My Madam And I – Episode 65

Firstly, I went into my room and met Amaka sitting on the bed, taking off her shoes. 
“where have you been?” she asked.
“I just took a walk,” I replied.
“I was about calling you,” she said, standing up.

“Have you had anything to eat?” she asked, taking off her orange colored T-shirt. 
“not yet, later.” I replied, thinking of an excuse to see Phila. 
“okay, we are going to eat at some new eatery later, lemme shower first.” she said, removing her black joggers. 

I watched as she took off everything and entered the bathroom. Then I stood up and said, “I’m coming! I want to check on something.”
“okay! Don’t stay long.” she yelled from the bathroom.
I zoomed off to room 7, knocked and Phila called from inside. 
“who’s that?” she asked.
I felt a sudden strange excitement, then composed myself and said, “it’s me, Mike.”
“oh Mike. I’m coming.” she sounded excited too.

I waited for a few seconds before the door opened. Phila smiled at me and her beautiful face made me blush. She wore a white robe and covered her hair with a white towel.
“hi! Come in,” she said, smiling.
She offered me a seat while she sat on the bed in front of me and said, “I have been waiting for you.”
She looked very beautiful, I felt slightly intimidated but had to act cool. 
“I went to check on something,” I said. 
“so, tell me the truth. Are you here with a lady?” she said, looking keenly into my face. 

I was shocked to hear this. Could she have possibly seen I and Amaka? Then, lying would be making a fool of my self. So, I played it cool and looked at her dazed. 
“so you think I came with a woman?” I asked.
“it’s just that it’s rare for a guy to be in a hotel all by himself,” she said, still smiling. 
“so you think it’s impossible for a guy to just want to relax?” I asked again.
“I know you’re unemployed and you can’t be throwing money around in the name of relaxing…” then she giggled before adding, “no offense, please,” to her statement.
“none taken,” I said, smiling. 

I thought this through and I can’t admit that I just came here to chill, which would be so irresponsible of me, being unemployed and living in the same town. So, I came up with this. 
“how often do you come here?” I asked.
“this is my first time,,” she replied.
“seriously?” I asked, feigning shock.
“yeah, actually, a friend told me about how good the food is, so I came to check it out,” she said, chuckling.
“I thought you chill in hotels frequently,”
“oh yes, I do. But this particular one, I came for the food,” she said, letting out a wide grin. 

She stood up and opened the refrigerator beside the bed, brought out two cans of beer, tossed one to me, opened hers and returned to her previous position. 
“have you thought of working for us? She said, drinking from her can. 
“yeah, I told you I was interested,” I responded.
“you did? Before I forget, I’m sorry about the other day. You know my boyfriend is a jealous guy who thinks every guy wants to fuck me,” she said, grinning and shaking her head . 
“I won’t blame him. Who wouldn’t be scared when he’s got a beautiful woman?” I said, sipping my drink. 
She looked at me and smiled, saying, “that means you got trust issues too.”
“I trust people easily and to a fault, but I just get scared ‘cos I wouldn’t like to lose a woman I love,” I said.

She looked at me silently for a while. I suddenly felt uncomfortable with her stare. 
“have you had breakfast?” I impetuously said. 
“I don’t eat in the morning, I’m okay with the coffee.” she said. 
Just then Amaka’s call came through. I ignored it and silenced my phone. Phila looked at me curiously and said, “your girlfriend? Answer it!”
“I don’t need girls, I need money.” I said, acting as though the call was bugging me. 
She smiled and nodded, then looked at her phone.
“oh! It’s 10 am!” she exclaimed.
“do you have anywhere to be?” I asked.

“I have to call dad. Excuse me,” she said, and picked up her phone, dialing a number. 
I stood up and signaled her that I will be back.
“okay. Don’t be long,” she said and started making her call. 

As I closed the door and turned, I saw Amaka walking towards me from a far end of the corridor. Before I could rush back inside, she called. 
“Mike! What are you doing there? I have been calling you,” she asked, looking suspiciously at the room I just came out from. 
I quickly rushed towards her to prevent any confrontation in front of Phila’s door. 
“oh! I thought that’s our room,” I said, acting lost and silly approaching Amaka swiftly. 
“how can you mistake that room for ours? Ours is the second room!” she said, suspiciously looking at the door. 
“I’m not conversant with the rooms. Let me quickly have my bath so we can go to the eatery,” I said while rushing to the room to avoid further interrogations from Amaka or being caught by Phila.

“room two right?” I yelled at the front of our room. 
“yes, room two.” Amaka replied, frowning. 

I rushed into the bathroom with my phone so Amaka doesn’t go through it or answer Phila’s call in my absence. I had a quick bath and came out. Amaka was sitting on the bed waiting for me. I hurried into my T-shirt and Jean, brushed my hair and was set. On our way to the eatery, Phila called me but I sent a reply that I can’t talk where I am. I read some messages Ruth sent and quickly replied her. I also sent mum a message, informing her that I may not be coming home. 

We had breakfast and returned to the hotel room. Amaka got an urgent call from the office that made her hurryy off, giving me all the time with Phila. I immediately ran back to Phila’s room and discovered she was getting ready to go out. 
“Mike, I’m sorry, I have an appointment to catch, it just came up.” she said, picking up her hand bag. 
This time she wore a pitch colored chiffon sleeve top on a black leggings and a pair of black sandals. 

“where are you going to?” I asked.
“to check on a client. Dad just told me about it, I wasn’t aware. You can come along Mike.” she said, standing and facing me at the door. 
I thought it through. It wasn’t a bad idea. So, I joined her in her range rover and she drove to the place. She got off and went into the company while I remained in the car. About two hours later, she got back and decided we get some drinks at a super store. 

We both went in and on our way out a guy snatched Phila’s bag and took off. I ran after him. He was too fast, I felt I was loosing him, so I put more speed. Immediately he crossed the road, I followed him and the next thing I saw was the face of a Mazda car. It hit me with full force that I went over the bonnet to the back side of the car and landed on the tarred road.

Then I woke up and saw myself in a strange land. I wondered what kind of place i was. No sun, no trees, just a very large land with no ending. Everywhere was dark blue. I saw someone lying down far away in front. I feared he was dead, so I cautiously walked up to him. He was an old man laying face up, covering his face.

“hello sir!” I greeted.
He looked at me, waiting for me to say something. 
“where is this place?” I asked.
He sat up and said, “what was the last thing you remembered?”
I tried to recall, then suddenly remembered I was knocked down by a car. I looked at the old man in horror. The man nodded, smiled and said, “yes! You’re in the land of the dead.”

To be continued…

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  1. Actor no dey die….. Dem wan give you warning before Dem send you come back. But craze dey your head o. So because you save girl for burning house now, you don automatically turn one of the avengers ba? Werey leleyi o… Dem need slap you join.

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