My Madam And I – Episode 59

I called Thomas immediately I saw the news. 
“guy! Did you see the news?” I asked.
“no! What about it?” he asked anxiously. 
“that dude is a commissioner’s son!” I said.
“what?!” Thomas exclaimed.
“I just heard it in the news!” I said, scratching my head rigorously. 
“calm down! Calm down! No one saw us. At least, to the best of my knowledge. But there’s a problem.” he said.
“what’s it?” I asked apprehensively. 
“people saw you quarrel with him. They may want to link it to you.” he said.
“what do I do?” I asked, feeling uneasy. 
“calm down! You have to play it cool. We didn’t see him, we don’t know nothing ok? You don’t know anything, do you understand?” Thomas advised.

I nodded, thanked him and hung up. I sat silently, thinking of why all these predicaments seem to be befalling me. “Could it be that what the pastor said was true about Amaka?” I asked myself. So I made up my mind to see a seer, but who knows one? Jacky! I took up my phone and called him. He agreed to meet up with me the next day. 

The next day, I ignored my appointments with Sandra and went straight to Jacky’s house. When I got to his entrance, his door was locked. I knocked severally yet he didn’t respond. I went around the house to pass through the window as usual but it was locked. I knew he was inside because the house was bolted from the inside. So I called him several times before he answered. 

“guy! These ladies want to kill me!” he said, as he opened the door. “you can’t believe it, four girls since yesterday! One is even inside right now.” he smiled happily as I walked pass him. 
He wore only baggy boxers that made his slim legs looked like broomsticks.
“I need water!” I said, sitting down. 
He went to get a cold bottled water and a glass cup, placed it in front of me, then sat beside me. 
“you said you needed to meet with a voodoo specialist.” he said, looking seriously at me. 
“no! A seer!” I corrected him. 
“yes, we are saying the same thing. Well, I know a whole lot. But we have to visit just four. Then, cross check their answers to know the right one to follow.” he said. 
“okay! When can we go?” I asked anxiously. 
“relax! I have got to finish with that big pound of flesh waiting for me inside.” he said, then stood up and went inside. 

Few hours later, a thick dark girl with very big buttocks that can stand a cup placed on it and massive boobs packed up almost to her neck surfaced. She wore a tight black mini skirt that recklessly reviewed her African curves and a red body hugging sleeveless top on a high hill boot. My dick started shooting up when I began imagining stuffs in my head, but I shoved it aside and gave Jacky a thumb up. 
Jacky saw her off and came back. Then we set out for our journey. 

The first place we got to was an office with split unit. Everything depicted class and was modern. We were asked to fill a form by a very attractive secretary in suit and a nice accent. She asked us to pay the sum of 8000 as consultation fee. I hesitated a little before giving in. Few minutes of waiting in a comfy office, watching world news on a very large plasma TV. The secretary asked us to go in. 

We entered a very large office. More like a president’s office than a seer’s. I whispered to Jacky. 
“how did you know this place?”
“my brother, it’s on TV o.” he said and shrugged. 

The clean looking man in a very expensive dark blue tuxedo offered us a seat in front of him, just across his massive expensive looking table with laptop and a rack that accommodated files on it. A flag and pictures of the man shaking hands with the governor still at the left side of the table. I became scared, wondering if I can afford him. 

“what can I do for you?” the man asked gently. 
Jacky told him of how misfortune has been meeting with me and my desire to know why. The man stood up and walked to two single chairs facing each other in the middle of the office. 
“follow me!” he said.
I followed him and sat on the other chair in front of him. He took one of my hands and began staring into my palm critically. 
“hmm…” He said.

I looked at him surprisingly but he kept his gaze on my palm.
“I see fire…I see ice.” he looked closer and said, “who is this person in red? Hmm…I see blood around you.” 
I looked at him in shock. And back to my palm. 
“you need to bring a calabash and you need to put seven a-day old cobra eggs inside it. Then a litre of fresh spring water with seven day old eagle chicks shit inside. Bring them to me within seven days.” he said, then relaxed on his sit letting go my hand. 

I looked lost for a minute, wondering where to get these items from within seven days. He looked at me like he read my mind and walked back to his seat. I followed him and sat on my chair close to Jacky. 
“excuse me sir, where can I find these things you asked for?” I asked.
He looked at me and said, “It’s okay my boy, I can help you.” 

I was surprised to hear this. We thanked him wholeheartedly half kneeling. Then he asked us, “how much can you pay?” while cleaning his nail with his little finger.
Jacky and I looked at each other, then back to the man. He looked at us surprised that we were surprised. 
“what?! Do you guys think it’s for free?” he asked.

Right then I lost interest in him but regretted paying the consultation fee. 
“alright Sir, we will get back to you.” I said, standing up to leave. 
“alright,” he said, picking up the receiver of his land line.

“call the next person in,” he said through the receiver. 

“which other seer do you know?” I asked Jacky as we were out of the building. 
“ermm…Let’s see Zuma!” Jacky said, after searching through the archive in his head. 

We got to a very voodoo looking house that was old and smelly. The voodoo man wore a black gown and tied a yellow ribbon around his head. When we got there, we sat outside before he asked us into his shrine. It was a small room where some decayed animal remains hung on the wall. He had two stools in front of his and in the middle was a calabash with cowries in it. 
“what can we do for you?” he asked as we sat. 
“I need to know my problems Sir. Been having trouble upon troubles for some time now,” I said. 

Surprisingly, he burst out in a boisterous laughter. I was perplexed as well as Jacky. 
“we think you came to test us. But we are going to show you that we are spirits,” the man said, picking and throwing the cowries into the calabash, chanting in a strange language.

Then he said, “who is Amaka?” looking at the cowries in the calabash. 
I was surprised to hear this. 
“she’s my…” I stuttered before he cut in
“…she is not your boss. Don’t lie to us! We see everything!” 
“she’s a lady am sleeping with…” I tried reconstructing my answer.

“yes!” he cut in again. “The moment you slept with her, your souls were tied. You’re to marry her or face trouble all your life…” he started laughing again but continued, “she knows,” he said, “…she did the charm a long time ago when she was still a young girl. She did it to tie down her ex who is now dead because he cheated on her. Everyone who cheats on her dies eventually. You are lucky to be alive. You have a stubborn spirit. No one can save her because the man who did it for her died long time ago. It’s irreversible!” he said and laughed again. 

“how can you reverse this for me?” I asked curiously. 
“we can’t. No one can, else you marry her,” he said and laughed.

To be continued…

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  1. I know say that AMAKA go be big problem as she is always confident of doing things to MIKE without thinking twice…. The thing just dey look real for my eye like say make I find her and treat her fuck up

  2. 🎹🎤🎼 see Mary see Jesus, see Mary see Jesus (dancing shaku shaku)

    What can I say? Good luck from here on.

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