My Madam And I – Episode 75

The next day, I took the gun from Jacky’s wardrobe while he was asleep and hid it under the refrigerator. 

On my way to work I spotted the thug guy on a bike coming from the adjacent street. I quickly turned my face away. He rode pass me without taking note. I looked towards the direction he came from and my instincts told me he lives around. From that moment I wasn’t comfortable staying at Jacky’s anymore. 

I had an appointment with Ruth later that evening. I was dressed in a starched white sleeve shirt. It was opened to the chest exposing my gold cross chain that rested on my white inner T-shirt. I wore a golden Rolex wristwatch to match and a black denim jean that hung on a black timberland boot. I had cut my hair and shaven.

I waited patiently for Ruth at a rendezvous which was a garden at the center of the town. After 30 minutes of waiting, I saw a beautiful hottie walking towards me from a distance. I didn’t recognize her at first because of the dim lighting of the place. When she came closer I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Ruth, she was looking ravishingly sexy in a black poker dotted, hugged, mini gown that revealed in detail her curvy features and a brown high heel boot. Her make up was light, her long wine coloured hair hung gracefully on both sides of her face.

“wow! This gown is so hot! I mean you are looking so hot!” I screamed, looking lustfully at her. 
She smiled, covering her face and said, “thank you.” 
“Is this what you wore to work?” I asked in alarm. 
“No. I first went to change at home,” she replied. 
“I was joking! But you’re coming home with me. I mean it!” I said.
She smiled and looked away. 
“where are we going to?” she asked. 
“You will see,” I answered. 

Prior to that time, I had already booked for a spot at a classy restaurant in town and hired a cab. I planned on giving Ruth a treat in appreciation for all she had done for me and also because my affection for her had grown. I held her hand and led her to where the hired cab was parked. She flinched when I made to open the door of a hummer jeep, but I reassured her with a smile. 

“you’ve always loved this car,” I whispered to her ear, as the car was driving to our destination. 
She smiled and looked out of the window. I reached for her hand that rested beside me and squeezed it while we watched the movie on display. 

Few minutes later, we arrived the place. I discovered how her face glowed with hidden excitement. She had told me once how she would love to someday eat in the restaurant, and now her dream has come through. I held her hand and led her in. The waiter on seeing me quickly ran to us with greetings and escorted us to our reserved table. I ordered for a secluded room for just the two of us. 

We took our seats opposite each other while the waiter silently waited in between our table. We took our menu and perused through. We ordered for our food and drinks. 

While we where waiting for the fresh prepared food, Tte waiter brought a bottle of champagne in ice and two glasses. I opened it and poured some for Ruth and myself. The food came few minutes later. As we were digging into it, Ruth’s best songs played in the background. She looked startled at me. I just smiled and shrugged. Her eyes were clouded in tears of joy. She left her seat and hugged me. 
“you were taking note of all these little things,” she whispered as she sobbed. 
I held her and said calmly, “it’s OK. Finish your food.” 
She went back to her seat and kept blushing each time she caught my eyes. 

We were done with the evening and were ready to leave. At the parking lot, I carried her up and placed her on the bonnet of the car while I climbed and sat beside her. The car engaged its engine and she jerked in fright. I held her hand and smiled. She then relaxed. The car began to drive slowly, playing a song from one of her favorite musicians. 

“I want to show you something,” I said. 
I laid my back on the bonnet of the car. She was scared to join me so I sat up and pulled her down with me slowly. We laid side by side as the car drove gently down the narrow lane. 

“what do you make out of the stars?” I asked, pointing to the sky.
She looked at the sky and then back to me. I discovered she was not comfortable with my stunt, so I moved closer to her and kissed her lips. The driver acted as if he knows what I wanted and increased the volume of the song. We continued kissing while the car drove slowly with the music playing. 

“I love you!” she whispered. 
I kissed her again without replying her words. Then we broke the kiss at once and began looking at each other’s eyes. When we turned to look elsewhere, we discovered that passersby were taking pictures of us. Ruth laughed and held me. We both laughed heartily. 

The driver got to the main road and stopped. I jumped down first and carried Ruth down. I opened the car for her to enter while I followed. On our way to drop Ruth off, she drew closer and began kissing me. We kissed all the way to her house . 

“Please let’s go in,” she whispered. 
“Not today baby, Candy is around.” I responded.
“Should we book a hotel? I’ll pay,” she said, sounding desperate. 
“Tomorrow baby. Today’s just for us to hang out. I promise you, tomorrow,” I assured her.
She looked disappointed and quietly made to come down, then turned to me and said, “I love you Mike.” 

I didn’t say anything. I just smiled. She came down and I followed. I walked her to the gate and kissed her goodbye but she refused to let go. I gently loosened her grip, smiled and started walking towards the car. She stood watching as though she was going to break down in tears. But I had told myself after sex with Jacky’s girlfriend to avoid sex for at least a month. I meant to stand on that word. 

We drove off to Jacky’s place and I got down from the car. I gave the driver a tip. We shook hands and he drove off. When I entered the house, Jacky was sitting angrily at the couch. As soon as he saw me, he stood up and confronted me. 
“Mike! Where’s my gun?!” Jacky asked.
“your gun?!” I asked, surprised. 
“Mike! Where’s it?!” he barked. 
I moved away slowly from him to seat at a stool beside the couch. 
“Just in case you have forgotten, the gun belongs to me. The last time I checked, I was the one who gave it to you,” I said very gently. 

He came closer to me. His face was desperate and raged. 
“I missed a huge deal today because of you! Why did you do this to me Mike?!” he asked.
“I didn’t know you were a robber…” I said.
“stop calling me that demeaning name!” he yelled.

“I told you, I am a civil rights collector not a thief. And you have robbed me of my right today,” he said and left angrily into his room. 

I stood up and sat comfortably on the couch, taking off my shirt. Julian walked into the sitting room and took a seat beside me. 
“Mike. Where have you been since morning?” she asked in a soft tone. 
I looked at her and was surprised she wore a transparent short T-shirt. My dick responded immediately. But I assured myself that I won’t give in to sex for a month. 
“I went out,” I said, trying to avoid looking at her again and focused on the TV. 
“I loved what you did yesterday. I thought I was going to die,” she said in a low tone looking towards Jacky’s room. 
“oh! That? It was because we were two,” I said, trying hard to distract myself. 

She came closer to me and sat on the armrest of the chair and said, almost whispering, “can we have that again tonight? Jacky is high as fuck, he’s going to sleep like a dead man tonight.” 
“Jacky’s stuff is bigger than mine, he did all the job, I just finished it,” I said, looking desperately at the TV. 
She drew closer to me and said, “yeah, that’s true. But my cunt has been craving for you. I don’t know why but my whole body wants you. I have not felt this way with any guy in my life.”

I turned and looked at her completely flabbergasted. Her face was so innocent with bold and charming eyes. Looking at her alone made me lust after her, coupled with her seductive body. 
“Julian! What the hell are you doing there?!” Jacky yelled from his room. 
She quickly kissed me on the lips, simultaneously took my hands to her boobs and smiled before she replied Jacky. 
“Sugar! Are you jealous? Your baby is coming…” she said.

She stood up raised her top half way up for me to see the lower part of her round buttocks as she went to meet Jacky.

To be continued…

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  1. I will stay away for a few days so the episodes can pile up. The suspense is too much. I hail thee brother.

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