. Sandra popped out of the room shortly in a long blue striped gown. 
“what is she still doing here?!” Sandra yelled. 
“leave him alone!” Ruth retorted, standing to her feet to face Sandra squarely.
Sandra and I exchanged a surprised look.

“I’m pregnant for him! I guess he hasn’t told you. You are not welcomed in his house as well, ask his mother!” Ruth yelled confidently.
This information paralyzed Sandra. She just looked at me as though I suddenly grew horns. I was swollen up in confusion and shame that I felt the ground would open up and swallow me.
“is that true?” Sandra finally asked. 
I couldn’t bring myself to say anything to her so I remained mute.
“you see? He can’t say anything. Ask him again, perhaps he’ll tell you we made sweet passionate love again last night,” Ruth said with a malicious grin. 

“Get out of my House!” Sandra yelled.
Ruth dusted her shirt and trouser, looked me in the face, smiled and said, “see you at home sweetie,” after which she blew me a mocking kiss and left.

To be continued…

8 thoughts on “My Madam And I – Episode 90”

  1. Walahi Tunde, this story ehn, the kind mumuness well dey happen for there no dey let person feel the story. Send Ruth commot or Sandra or philia or somebody. Na wa o.
    Sandra for kill Ruth see make the whole story end. Sebi she wan die noni. Cos how person dey go soldier house go fight and she commot without any beating? I no gree o

  2. Baba, end this story or give us another one jorh. O tin gungun ya jare. E no get head or tail. The Mike guy is just mumu.

  3. Tunde biko give us something real. The story has lost the flava, u cannot go to a military officer’s house to misbehave especially not in nigeria.

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