My Madam And I – Episode 76

Sandra held me aggressively on my shirt, drew me to herself and started kissing me. I couldn’t believe how much I missed her. We immediately started having sex. I was enjoying her silent moaning when Suddenly I woke up to discover Julian on top me riding my dick. I pushed her off me and stood up.

I slept that night with just my boxers on. I was so tired that I must have slept really deep and did not notice when someone pulled down my boxers and mounted me. Very much unlike me.

” what are you doing?!” I asked in a rigid whisper.
Julian quickly grabbed my hand and pushed me back to the couch. I gently moved away from her, taking her hands off me.
“stop this!” I said.
“please Mike. I need it,” she pleaded, walking closer to me.
I moved backwards, preventing her hands from reaching me.
“Jacky is going to happily oblige you. Please put yourself together,” she said, trying to persuade me.
She ran towards me but I pushed her and jumped over the couch .
“would you stop this?” I said in a serious tone.
She paused and looked at my dick which protruded from my boxers.
“wow! I enjoyed it. It fitted me just right,” she said, looking lustfully at my rod.

Suddenly, Jacky’s footsteps started approaching the sitting room. Julian ducked behind the couch while I rushed to the couch, took up my phone and pretended to be on a call.
“what’s that noise?” Jacky asked, standing at the door.
I looked up at him and pointed to my phone. He shook his head and made to leave when he suddenly asked, “have you seen Julian?”
I dropped the phone and said, “she should be in the toilet or something…”
He raised his eyebrows and went back to his room. Julian immediately stood up from where she hid, tiptoed to the toilet, flushed and then went to the room to meet Jacky.

The next day, I informed Jacky of my intention of returning to my house. He only nodded. I noticed Julian felt bad about it and was looking at me in a remorseful way. As I was about leaving, Jacky asked from behind me, “where’s the gun?”
I turned to him vexed and asked, “what the hell is wrong with you?!”
He stood up from the bed, walked up to me and said in a very cold tone, “you are my friend. I don’t want to have problems with you. Please, I need to borrow that gun. I have to be somewhere with it this evening.”

I knew Jacky was desperate. His eyes told me so. I needed to apply caution because I know who Jacky is. He’s not dangerous, but he is crazy. When provoked, he can do things that will hunt him for the rest of his life, hence the reason he smokes and do drugs.

“when I come back, we’ll talk about it,” I said and made to leave.
He held my arm, pulled me back and said in an ominous tone, “why do you think I gave you my precious jewel to bleep?”
I was so surprised to hear this. I looked at him wondering what he wouldn’t do to get what he wants.
“oh! you don’t know? Here’s the reason; I gave her to you as payment for that gun. You can use it whenever you wish. But it’s mine now. If you want to be even with me, bring Sandra over or Ruth for me to fuck, then I can take it to mean you have paid me back.” he said, with his voice was getting colder and his eyes were now bloodshot.

I wouldn’t want to start trouble with Jacky over a gun. But I knew how careless he could be. And I also know he’s the kind of guy who won’t sell out a friend, he would rather die a painful and agonizing death than betray a friend. His slogan: SNITCHES SHOULD BE BURNT ALIVE. I finally concluded to let him have it.
“it’s under the fridge.”
He ran immediately to confirm. When he saw it he screamed and rushed back to the room.
“Miiike my man! I will take a bullet for you mehn!” he said, kissing my cheek.
I pushed him away but he continued his hysterical display of excitement, dancing and singing. Julian remained on the bed looking at me. I turned from her and walked away.

As I was walking down the street, someone violently pulled me back. I was so provoked and wanted to unleash my fist on the persons face, but froze when I saw who it was. The thug guy. He smiled at me and nodded.
“so you are enjoying yourself? I have been looking for you. Mark my words, your days are numbered.” he said. Then he pushed me so hard I staggered backwards, but I regained my stand. He looked at me ominously and walked away. Right there and then, I made up my mind not to go back to Jacky’s house from work. Perhaps, he knows where I live. It’s time I put up with Ruth before I find a place of my own, I thought to myself.

