My Madam And I – Episode 71

I tried to run out through the kitchen door but the burglary protector outside was locked with a padlock. Just then Thomas was already opening the front door protector while discussing with the guys. I ran into his room and entered under his bed. They came in and discovered the broken ceiling. 
“Thomas! Someone broke into your house,” A voice said. 
“I think they should be around,” A tiny voice like a female’s pointed out. 

I heard the main house entrance door open slowly and a footstep started walking towards Thomas’s room. The door swung open and a faded jean on black boots stepped in. He walked cautiously to the wardrobe, opened it carefully and dropped bags on the floor. I remained silent watching and pressed my hand on the gun to reassure myself. The leg turned and walked away. 

“I can’t find my gun!” Thomas’s voice sounded worried. 
“let’s get out of here!” The tiny voice said. 
“let’s call the police. Thomas, call inspector John” the first voice advised. 

There was silence. Then Thomas’s voice came active. 
“hello…Inspector, my house has been broken into…Sweetie, I don’t know! Okay…I will. He said we should go out and lock the door…”
“let’s go! What are we waiting for?!” the tiny voice said, slightly yelling. 

I heard their footsteps going out and the protector door closing, followed by padlock sound. I came out from under the bed. I couldn’t think of anything at the moment. I kept walking up and down the room. Then I ran to the kitchen, climbed the cabinet, took a knife from the upper cabinet, bored hole round the ceiling, then pushed it in. It scattered, revealing the inner part of the roof. I held the wood inside the roof, lifted myself up and was in. I moved with circumspect till I got to the outer part of the house. Then I located the place I came in from, placed my hands on a wood and slowly let myself down before releasing my hands and landed at the back of the house. 

At the back of the house, was a generator house built half way to the fence. I climbed it and covered the barbed wire with my sleeve shirt as I did earlier. Suddenly I heard voices and footsteps walking towards me. I took out the gun and let out a shot in the air. They ran back and I could hear the sound of the gate, meaning they ran out of the compound giving me time to move out. 

I held the edge of the fence, pulled myself up and supported with my legs. When I stood up to cross over, I noticed that I could see everything around me (meaning everyone could see me as well). I immediately ducked, covered my face with the top of my T-shirt and crossed my legs over the barbed wire. Before I jumped, a boy saw me and was looking at me as though he saw a ghost. I brought out the gun and showed it to him. He looked at it in horror then ran as fast as the wind. I quickly jumped down and immediately started walking the opposite direction. I had walked few steps when I heard someone shouting, “he’s here! He’s here!” 
I released another gunshot in the air without looking back and ran. 

I got to the other side of the street and started walking normally. A police van drove past me. I knew where they were going to but I kept walking, putting my head down. I got to the road and waited for a cab. Non was in sight. Then I heard voices behind me but didn’t turn around, Instead, I crossed the road casually and entered the market. When I was a little amidst people, I turned and discovered a policeman with two guys looking seriously all over for something or someone. I followed the market to the other side of the road. A commercial bike was riding towards me. I flagged it down and mounted it. 

I was at Jacky’s house some thirty minutes later. I used my key to open the door. I found female undies on the floor in the sitting room. Then I heard silent moaning coming from Jacky’s room. I ignored it, kicked the pant away and sagged on the chair muttering words of thanks giving to God. 

I had almost dozed off when I head someone walking into the sitting room. I rose up to see a totally naked girl. She let out a little scream and covered her boobs with one hand and between her legs with another the minute she noticed my presence. 
“I’m sorry!” I said. 
She ran inside immediately. Something was familiar about the girl. I tried to place it but couldn’t lay my hand on it, so l laid back and rested my head on the back of the couch thinking of my next move. 

Jacky came in with his baggy boxers and his lanky legs hanging under it. 
“hey bruv! Thank God you didn’t come back yesterday night. It gave me time to experiment sex at every corner of this house,” he said, sitting beside me.

“what’s this blood stain on your shirt?” he asked. 
I looked at the spot he was pointing at. A little patch of blood on the lower side of my T shirt. 

“I went to Thomas’s house,” I said.
Jacky looked at me excitedly. 
“did you kill him?” he asked, displaying his smoke burnt teeth. 
I looked at him shocked. I thought he was talking out of highness the previous night. 
“of course, I didn’t!” I replied.
He hissed, turned away from me and brought out a nylon wrapped weed from the side of the chair and started moulding it into a rizla (rolling paper). I brought out the gun and showed it to him. He paused and gave a wide grin, then slowly dropped the weed and it’s wrapper at his side. He carefully took the gun from me. 

”where did you get this angel from?” he asked, smiling excitedly. 
“it’s Thomas’s,” I answered.
His mouth dropped as he fixed his gaze on me. 
“you mean the gay guy got a gun? What cant an old man see these days?” he asked, giggling. 
Just as he was busy admiring the gun, the girl stepped in clad in just Jacky’s T-shirt and saw him with the gun. I tried to tell Jacky to hide it but it was too late. To my surprise, she was excited to see the gun as well . 

“baby! Where did you get this beauty from?” she asked, looking excited and walking towards Jacky. 
Her face looked so familiar. I stole glances at her trying so hard to recall where I met her. Then it dawned on me. THE GIRL AT THE PARK! The one who stole my phone and wallet. I turned to her and yelled, “You!” 

She and Jacky looked at me simultaneously. 
“You are the girl who stole my wallet and phone at the park ” I said, turning aggressive. 
Jacky quickly intervened and intercepted me before I could lay my hands on her. 
“hey! hey! Calm down! Calm down?!” Jacky said, standing in front of me spreading his hands. 
“she made a fool of me!” I said, pointing at the girl, using my body to push Jacky. 
“calm down!” Jacky said, still standing in front of me. 
The girl stood behind Jacky looking guilty. I finally decided to take it easy and took my seat. Jacky now sat between I and the girl.

“she’s my real girlfriend. I’m aware of her tricks. I’m sorry you were a victim. That’s the hustle brov. You of all people should know how I roll,” he said.
“where’s my phone?” I asked her. 
“I have sold it,” she said, biting her nails. 
We settled it. And I accepted it as my carelessness and laughed about it.

To be continued…

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