My Madam And I – Episode 74

I came back early from work the next day and barged in on Jacky and his girlfriend celebrating with lots of cash. They saw me and Jacky’s girlfriend made to cover it up, but he held her arm. I looked at the large sum of money on the table, bundles of the highest denomination scattered everywhere. 

” where did you get this money from?!” I asked, looking at the money astonishingly. 
“hustle paid Bro!” Jacky replied, counting a bundle excitedly. 
Jacky’s girlfriend, Julian (real name) threw some in the air excitedly screaming and dancing. I stood there watching in perplexity. Jacky threw a bundle at me. 
“boy, get yourself a nice outfit and stop wearing shit,” he said and laughed hysterically. 
His girlfriend held him and they began making out in front of me. I had to excuse myself and walk out. 

I called Ruth to know how she was doing. She told me that Amaka is around, meaning she wasn’t in the position to take calls during working hours. Since Sandra’s silence and long travel, I have been getting emotionally connected to Ruth. She has always been there for me and my mum who loves her so much like a daughter. 

I took a stroll down the street to a nearby lounge to chill. I got there and ordered a bottle of beer and some barbecue. Few minutes of digging into my roasted meat and few sips from my glass of beer, one of the thugs I had a brawl with strolled in. He was in company of two other rugged looking guys. You remember the mall rascal, the one I killed in an uncompleted building? I cut one that was found dead the next day. The one that was arrested was the one I saw. 

They took a seat in front of me. In his position, he was facing me. I immediately stood up and went to clear my bill, backing them all the way out. I left the premises without looking back and straight to Jacky’s. He was fucking his girlfriend on top of the money. I couldn’t help but pause and feed my eyes even for a few seconds. His long dick pummeled her pussy. Julian drove her nails into his back as he fucked her aggressively. “Oh yes! Fuck my tight pussy Jacky. Mmm…yeah!” Julian moaned and trashed. She can moan for Africa. I was almost having an erection so I Immediately shut the door and sat outside pondering on what just happened. 

About 30 minutes later, I heard them chuckling so I went in. They sat on the couch nude, with his girlfriend smoking, sitting on his laps facing him.
“come on Bro!” I yelled and turned my face away. 
He and his girlfriend laughed crazily at me.
“Bro, what’s new here? Is it her sexy body that intimidates you? Or the fact that my dick is bigger than yours?” he asked and exploded into another lungs tearing laughter with his girlfriend. 
I made sure I avoided them and took a sit at another chair. 

“Mike!” Jacky called, giggling. 
“what’s it?” I answered, still looking away. 
“she’s suggesting party,” he said, still giggling. 
I looked at him, surprised that he could suggest something like that. 
“he’s shy,” he said to his girlfriend and they both laughed hysterically. 
“Mike!” Julian called, puffing a smoke from her nostrils and mouth.
I looked towards her direction. She whispered something to Jacky who nodded and nudged her off his body. She stood up and started smiling and walking towards me in a sexy demeanor. 

I flinched on seeing her standing nude in front of me. Her youthfulness enhanced her captivity. She crossed her legs across mine and sat on my laps. She planted a mild kiss on my lips while Jacky smoked and watched excitedly. I wanted to stand but she crossed her arms around my neck and pulled me down still kissing my closed lips. I later began to yield and gradually opened my mouth, returning the kiss. She pulled my head down and put my face on her chest. I didn’t know when I began to suck as though it’s the sweetest thing I ever tasted. 

“baby, take off his clothes,” Jacky commanded.
Julian slowly took off my T-shirt. Then she started kissing my neck and ears, gently loosened my belt in the process. I made to help but she refrained my hand. 
“let me take care of you,” she whispered in my ear.

She stood up, held the top of my trouser and pulled it down alongside my boxers. Then she bent and put my dick in her mouth. I bit my lips and closed my eyes as she gave me one of the best blowjobs I ever had. Julian kept sucking on my stiff cock as though it was candy. She fucked the back of her throat violently with my hard shaft until her eyes turned pink. Then she mounted me slowly, lowering her body into mine until my dick fully buried in her wet but warm cunt. Seconds later, she began riding and moaning on top of me. 

“come on baby. Show him what you got!” Jacky screamed, giggling. 
I looked in his direction. He was jerking off with one hand and smoking with the other. Julian placed my face back on hers, looking into my eyes and continued kissing as she rode me. I suddenly started feeling like climaxing. “Not so fast,” I told myself so I stopped to hold it back. She stood up and slapped me in the face severally. I looked at her, wondering what she was up to as I wielded off her hands. 

“hahahaha! You’re bad baby,” Jacky said, laughing excitedly, still jerking off. 
Immediately, my sensitivity reduced. She mounted me again whispering in my ear, “come on baby, we are not done yet.”
We continued fucking for a while. Her pussy felt so good and I held on to her soft butt until I started feeling like climaxing again. She immediately stood up, put my dick in her mouth and accepted the explosion. 

“baby, I’m not done yet. Come to me,” Jacky yelled impatiently. 
She went to him and resumed riding his dick. I felt better after the sex, like I needed it but didn’t know. Julian is so professional for her age. I watched as she fucked Jacky’s cock crazily, moving her slim waist in a very seductive way. 

Few minutes later, Jacky was done but Julian obviously wasn’t. She came to me where I sat, bent in front of me and started sucking my dick without my permission. Few minutes later, my dick was super hard and ready for action. Julian took a doggy position, placing her hands on the armrests of the chair, beckoning me over. I went behind her and pushed my dick inside her. Her pussy walls gripped my cock as it entered but I pushed it in despite the friction. I could feel her pussy secreting more juice as she moaned loudly. I continued pounding her.

“harder! harder!” she suddenly screamed.
I increased my speed and she made to kneel, sagging on the ground with her legs held tight together. I pulled her up to myself and increased my thrust. She tried to push me away but I held her too hard. She froze and a massive squirting liquid gushed out from her. I still continued. She screamed as though she was going to die, but I continued. Another round of squirt juice splattered on me, still I continued. Another gushed out again and she dropped on the chair and suddenly started jerking as more squirt juice came out, then she collapsed. 

I pulled her up and dropped her on the chair. Jacky ran to the fridge and got some cold water. We started pouring it on her face and she woke up. 
“what was that, that came out of her?” Jacky asked, cuddling her. 
“urine,” I said.
She looked at me in horror. 
“no wonder those girls won’t let you go. Do you want to kill my Julian?” he asked, frowning and looking at his girlfriend who was silently resting on him.

“By the way, the sex was to thank you for the gun you provided us.” he added.

I looked astonishingly at him.
“you went for a robbery?” I asked, angered. 
“not robbery, we went to collect what the government owed us. Please let’s talk about it later, my baby is very weak.” he said. 

Julian kept looking at me with dread and admiration in her face.

To be continued…

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