I was at Ruth’s place later that evening. I had earlier called to let her know of my plans of putting up with her. She had assured me of letting Candy be in the know. So, that evening, Candy was the one who opened the door after several knocks. She wore a pink T-shirt and a jogger. Her hair was braided backwards and she was void of makeup.
“hey candy!” I said.
She just muttered something that sounded like ‘good evening’ and went back Inside. I followed her and sat on the bed while she buried her head in her bible.

I put my headphone in my ear and was listening to FM. The news was about the a man named Zadu who is the leader of a group called Oman from the southern region of the country that has been neglected by the government. Their mission was simply seeking the right to be active in political affairs and other benefits entitled to every citizen. Now, Zadu has been threatening the government with a civil war for months already if they fail to oblige his people their rights.

He was labeled a terrorist and hunted by the government, but he since then went on exile and recently resurfaced with his threats. Since his sudden reappearance, no one has been able to locate him. Yet his words were always in the news.

We heard a bang on the door. Candy went to get it. I was still listening to the news when Ruth hurried in looking like someone who just escaped death. She rushed to the window and closed the curtains looking so petrified. I immediately removed the headphone from my ears and rushed to her.
“what’s it?” I asked.
“they are killing people! They are killing people!” she said and started crying.
“killing who?!” Candy yelled impatiently.
“I don’t know who they are. I ran. Mike I ran…” she said amidst tears.
“will you calm down and explain?” I gently said.
“right at the junction. At our junction!” she screamed and started running recklessly around the room.

Soon we heard gun shots. I ordered everyone to go down. Candy kept yelling ‘Jesus!’ while Ruth screamed. I managed to move to the wall, stood up with my back on the wall and stretched my hand to the switch and put off the lights. I slowly opened the window. Outside, about 6 vans were driving into the street, shooting sporadically. Ruth made to stand, I yelled, “get down!”
A bullet pierced through the window and glass scattered everywhere. Ruth and Candy started screaming loudly.
“keep quiet! Keep quiet!” I shouted.

The guys outside unmounted their vans, running into houses around them and shooting. I bent over and said to the ladies, “we have to get out of here!” then I began crawling to the door. Candy refused to move from where she was. Again, bullets penetrated into the house and dug holes in the wall. The ladies screamed. I held Ruth’s hand and pulled her along while she reached for Candy.

We were at the corridor of the house. I stood up and they followed. We ran towards the exit and stood there. The sound of gun shots was now so loud with sparks of gun fire and smoke. I quickly ran to the gate and padlocked it. A bullet landed on the wall close to Ruth and candy. They both screamed and ran inside. I immediately ran to them and held their hands.
“They will be here soon. We are going to pass through the fence,” I said.
“I’m not going anywhere. I’m not leaving here,” Candy said, crying.
“please, we have to go! Trust Mike please. I can’t leave…” Ruth was still talking when gunshots started raining on the gate and the walls of the house.

The ladies jumped, screamed and wanted to run inside but I held their hands very tight and dragged them to the back of the house. The gunshots increased as they banged viciously at the gate. I carried Ruth up, she held the fence and crossed through to the other side. I picked Candy up but she refused to move she just held on to me. Suddenly, the gate gave way and I heard the men shouting and shooting.

“what’s wrong with you? They are here now!” I said, trying desperately to lift her. But she still held on to me. Ruth on the other side kept calling my name.
“talk to your sister, she wants to get us killed,” I said to Ruth.
Ruth then began to beg Candy who now held on to the fence. I had to push her till she was up but again, she refused to jump down.

Three of the gun men came to where we were and started shooting, that was when Candy let out a loud scream and jumped. I bent my head and ran to the side of the house. They chased after me screaming, “kill the rat! Kill the rat!”

I quickly held on to the edge of the fence and pulled myself up. They were almost close before I jumped over.

To be continued…

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  1. If one man can go through all this and live to tell the story. I wonder what life he would be living now… this is too much for one person to go through.

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