My Madam And I – Episode 63

The next day, I got ready to visit Sandra. On my way out of the compound, I recognized a blue Lexus jeep as Amaka’s. She parked a little distance away from my house. I curiously walked to the driver side and she whined down on seeing me. 
“how long have you been here?” I asked. 
“get into the car, let’s talk” she said. 
I went round the car and entered the front seat. She immediately engaged the engine and drove off. 
“where are we going to?” I asked. 
“why have you been avoiding my calls?” she said, steadying her focus on the road. 
“hmm! Do you know I have been in and out of the police station since yesterday?” I asked.

She looked at me surprised, then back to the road before asking, “what happened?”
“I had an argument with the commissioner’s son and afterwards he was found dead. Since I was the only one seen having issues before his death, I am the primary suspect,” I said. 
She looked at me with wide opened eyes and turned back to the road. 
“that’s a serious case. How come you didn’t tell me all these while?” she asked. 
“come on! I can’t continue to run to you all the time,” I said.

Just then, she turned to the opposite route to my destination. 
“please stop me somewhere around here,” I said, pointing to the side of the road. 
She ignored me and continued driving. I looked at her, astonished, then said, “what are you doing? Stop me. I need to be somewhere for an appointment.” 
“then, let me drop you off at the place so when you’re done we can both leave together,” she said, slowing down to the side of the road. 

I was going to Sandra’s and I wouldn’t want to bring her into the picture so I asked, “what are we going to do at your place?” 
She suddenly turned the steering into the road. 
“who said I’m going to my house? And, have you forgotten you owe me?” she said, speeding up.

I had already made up my mind not to return the money. It was part of the plan for the raining day. I thought several ways to get away from her but non seemed reasonable enough. Before I knew it, she had diverted and drove into a hotel and we’re in already. 

I had already promised to spend the day with Sandra who stood by me all through the previous day’s ill event, and again, sleeping with Sandra (which is inevitable if I meet her) would bring me more misfortune. Staying with Amaka right now seemed oddly the right get away. 

She parked, disengaged the gear, took out the key from the ignition then turned to me and said, “Mike. I don’t want to be selfish anymore. I want you to desire me as a man desires a woman. I am lonely and I think of you frequently of late. I thought it was the sex but I discovered I just want you around. Please, find somewhere in your heart to want me. That’s all I need from you. You are the first guy that I really feel this way towards. I don’t know why, but I wish you can look at me the way you looked at the fair lady at the mall (Sandra).” 

I felt pity for her because I will never find her attractive. She’s so not my spec and not even close to manage. 
“you know I’m going through a lot now. I just came back from the police station early this morning,” I said, trying to act concerned. 
“let me take your worries away. Let me make you happy. Do you know I have been waiting for you at the front of your house for 4 hours? I waited ‘cos I wanted to see you,” she said, looking pitifully at me. 

This was my weak point. Pity. I pity people a lot and end up doing what I never wanted to do. And right then she was using it against me.
“let’s go inside,” I said, suppressing every feeling altering my fake affection. 
We were in the room. I sat on the bed, fighting with my heart that was draining all the moisture in me. She ordered for drinks, food and barbecue. 

Prior to the time we entered the room, I had gone outside to call Sandra when Amaka went to book for a room. 
“hello sweetie!” Sandra said immediately she answered, “I was about calling you. I had an urgent call few minutes ago that warrants me to make an urgent trip. It’s my job, not husband.” she chuckled.
“wow! And I was planning to come over to your place,” I said, ceasing the opportunity right away. 
“I wanted to see you before I leave but I can’t. I have booked a flight online and I’m rushing to the airport,” she said. 
“how long are you staying?” I asked, emitting genuine sadness in my tone. 
“two to three weeks,” she said. 

Back to Amaka, I poured myself a glassful of whiskey, took it up in two gulps. Then settled with the next glass. 
“tell me about yesterday?” Amaka said, curling to my thighs and resting her head.
I narrated the whole episode from the gay club, skipping the killing part, and the arrest, avoiding to mention Sandra and her team. 
“hmm…Mike, you have to be careful with how you react to things. It’s like you’re too rash,” she said, touching my cheek.

I quickly sent the whole glass down my throat, frowned at the hotness and exhaled. I dropped the glass and looked at her. It’s either the drink was beginning to get to me, because she began to look beautiful in my eyes. 

To be continued…

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