My Madam And I – Episode 89

I returned home that day feeling a little lost. I had to bring the car home because I couldn’t guarantee its safety at Jacky’s anymore. There Ruth was, sleeping with a smile on the couch. The cut on my finger left me with a slight pain. I went straight to my room to reason things out. The urge to involve Sandra was so pressing; again the fear of putting Jacky in danger tamed me. I dozed off and was awoken by a call. It was from Amaka. What could she possibly want this time? Then I answered with an open mind.

“Hello,” I said in a sleepy tone.
“Mike. Could you come over please?” she begged.
“What’s the problem?” I asked with a note of disgust.
“George is dead!” she said in a depressed tone.
I searched my head to figure who George is but I couldn’t make out anything.
“Who is George?” I asked.
“The guy you met at my place. He died on his way to the airport,” Amaka explained.

I stood up instantly. My mind went straight to what the voodoo man had said and a slight cold engulfed me.
“How?” I asked.
“Mike, please come over I’m in pain,” she said. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow, its already dark,” I replied.
She hung up leaving me in a huge dilemma. Another weight on my head. My thoughts went from what mum said about Sandra to Amaka’s news about George. I connected it to the voodoo man’s advice of me getting married to Amaka. The thought of this sounded so disgusting to my ears that it made me shiver. 

The next day, I got up early because I couldn’t sleep all night. I took the car and was about driving off when Ruth came running to me.
“What’s it?“ I asked in disgust.
“where are you going this early without checking on me?” she asked, holding on to my car door through the opened window.
I looked angrily at her and tried with every effort in me not to say any provocative word.
“I have an appointment,” I managed to mutter and made to reverse.

Again, she refused to let go but shove a file in my face.
“Who owns this? It’s clearly stated that the owner of this SUV is you,” she said in a hostile way.

I was stunned to see the document in her possession. She opened the door before I realized what was going on.
“Lie! Deny it mike! That’s what you know how to do best, lie!“ she yelled.
I was short of words and was completely drained for argument that morning. So, I closed the door and made to drive off but she opened it again and held me on my shirt.

“You are not going anywhere without telling me who got you this car,” she said, clinging tightly to my collar.
“let go young lady! I’m not cut out for any drama this morning,” I said.
Just then, neighbors who were off to work came to intervene. I felt really embarrassed and struggled to get her hands off my shirt. To make issue worse, she was wearing just her pink transparent night gown that revealed most of her body, save her white poker dotted pant. Every of her anatomy was easily seen. 

The brouhaha called mum’s attention. She obviously was on Ruth’s side, claiming that I owed Ruth an explanation and herself inclusive. I knew I wouldn’t get out of this easily, so, I came out of the car and walked out on them ignoring mums call and Ruth’s yell.

Few minutes later, I was at Amaka’s house. She was completely drenched in her tears with few sympathizers looking all disheartened. I wasn’t good at comforting those in sorrow. So, I took a seat beside her waiting for her companion to leave before I can throw in my condolence. 

“I’m sorry,” I said, the moment I was able to say something.
She nodded and sniffed in. We said little to each other until the crowd died off. She came and embraced me in a mournful sob. I had no choice but to hold her in return. The next thing I knew was a kiss on my neck. I was shocked at this. I tried to push her away but she held on to me and continued kissing.

“Please mike, kiss me.” she begged in a shredded tone amidst tears and catarrh.
I was still contemplating when she grabbed my neck low and planted her lips on mine. I was drawn by pity and lust which made my groin bulge. Before long, we began to kiss and she put all her emotion into it. I’m sure she really needed the distraction even if it was to get her mind off George’s demise for a little while. The smooching was so intense that we both got carried away by our raging hormones.

We ended up having hot sex in the sitting room with the doors open. Few times I noticed someone trying to come in but they drew back immediately. I tried to caution Amaka but she cared less and was desperately in need of what I was giving her. She moaned hysterically and cried as I felt her pussy rupture in response to my deep and choking thrusts. It got so messy her pussy was creaming massively on my shaft.

I was still in my clothes save for my jeans that was pulled down slightly. She didn’t take off her gown either. I only raised it up just enough to allow penetration. I discovered I needed the sex as much as she did. The stress in my head had completely drained the juice out of my faculty. We both realized the stupidity in what we have done few minutes after a fat lady came in looking embarrassed. I gracefully zipped up and smiled at the lady who looked away and turned to the floor. Amaka was less concerned as she addressed the lady casually like nothing happened. 

I was out of Amaka’s house to face the war at my place. On a second thought, I navigated to a lounge to have a drink. Someone touched me on my shoulder. I turned to see Thomas smiling at me as though we were best buddies. 
“Mike my man!” He said, extending a handshake.
I was completely lost for words and subconsciously shook his hand while he sat in front of me in a boisterous smile. I then noticed a girly guy by him who looked at me with so much contempt. 

“Where have you been?” Thomas asked excitedly.
The girly guy sat beside him leaning on his shoulder while he tried to shove him away with a nudge.
“you mean after the blackmail?” I asked, cautiously looking at the cross dresser who eyed me maliciously.

“Hahahaha…Come on man! Let bygone be bygone bro. Can we pickup from our previous pace?” he asked, extending a handshake. 
I wondered if to shake him or not. Before I could make up my mind, he had already took my hand and shook it excitedly. The ladyboy blew his gum and chewed it like a cheap prostitute, still eyeing me maliciously. I ignored him and focused on Thomas.

“How about the boy and the police?” I asked.
“The case is still on. Investigation is really intensive. Don’t worry though, we swept all about you under the carpet,” He said, smiling suspiciously.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “My Madam And I – Episode 89”

  1. Na was. Wetin be Ruth problem? Dem don tell her say she no go see another man for her life? Na Ruth true true sha. Ruth abokoku…
    🎹🎼🎤Amake disappoint me…
    Amaka no dey fail to disappoint. Person die, she dey fuck.
    But Mike, you sef, na wa for you.

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