My Madam And I – Episode 72

My phone woke me up around 3am. I adjusted myself on the couch and reached for it  a stool beside the chair. The caller was Thomas. I wanted to ignore it but on a second thought answered it. “Mike! You broke into my house right?!” Thomas sounded raged. I felt my heart struggling to beat 5 times in a second. I jumped and sat up. “what do you mean?” I managed to speak. “what do I mean? Is that what you’re asking me? Mike, what is your blue T-shirt doing on my fence?” he asked suddenly. Just then I remembered that I forgot to pick up my shirt. “what shirt?” I denied. “Mike, I dont have anything to say to you right now. You’ll surely hear from me soon…lest I forget, I need my gun back.” he said and hung up before I could say another word. “this is trouble,” I muttered. I stood up restlessly and walked round the sitting room scratching my head as I kept muttering, “this is trouble,” to myself. I tried to return the call but he refused to answer. So, I sent him a text: ‘THOMAS, I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT’. I couldn’t sleep throughout the night. I went to check for alcohol in the fridge but nothing was left. How I need one badly at this hour. I searched for Jacky’s weed beside the chair and couldn’t find it. I went into his room but he was deep in sleep, lying face down clad in his regular baggy boxers with his two legs hanging up. Meanwhile, his girl laid on her side clad in just pant and bra. I quietly snuck to his wardrobe and searched the first step. I couldn’t find anything. Then the second and the last steps on the floor, yet I didn’t find anything. I tiptoed to the side of the bed where Jacky laid. I silently woke him up. He frowned and turned to me. “what?” he asked, showing displeasure. “please, I need weed” I whispered. “weed? By this time?” he asked. “please…” I begged. “I don’t have weed, I have a stronger…” I interrupted, “please let me have it.” He looked at me as though I was nut, then said, “check under the chair, it’s in a yellow nylon” Then he held my hand as I was about to hasten off, “Don’t finish it. And be careful, that shit is very strong,” he advised. He then let go and returned to his previous position. I went to check under the chair and found it. I quietly untied and molded a full jumbo size. I lit it and took in a large puff. I sat with my back on the backrest and rested my legs on a stool thinking of my next move and how to deal with Thomas while taking in a lot of smoke. While I was busy sending smoke into my lungs, I imagined Jacky took my phone and called Thomas to inform him of what I did. Then, suddenly, I started feeling Jacky couldn’t do a thing like that but it was his girlfriend. I made to stand up and confront him but on a second thought, I felt the weed was playing tricks on me so I sat back. I heard footsteps rushing to the house. I quickly put off the lights and went to check through the window but found nothing. I looked at the weed, feeling that it was really getting on me. So I put it off and went to put on the TV. The display on the TV suddenly became blurred. I wiped my eyes with the back of my two palms, yet it was becoming really burred. I stood up and rushed to the bathroom. My intention was to pour some water on my head but I ended up sitting under the shower for god knows how long. I must have dozed off or something. I quietly stood up and put off the shower but I was so drenched by then. I wanted to go to the sitting room to change into something comfy but realized I was carefully tiptoeing. I stopped, looked at my back and front to ensure no one was looking, then walked normally to the sitting room. I turned on the fan to the highest forgetting that I had extra clothes to change into. I took off all my clothes until I was completely naked and spread them on the chairs. I got a CD plate pouch and was fanning them with it while blowing them with my mouth at the same time. There was a song playing on the TV. It was the kind of song I detested on a normal day, but this day I danced with careless abandon while my dick dangled up and down. “wow! I never knew this song was this cool!” I screamed. Then, I decided to jump to and fro the chair with the intention to build my thigh muscles. I suddenly realized that I was going nuts. I ran and hid myself behind the door, peeping to see if someone was coming. One mind told me to scream and call for help before my brain melts completely. I was about to obey when I cautioned myself, reassuring myself that it’s the weed playing tricks on me. I then composed myself and sat back on the chair. I felt I was overdoing it. Anyone who sees me would think that I was going nuts. So, I started trying every position possible to look normal. Then I suddenly realized that I was naked. “ooooooooooooh shit! Ha!” I screamed. I put on the back of my wet boxers in a hurry. I suddenly felt I was really going nuts so I threw all the clothes off the chair and laid on it facing down. I held my hands together and crossed my legs. I remained in that position, ignoring every word that came to me. I kept fighting the urge to do something silly till i dozed off. To be continued…

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  1. 🎤🎹🎼na igbo, dey make Mike go Gaga….
    Sifu…. Onye ara……

    That’s all I can say.
    Nice story. We sha don dey all the kind suspense wey dey this life… Thumbs up….

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