My Madam And I – Episode 64

“it’s not a little shit you’re in now, Mike.” she said, sitting up to face me, “what are the police saying?” 
“they said I shouldn’t leave town,” I replied.

She hugged me. I opened my eyes in surprise because I wasn’t expecting it. 
“mummy is here. Don’t worry, I will take good care of you.” She said, still hugging me. The hug made me feel better. I returned it and held her tight. After a while, she loosened her grip, looked me in the eye and asked, “what do you think of me?”

The question really amused me as i was wondering where she reasoned it out from. Then I asked, “you really want to know?”

“Of course…that’s why I asked in the first place,” she answered. 
“hmm…” I said and poured myself half a glass of whiskey which I poured in my mouth at once. 
“take it easy.” Amaka said gently to me. 
“I think you’re a wicked person.” I said.

She looked flabbergasted with her eyes and mouth widely opened. 
“you are about to catch a fly,” I said, giggling. 
“what…do…you…mean by…I’m…wicked?” she cautiously counted her words slowly. 
“because…You are the cause of my problems!” I announced.
The alcohol was already getting to me. I couldn’t hold back what I felt any longer. 
“me? How?” she asked.
“are you asking me? Ask everyone that has slept with you,” I said, pointing at her. 

She stood up, took the bottle of whiskey from me and kept it on the table in front of the bed. 
“Mike, you are drunk again!” she said, frowning. 
“I’m not drunk. I’m just saying my mind. You asked me to tell you what I think, that’s what I’m telling you and you are thinking I’m drunk.” I quipped.
“so, what you think about me is that I’m wicked?” she said, smiling and sitting beside me. 
“you should have told me that I can only sleep with you,” I said.

She looked confused, then turned to face me and asked, “what are you talking about?”
“nothing…” I said, lying facing up. 
I dozed off and woke up under the duvet with just my boxers on. I turned and looked at Amaka who was fast asleep, covered in the same duvet.
I reached for my phone. It was 9pm and I had missed calls from Ruth and Sandra. I returned Sandra’s call outside the room. It rang severally but she wasn’t answering. I decided not to call Ruth but I sent a text message to mum. I returned to the room, ate some of the barbecue and the food before covering myself up and slept off. 

No sex that night. I was happy the next morning when I woke up. Amaka had gone for her jogging and I was left alone in the room. So, I decided to take a stroll around the hotel when I noticed a beautiful fair half caste girl going down the stairs in front of me. 
“Phila!” I called impetuously. 

She turned around and was surprised to see me. She wore a white sleeveless top on a pink skimpy Caribbean skirt, exposing her hot legs and full thighs, a pair of black sneakers, a black face cap and a pink sport wrist watch. 

“Mike!” she screamed excitedly. 
“what are you doing here?” I said, rushing to her. 
We hugged passionately for a while then loosened ourselves. 
“what are you doing here?” I repeated. So as to avoid talking about Amaka. 
“I needed a getaway so I came here,” she explained.
“…and your boy?” I immediately added before she asked about me. 
“he’s with mum abroad. He is based there. He comes here only on holidays,” she said. 
“wow you look beautiful!” I said, to avoid being asked any question.
“oh thank you!” she replied.
“are you going out for sport?” I asked again.
“actually, I’m just returning from my morning jogging. And, what are you doing here?” she asked immediately, before I could play smart. 
“I…I came to…to hide,” I said, smiling a suffering man smile. 
She didn’t bother to press on what I meant by saying ‘hiding’. I felt really relieved that I wouldn’t have to bring Amaka up. 

I followed her downstairs to a nearby coffee shop and was praying not to meet Amaka on the way. We settled in and were waiting for our coffee to be served when I saw Amaka through the transparent glass walk pass the shop into the hotel. We discussed everything circled around culture and people, Laughed and joked. I was really enjoying the moment. 

Phila reminds me so much of Sandra. They are both angels, just that Phila is slightly prettier with an accent. We were done with our coffee and set to go. I immediately took out my wallet and paid the bill. She smiled and thanked me. 

Outside the shop, I knew it was risky to go back with her so I said, “see you later at the hotel, I want to get something down the road.” 
“why go alone? We came together, let’s go together as well,” she said, smiling. 
“don’t worry, I have other agendas.” I said, smiling back. 
“okay…Make sure you drop by at room 7 when you get back. I’m waiting for you.” she said and started walking to the hotel.

To be continued…

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