My Madam And I – Episode 8

A new manager was appointed almost immediately. It was more of imposing it on him than an appointment. He is the oldest staff after Sam (I’m talking about 9 months). No one has been able to beat Sam’s record. We all silently mourned Sam, while going about our duties. Every one was as careful as they could be while discreetly searching for another job. Many resigned the same day Sam left, but they were replaced after a few hours that same day.

At the close of work few days after Sam’s dismissal. I and Ruth strolled down the route to the park where we take a separate cab to our destinations. Prior to this day, I have heard nothing from my madam. It was as if nothing has ever happened between us when we see at work, she’s always frolicking in her usual antagonistic mood. I felt a hand fumbling with mine. Then I turned to look at her, Ruth smiled and held my hand. “come to my place tonight, my sister traveled and am scared of sleeping alone”, she said and smiled flirtatiously. Immediately, I felt life entering my groin. How embarrassing! My material trouser could not curtail it’s protruded rigidity, so I had to tame it with a hand in my pocket.

“You know I will impregnate you if I come home with you”, I returned, still trying to hide my struggle. “who said I will allow you touch me? I am not that kind of girl o, I easily get scared when I am alone that’s why I need you around. Please Mike don’t say no, pleaseeee”, She childishly pleaded.

I looked into her beautiful face and her charming countenance hardened my groin even more. I had to lose her grip from my hand and excuse myself to pee on the road side. It took me some seconds to pull out my vain infested rod. I held it and counted from thirty backwards just to distract myself. Ruth who was now impatient called out that I should hurry up. I pulled my rod upwards and suspended it with my belt. It felt good after that. “were you jerking off or something?”, her statement was more of a verdict than a question. I simply ignored her and strolled on.

We got to the park and she held my hands and pleaded that I accompany her home again. The more I looked at her, the more my belt tightened and sent pain to my now bursting groin. This time my bleeping rod did the thinking and gave its approval, which was invariably positive. I made a snappy call to my house informing them of my absence for the night. Before long we were at her place, after the long distance drive that almost tore my bleeping rod from sitting down. She made matters worse by resting on my shoulder all the way to her place. How I prayed silently for the journey to come to an end and God was faithful, he answered almost immediately.

Her place is a small self contain apartment, with kitchen opposite the toilet and black tiles on the floor. The room reeked of femininity from a stylish design. Colours pink and purple on the walls, middle sized teddy bear on the bed, pink bed sheet, and other feminine depicting items. A 14inch flat screen Samson TV hung on the wall and an LG home Theatre lying directly beneath it. I laid on the bed, watching a musical selection playing from a musical device, while Ruth fixed dinner. She called from the kitchen at every interval until she was done cooking . We sat on the flat middle sized foam and ate the food from the floor. It was very tasty noodles, garnished with fish and carrots. I give it to her, she’s a great cook.

We talked about anything that made sense or not during our meal. Few minutes later we were done. I laid back watching my musicals while she got ready to take her bath. There is never a dull moment with Ruth’s mouth. She kept calling my attention with gist distracting me from my interest. She tied her white towel on her chest and slid off from her fitted black T-shirt and tight blue faded jeans trouser. I tried to steal glances, hoping to catch a thing of interest which was out of reach. Again I struggled with my rod. I had to lie on it to tame it. Ruth Swung into the bathroom paying no attention to me and came out minutes later.

“oga, go and take your bath!”, she commanded. I held the pillow against my groin pretentiously as I staggered toward the bathroom. She had an amused hint in her eyes as they followed me. “Oga! Are you taking the pillow to the bathroom?”, she teasingly asked. I threw it at her and went into the bathroom with my clothes on while her loud laughter lurked behind.

I came out of the bathroom minutes later to find Ruth in a white sexy nightie that revealed all the contours on her body while sleeping peacefully. I smiled ominously to myself, ‘this is indeed an invitation’ was my thought. I was clad in just my boxers. And so I moved towards the bed and laid close to her. Before I could feed my eyes on her voluptuous curved buttocks she covered it up with a wrapper, still in her pretentious sleep. I sighed heavily. “This is going to be interesting”, I imagined.
Ruth paid zero attention to me, while I struggled with my lust. I couldn’t fight it anymore, so I decided to give in. I moved closer to her and started touching her slowly. She jumped up abruptly with widely opened eyes.

“Mike! What are you doing?”, she asked. I was startled but bravely replied, “calm down Ruth, I’m just trying to touch you”, I said while trying to conceal my embarrassment. She sounded enraged as she spoke, “am I a teddy bear or something? Mike please don’t do this! I like you, but not in that way. I told you I’m not that kind of girl, please let’s respect ourselves and pretend nothing of this happened please!”. She stormed and drew further away from me. I felt as though I was sinking fast without help, but still had to give it another shot . “Can’t I hold you? Just to hold you, nothing more”, I pleaded. “Mike, no! no! Nothing of such!”, she shouted and almost woke the neighbors.

I drifted a little from her, because she looked aggressive as though she would attack me if I fail to be reasonable. So, I respected myself, turned the other way and whispered “goodnight!”. “goodnight!”, she replied and moved further away from me to the floor, leaving the bed for me alone.

The next day, we both intentionally deleted the night’s episode from our consciousness, and maintained our usual rapport. Ruth inspired me a lot with the way she maturely swallowed up every trace of any huddle the night’s episode may have created. We got together, faced our usual duties which is seldom a routine. My madam would breeze in and jet off to her other businesses after putting everyone on their toes. For two months she barely took notice of me anytime she comes around, only when she is raining insult at me for something that wasn’t really my fault. I spitefully hate how I feel of late, completely like a woman whose husband absconded.

Two months later, I and Ruth were having lunch at a canteen close to the mall. Then suddenly she said, “I think madam is pregnant”, as she took a long gulp from her soft drink. I looked at her with a puzzled expression. “How do you mean she’s pregnant?” I said in a doubtful tone. “I’m telling you that madam’s secret bleeping has paid off”, she said nonchalantly as she threw a spoon full of rice into her mouth. “how did you know this?”, I asked still doubting her. “my guy!”, she said locking eyes with me for a few seconds. Then she continued, “trust me!”. She ended and continued eating without noticing the dilemma I was going through.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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