My Madam And I – Episode 70

I couldn’t make out a way around this. My head was full and couldn’t analyze any more information. So I looked at my friend who was busy smoking his life out and decided to let him in half way, perhaps he could use his discretion to my advantage. 
“someone is blackmailing me,” I said. 
He looked at me as though I was speaking gibberish. So I repeated what I earlier said. 

“I heard you the first time,” Jacky said.

“what did you do?” he asked, looking suspiciously at me. 
“we did something incriminating. Now he’s using it against me,” I said.
“You killed the boy you’re being accused of…” Thomas said rather than asking. 
I looked at him and was astonished at the tone he used, as though he had figured out the truth. But I need not to let him in so I denied it. 

“Bro! What nonsense are you saying? That I killed someone? If I did I’ll tell you, you are not a stranger,” I scolded Jacky.
“what is the condition of the blackmail?” Jacky asked lackadaisically, arranging the loose end of his weed with his saliva. 
“he wants me to be his bitch,” I said.
“like a gay thing?” Jacky’s voice rose a little as he looked at me with seriousness. 
“yeah Bro!” I replied.

To my surprise he exploded into an hysterical laughter. When he was done, he took in smoke into his lungs, puffed it out and turned to me. 
“bro! You got a guy after you plus the females? Where did you do the charm that is backfiring?” he asked with a grin. 
“come on! Be serious! I am in a deep shit,” I said.
“something tells me you are hiding something from me. But what’s my business? How do you want me to come in, since you consider me a guru?” Jacky said as he adjusted himself comfortably.

I reasoned what he said, but chose to ignore it. 
“I don’t know what to do, I’m confused, that’s why I am seeking your help,” I said. 
“kill him!” he said abruptly. 
I looked at him in dismay. He finished his smoke and dropped the leftover in the ashtray that was almost full. 
“I don’t know what you mean by kill him,” I said gently. 
“…meant, take the life out of him so that he will die and be buried. So that his chapter will be closed, same as your problems,” he said, changing the TV channel with the remote control. 
His eyes were bloodshot, he could barely open it properly. Only by tilting his head backwards could he see.

“Are you capable of murder?” I asked. 
He turned to me and gave me questioning look then said. 
“how can you consider killing a man who wants to forcefully fuck another man’s anus murder? For me, it’s a way to rid the society of miscreants. If you kill him, you are doing the world a great good.” 
I knew this was the lamest advice ever. So I kept my plans to myself. I turned to him to ask of something but he was already snoring with his mouth open. So I called mum to inform her of where I was. 

The next day, I risked going to work from Jacky’s place. It was eventually a success. Sandra’s number wasn’t going through so I couldn’t tell her what was going on. Ruth on the other hand had been keeping in touch with me all through my sojourn. Another day I went to work cautiously, always looking behind my shoulder. On my way back from work, a text rang on my phone. It was from Thomas: ‘YOU HAVE TWO DAYS LEFT.’ 

I read the message a second time before I resolved to pay him an unfriendly visit. 

I was in front Thomas’s house that evening. There was a church nearby having an all-night, and the sound from the church monopolized all others. My heartbeat almost exploded from my chest as I looked around me to ensure no one was coming. The gate was locked and the fence was very high with barbed wire. I went round the house looking for how to enter, but all to no avail. Then I saw a place where Thomas’s fence met with a neighbors that was lower. I climbed the neighbor’s fence which gave me access into Thomas’s.

I covered the barbed wire with my shirt before placing my hands on the pillar edge of the fence and pulled myself carefully to the top, then carefully crossed the barbed wire. The floor seemed far away to the ground. I first removed my shirt before I held the pillar edge of the other side and slowly freed myself using my legs to descend, still holding the edge, then I freed my hands and landed quietly into the compound. 

I tiptoed round the house looking for an access point. The whole house was lit, I had to stay out of sight. Every part of the house had burglary proof, no access. That was when it dawned on me that my plan was not properly drafted. 

I sat on a cemented pavement at the back of the house thinking of plan B when suddenly I looked up and it occurred to me the ceiling was accessible. I went to the kitchen side of the house, waited for the church to begin their loud singing before I climbed the burglary proof up till I could touch the ceiling, then gave it a blow. It broke open and I slowly began widen it to give me access. When it was wide enough, I held the wood inside and pulled myself in. 

It was dark inside, I didn’t know which part of the house I was, but I was careful not to step on the ceiling as I maneuvered through the woods. I came to a spot . From the look of things I was in a bedroom. So, I held a wood and released myself with full force into the house. The ceiling made a loud noise and scattered everywhere as I swung from the top, then released my hand and landed in the sitting room. It was dark in there and the whole floor was covered with broken ceiling. I hastily moved away from the spot to place my back on the wall beside the door that leads to the main house expecting someone to come in anytime soon. 

After waiting for a while and no one came out, I slowly opened the door and moved into the house. First, I went to the room Thomas took me. I slowly turned the knob and the door opened. I peeped into the room, the bed was empty. I went in and slowly opened the bathroom door as well, it was empty. So, I left the room to another room, it was empty. Then to the third room, still empty. I searched every part of the house, Thomas was nowhere in the house. I went to check outside for his car, it was parked outside. 
“where the hell is this guy?” I muttered to myself. 

I swept the spot the ceiling scattered. Packed it into a nylon and left it behind the kitchen door. I went to the fridge, took out a canned drink and frozen rice and chicken, went to the microwave and put it in while I sipped my canned beer. I Went to the sitting room, put on the TV and was watching a documentary. Few minutes later, I went to check on my food and it was ready. I took it to the sitting room, ate and drank as I continued my documentary . 

I called Phila to inform her that I won’t be coming to work the next day. I begged her to cover up for me. After that, I relaxed and continued to consume the drinks in the fridge before I dozed off on the couch. Mum’s call woke me up. She wanted to know my whereabouts and after she was convinced by my lies of doing great, she hung up. 

I looked outside, it was already so bright. I stood up, went to the fridge, got myself a jog of milk and cookies, went to the dining, poured a full cup of milk and poured some of the cookies in a plate. I carried them to the sitting room, put on the TV and tuned to some kiddies channel. I drank and ate my cookies while giggling at the funny animation movie. 

It was evening, I was already tired of staying at a place, so I went to Thomas’s bedroom, used his shower and came back to his wardrobe. Out of curiosity, I went through his stuff. I came across gay porn, a lot of it. I tossed them aside and continued checking. Then I found a gun.

“who is this guy?” I thought to myself. I continued searching but found nothing else. 

The gun was a loaded stainless 9mm automatic Beretta. I kept the gun aside and sat, thinking of how to deal with Thomas when he returns now that I have a gun. I was in my brainstorming when I heard a sound at the gate. I rushed to check and it was Thomas with some gay looking guys. 

“wow! Things just got complicated,” I whispered to myself.

To be continued…

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