My Madam And I – Episode 60

I came back home later that evening and Ruth was in the sitting room with mum. “Mr man, where are you coming from?” mum asked as I walked in. “I went to see a friend,” I answered, sitting beside Ruth. “good evening Mike,” Ruth greeted shyly. I nudged her a little with my elbow. Then turned to my mum. “how was business today?” I asked her. “fine o. But we are looking forward to better days,” she replied. Mum later stood up and left the sitting room for Ruth and I. Immediately mum was in her room, Ruth started making sexual advances, kissing my neck and caressing my chest. The word from the voodoo man made me stay still. She kissed up my lips and stopped when I wasn’t responding. “what’s the problem?” Ruth asked, looking into my face. “I am tired. It was a stressful day.” I answered. She looked at me suspiciously then said in anger, “you went to see Sandra right?” I looked at her in surprise but I wasn’t in the mood to respond to her nagging, so I kept quiet. “you should have told me you don’t love me instead of treating me like a piece of trash,” she said, moving away from me. I looked at her, still said nothing. My head was filled up with more issues and I wouldn’t want to add hers to it. “Mike! Tell me where you went to earlier today. I called you, you didn’t return my calls.” she looked at me and said, “Am I not talking to somebody?” I just quietly stood up and started walking to my room. “where are you going to? Mike! Where are you going to?!” she barked as I walked pass her into my room. I locked and bolted my door as I entered my room. I laid on the bed resting when Ruth started knocking gently on the door. “Mike! Mike! Hmmm…Mike!” she said, knocking gently. I just looked at the door and returned my gaze to the ceiling. She later left and gave me time to reason. My greatest problem was Sandra. I was in love with her and she is an ardent sex lover. I love fucking her as well. How was I going to tell her that I can’t touch her anymore? But, to marry Amaka is the craziest thing ever. She wasn’t my dream wife and I can’t deal with her controlling obsession. This curse has to be reversible. And there was the case of a dead commissioner’s son. I had to shove it aside, reassuring myself that no one saw me, but the guilt of killing someone was worse than burying it. A knock on the door woke me up. I must have dozed off thinking. I went to check who it was; Ruth. “Mike. I’m sorry. Please talk to me,” she said from the other side of the door. I opened the door and let her in. She hugged me immediately for a long while. “shit! This girl loves me.” I said to myself. I felt sorry for her and I hate hurting her but she kept being the victim. I hugged her back emotionally. The body contact sent a hot rush of blood to my groin, plus the fact that I felt pity for her clouded my judgement. My mind cautioned me of the risk involved in fucking any girl. Another gave me a go ahead, reminding me of what the voodoo man said about me having a strong spirit, giving me the assurance of ‘what if I didn’t know.’ Before I could make up my mind on what to do, she began kissing me and I responded immediately. My fingers were crawling on her bare skin within a short while. Ruth was obviously sex starved as she almost ate my skin out of desire. Our bodies emitted a lot of heat as we helped each other in getting naked. Ruth could barely wait to remove her pant. She climbed on top of me where I sat and with my pinky finger, I shifted her pant to the side. Seconds after my throbbing cock was making a grand entry into her warm and tight pussy. So, we ended up having a great sex afterwards. After the sex, my conscience pricked me all night that I couldn’t sleep. I anticipated trouble knocking on my door very soon. Ruth had already retired to my mum’s room, leaving me to brood alone. The next day I woke up late judging by the fact that I did vigil. I went to the shower, did the needful and to the sitting room, put on the TV and was watching a local channel. My phone rang. Sandra was calling. I hesitated a little while and the call ended but she called again. I knew what the call was all about but I answered all the same. “hello,” I said. “sweetie, what’s going on? You have been avoiding me for some time now, what’s the problem?” she asked. “nothing. I have been busy,” I responded. “I want to see you Mike! Please! I have missed you!” she pleaded. “hmm…I am at home, feeling sick. Come to the house,” I said, knowing that nothing will happen If she comes to my house. “alright, gimme three hours. I will be there.” she said and hung up. I sat watching the TV when Thomas called. I quickly answered. “hello!” I said. “Mike! There’s trouble!” Thomas said. I immediately sprang up from my seat and walked to the dining with my heart racing. “what’s it?” I asked apprehensively. “the police are asking after you,” he said. I almost dropped my phone. My legs felt too weak to carry my body. So, I held the dining table and sat on the chair. “So…So…Wh…What happened?” I managed to say. “they took your address from me,” he answered. This statement almost made me slump. My heart pounded rapidly. “Mike! Mike! Are you there? Put yourself together! Put yourself together!” Thomas said. “I’m…I’m ok. Thanks man. Thanks man.” I said, sounding really disturbed. “compose yourself! You need to tell them you don’t know anything about it. Okay? We left after the brawl, ok? we left.” Thomas said. “I heard you. Thanks man.” I replied. He hung up and I remained restless, walking to and fro the house. Suddenly, someone knocked and I jumped. Then I tiptoed to check through the window. It was Sandra. I opened the door for her and didn’t notice the hand of embrace she extended. “Mike! What is this?!” Sandra said, standing at the door, looking angrily at me. I turned to her realizing my mistake, went and gave her a snappy hug and sat down. She suspected something and sat close to me. “Mike, what’s going on?” she asked gently. “I’m in a big soup!” I said, covering my face. “what is it?” she asked cautiously. “I killed someone by mistake,” I said, still covering my face. “when?!” her face serious in surprise. “it was a mistake. We engaged in a fight and I mistakenly hit him with a stone.” I said, standing up and walking to the dining. “he is the commoner’s son and the police are on their way here.” I added. Sandra stood up and looked at me with anxiety written all over her countenance. “Mike! You said what?!” she asked. “yeah! That’s what happened when I traveled. But I swear no one saw me, I’m sure of that.” I said. “how did you know?” she asked, walking towards me anxiously. “the police are coming because we had a brawl in a gay club.” “a gay what?!” she said in shock. “yeah, Thomas took me there, unknown to me…” I explained. A knock startled me. I went to check, it was the police. I tiptoed to Sandra and shook her hand in panic. “the police are here. They are here o!” I whispered. “Calm down! Calm down! You have to compose yourself or else they will think you have a hand in his death. Tell them everything except the fight. Just compose yourself,” she said, shaking me on both arms. I swallowed hard and headed for the door tremulously. “Mike!” Sandra called in a low tone and I turned to her. “you are my hero. I am solidly behind you my hero. Make me proud.” she said, smiling reassuringly at me. Her words made me summon courage. I went to get the door and met two police officers with mum standing behind them. “Mike, what’s going on?” she asked with fear written all over her face. “I don’t know…” I said to her. The two policemen introduced themselves and went straight to the point. Sandra stood behind me, caressing my back, increasing my confidence. The policemen made to take me to the station for questioning but Sandra intervened. “Is he under arrest?” she asked. “no,” one of the policemen answered. “then, why is he going to the station with you?” she asked again. “for further questioning, nothing more. Young man let’s go!” the policeman said, dragging me out. “excuse me!” Sandra said, removing the policeman’s hand from my arm. “he’s coming with you, but we have to call our lawyer first.” she said. She brought out her phone and called her lawyer, telling him where to meet us. To be continued…

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