My Madam And I – Episode 73

“wake up!” someone said, hitting me hard on my thigh. I then recognized the voice. It was Jacky’s. 
“wake up! Look at this mess. What have you been doing all night?” he asked, looking angrily around the sitting room. 
I stoop up half way and discovered the water poured everywhere mixed with spilled milk and sugar. My clothes littered around. One of the chairs upside down. 
“what’s this?!” Jacky asked, frowning. 
“I’m sorry Bro. That weed was too strong. It knocked me out.” I confessed.
“but I told you earlier, didn’t I? Please tidy up this place,” he said, picking up the weed nylon and walked away. 

I decided to go to Thomas’s house and confront him. I had called earlier to inform him of my intended visit. I arrived his house around 5pm. He was waiting for me in front of his gate. 
“hey!” I said, as I approached him. 
“hey Mike. You finally decided to come,” he said, expressionless. 
“I came to yield,” I said with my head low. 
He smiled, walked close to me, searched me thoroughly before asking me in. We got into his house, he offered me a sit and brought two glasses and a wine on a tray. He dropped it in front of me. 

“So, where’s my gun?” he asked, taking a seat beside me. 
I tuned to him and said angrily, “Why do you keep asking me about that?! I know nothing!” 

He looked at me suspiciously and nodded. Then he went inside the house and came back few seconds later with my sleeve shirt. He tossed it to me and asked, “isn’t that yours? Isn’t that one of the clothes you wore during our travel?” 
I looked at it carefully, pretending not to have never seen it before in my life. 
“that ink at the wrist was gotten during your work at the studio. I asked you about it and you said a crazy girl used a marker on you. Have you forgotten? If you have, I haven’t,” he said, walking towards the door. 

I looked at him ready for action if he tries anything funny. Only for him to come back and sit beside me. 
“Mike, I have got you at my finger tip. You either agree to my terms or suffer the consequences.” he said. touching my neck. 
I moved a little away from him. 
“you are an accomplice, you know that?” I said. 

He exploded into a very loud laughter. I looked at him, surprised. When he was done he said, “who’s going to believe you? I didn’t kill him, you did. The witness saw it all.”
“but you were with me…” I said.
“and so? who’s going to believe your story? You went to ease yourself. I never knew that you murdered someone. I was there, what does it matter?” he said abruptly.
“is that your story?” I asked. 
“yes. With the people I know, the inspector beside me, and with your little fight with the commissioner’s son in public. Mike, you’re a goner!” he said.

“you know it was a mistake, why are you doing this?” I asked, almost in tears. 
“because I want you. It’s simple. Agree to be mine and you’ll be free. All I need to do is to bring back the witness and you’re gone.” he responded.
“the witness you planted right?” I asked. 
He grinned and said, “you’re getting smarter Mike.”
“do you know that the inspector you have been having sex with is a married man?” I asked.
“of course I know. He likes me, and he’s useful to me. So what’s your problem?” he asked, grinning. 
“nothing” I said. 

He made to come closer to me but I stood up and started heading towards the door. 
“Mike! What are you doing?” he asked. 
“I’m going home,” I said without looking back. 
I was out of his gate and on my way home when I called Thomas. 
“Mike! What’s the meaning of what you just did?” he asked furiously. 

“I came to get a voice recording from you. It’s my turn to flip the table. Your inspector’s wife may get this message but that depends on you. And, if you force my hand, I’m going to release this to the police. They’ll know how your inspector boyfriend has aided in our crime. We are all into it now.” I said and hung up.

To be continued…

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