My Madam And I – Episode 6

I was standing at her hotel room door at about 6.55pm, after I managed to lose a co-worker on my trail.

Ruth was a tall and dark skinned girl with a super model physique that fits in her unique fashion sense, coupled with a gentle face and a beautiful smile. All these features gave her a captivating and charming look. She is so fond of me that she intrudes in all of my affairs at work. On that faithful day, I had to ditch her as she is always of the habit of following me to the park. But I was able to convince her anyway.

A voice beckoned me in, and there she was sitting on a chair close to a wall mirror with a glass of wine in hand, and a bottle of vodka on the table in front of her.

“Good evening ma”, I greeted as I walked in, giving a false jittery impression. She maintained her posture, ignoring my presence, took a sip from her glass while still gazing into the mirror.

She was clad in the same brown flowered mini gown she wore earlier that revealed her massive hip and thick butt. I sat myself on the bed left to dwell in my own perplexity of mental soliloquy wondering what she’s up to. And then I decided to break in. “nice joint”, I said, but she didn’t seem to have heard me, so I tried again. “I never knew this joint is this classy”. She still paid me deaf ears. So I took out my phone and began to tackle stage 853 of my candy crush.

“Come here!”, her command startled me. Nevertheless, I went to her and stood beside her. She turned and looked at me half tipsy. “Am I beautiful to you?”, she asked. I was taken aback by this question, so my expression sold me out. She repeated, “do you think I’m half as attractive as the lady from today?”. I knelt beside her, placed my hands on her thighs and said softly “you are not just attractive, but beautiful. I am a sucker for the likes of you, I mean someone with all these voluptuousness that makes me drool”, ( all lies).

She looked passionately into my eyes, I could see she was tipsy. She held my face and bent her head to a side and said solemnly, “you remind me of someone, but…”, she brought her face closer to mine and continued, “…You are better”. She paused, and then said, “kiss me”. I kissed her hypnotically, and she came on me like a hungry lion. We fell over and she landed on my chest with all her weight. Her breath reeked of vodka, but in all that she swallowed up my lips and tongue hungrily.

I made sure I gave her the sex of her life. The drink made her more sexually aroused and thanks to the herbal drink I took earlier on my way to her, It made a lasting impression.

Smooching, sucking and fucking simultaneously, all positions observed while my rod was as rigid as its name. I made sure I was in charge all the way, took advantage of the opportunity to display my acquired professionalism over the years. It paid off because she squirted severally . She even called me ‘daddy’ and another name of someone I think she’s had something with, “Tony”. I paid less attention to that, what’s my business before?

The sex was crazy. We laid on the floor after multiple of rounds, wrapped in each others arms. I guess she now considered me a man to have held me so tight while resting her head on my chest. Even though her legs where not up to my knees, and her weight crushing my bones I had to endure.

“Please don’t resign no matter what I do to you”. This came more from the heart than the last time she confessed falsely. I kissed her hair and decided to check my time, it was past 9pm. “Oh my goodness! It’s late”, I muttered. I made attempt to get up but was cut short by her grip on my hand. She hastily said, “call your people, tell them you are not coming, don’t worry, you can order whatsoever you want, I will drop you off tomorrow”.

Amaka sounded more apologetic than authoritative which was her mannerism. I paused and considered this, it wasn’t tempting at all, I needed my rest, but I had to comply owing to my long term goal. So I agreed and put a call across to my mom. It took ample time convincing my mom that I wouldn’t come home for some reasons I cooked up.

After that, we ordered drinks and food, talked about everything centred around me, my school days, girlfriends, family, and so on. I tried to be modest and conceal anything that will sell me out.

We had an erotic bath together afterward that led to multiple rounds of extravagant orgasms which took us from the bathroom to the bedroom. I was completely drained when she finally squirted her last and laid motionless on me breathing heavily.

I was still enjoying my sleep when someone tapped me aggressively on my back. I turned in anger to see who it was. “Get up! Are you not supposed to go home and clean up? Or, were you thinking you’re going to work from here? Get up joor!”, my madam stormed at me in her usual venomous tone. I was appalled, wiped my eyes with the back of my hand to get into clear consciousness and be sure it wasn’t a dream.

She laid back,turning her back to me and pointed to the table in front of her, “that’s for your transport, please hurry up. I want to close the door”. I was overly ragged. I wanted to smack the devil out of her fat face, but I had to tame the beast in me with all the will power I could grasp. So, I took the money which was way more than my transportation, enough to sustain me for two days, both on feeding and transportation to and fro. It was 5am.

I left the hotel premises and wandered into the early morning darkness in search of a cab.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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